Forging Your Own Path – Jewelry Making – Interview Gina – Part 2

Gina tells us about her experiences So now that the metal is still
glowing red I’m going to put it in acid I’m going to leave it
there for a few minutes Gina, a story about forging your path Part 2 Thank you so much Gina for opening your atelier to us for showing us your process for sharing this time with us. Tell us a little bit about how
you got started with jewelry making what made you say: I want to make jewelry Well, it all started because I
always liked hand-crafts and I was always working
with my hands in art workshops and these kind of things. With help of my mom, she was the one that pushed me to study jewelry making. So I have to thank her also that because of her ideas… How would you describe your
style of jewelry? How do you feel as a creative person? Where do you get your ideas? Tell us about you as a creative person. Well, I define my jewelry as contemporary it has some contemporary design elements and also tradicional, classic design because I like crimping stones I really like gemstones
and forms I also like geometry a lot And I think that my ideas do come from geometry, it plays a huge part. From drawings, well but my designs have a lot to do
with nature I thinks it’s essential I buy some gemstones and from that I also get ideas. It depends of what I have at hand be it gemstones, or other designs or maybe some spontaneous idea. Tell us about your experience
of being a woman and having this profession. People are used to male jewelry makers to male artisans to a man making jewelry and not to a girl. When I started I was very young and they didn’t believe that
I was a jeweller. They used to ask me if my dad was a jeweller or if my dad had a jewelry store. So people here in Ecuador
were used to a family business started by your ancestors that used to do that you inherited it or, well it’s strange she likes it,
how strange look at her hands well it has been difficult getting to know people that support you that tell you where to buy materials of good quality and all of these things… making friends It has been rough but I have been able to
earn the affection of many important people and most of all, men of this field because it is a macho field that’s the reality Well besides gender related challenges or of macho culture, so to speak Do you think that a woman, due to physically being a woman, is at a disadvantage because this is a profession that needs strength or is that a myth? Do you think that a woman can make it as
well as a man? What is your perspective? In jewelry making, a woman can make the same as a man and, well… if you really like it and you want to do it… Know more about Gina’s work We continue with the ring… What I’m doing now is to make space to place the crimp. Working with the blowtorch
for the first time and the first time forging It was hard but then you develop a
good resistance to heat because sometimes you forget that piece you were working on… it was still
glowing red and you burn yourself badly I have burned myself a couple
of times but then you lose the fear same thing with acids. This is a half-round file they call it a jeweller’s file it’s the most used when
making jewelry A tip? Well, it’s a bit toxic but it has helped me a lot since I started making jewelry You can use liquid paper as insulation when
you are welding What it does is that it isolates what you previously welded with the jewelry piece. So if you are welding a little part your previous work won’t come undone So this is a little tip. Other people use plaster that is also good I use plaster when I have many crimps that are really small or like claws. Plaster stays all in one place. Welding the last part of the ring Filing and polishing
the finishing touches Finally, the stone is being secured Gina, thank you inviting us
to your atelier and we hope that you keep making many jewelry pieces and that we keep
seeing you succeed and well until next time! Until next time! Know more about Gina’s work!

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