Forrest Fenn’s Treasure: Meet the Searchers Dedicating Their Savings to Strike Gold | MONEY

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure: Meet the Searchers Dedicating Their Savings to Strike Gold | MONEY

There is a treasure chest somewhere in the Rocky Mountains that could be worth as much as $5 million, and it was hidden by this man. As I have gone alone in there and with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where and hint of riches new and old. About a decade ago, elderly collector Forrest Fenn stashed treasure for others to find, and wrote a poem containing clues about where to look for it. I bought this beautiful little treasure chest — bronze treasure chest — and I started filling it up with with wonderful things. Gold nuggets, 265 gold coins. There are emeralds and diamonds and sapphires. People hoping to strike gold dissected the poem, which some say indicates the theasure is in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, or New Mexico. I looked at the map and the first thing that popped into my mind was the scene from ‘The Goonies.’ When they find the treasure map in the attic. And one of the Corey’s has to translate the map from Spanish into English. I will never forget this movie because it’s one of my favorites from my childhood, but he’s holding the map and he says, “Ye Intruders Beware.’ I was like, ‘Oh that’s right I forgot about that.’ And I thought to myself, ‘Well, I wonder if you can translate some of this from English in to Spanish.’ And it turns out you could. And that’s how I discovered what I think is the first clue. And after that I mean I was hooked. Fenn decided to hide the treasure after a bout with cancer. He said it also gave people hope after the recession providing them with a reason to get out of the house and explore. We’re a sedentary society today. The kids are spending too much time in the game room and on the couch and playing with a little electronic gadgets, and I wanted to get them out into the sunshine and into the mountains to hike and fish. I wanted the whole family to get out. I mean lots of people have not been to the Rocky Mountains. I thought it was a good idea and as it turns out thousands and thousands of people have done what I hope they would do. An estimated 350,000 people have dedicated their time and money to finding the Fenn treasure. Searchers discuss clues online and comb various parts of the Rockies. It comes at a cost. Cynthia Meachum has dedicated her retirement to searching for the treasure. Meachum calculated that she has spent more than $10,000 trying to find the treasure. So searching in New Mexico — it was minimal. I think like in one full year I might have spent I don’t know $2,000-$4,000 just on the gas and incidentals. So very, very small amount of money for the first five years but now since I go either West Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, or the Cody, Wyoming area, now I am spending in one trip what I spent like in one year. Sasha Johnston has embarked upon more than 300 trips over the past five years. I spend between $20 and $30 on gas, and when I stop for lunch which is an every trip it’s $12 for my favorite meal. So on the maximum end it’s $3,000 a year over a period of five years, but I’ve actually figured out it’s it’s probably only about two thirds of that. It’s more like $2,000 a year. Fenns poem includes vague references to where warm waters halt and the home of Brown. From there it’s no place for the meek, the end is ever drawing nigh. He said the treasures location has a special meaning to him. I was all by myself when I hid that treasure. Nobody around any place. The place where I hid the treasures are places very dear to me and when they told me I was going to die, the first thing I thought about was if if I’m going to die I want to die out in the mountains. I don’t want to die in a hospital room. One thing led to another and they all manifested themselves in a certain spot and that was my plan. Problem is I got well and ruined the story. Some people say Fenn faked it all, but diehard searchers are certain the treasure is out there just waiting to be discovered. If you ever meet Forrest Fenn and have any kind of quality time where you actually get to talk to him, I don’t see how you could doubt it in any way because after spending any kind of time with Forrest, in my opinion, there’s just no way you would doubt that he did this. For them and Fenn the treasure hunt is not all about the money. It’s the mental challenge and always has been for me. I want to be the person who is clever enough to figure it out. There has been no greater adventure in my lifetime than then going out and looking for Fenn’s gold. Can you solve it? I’m proud of what’s happening. The story is going to go on until somebody finds the treasure chest. Eventually it will be found. It’s hard to find but it’s certainly not impossible. You need to read the clues in my book and study the clues and get a get a good map and try to marry the map to a certain place, and research and then get in your pickup truck and go out there and look for it. Take all the kids, your grandmother. Throw them in the back of the truck with a sandwich and a Dr. Pepper or something and head out. That was my dream and certainly that dream has been visualized.


  1. What a rush to see Forrest looking so good and putting positive vibes back into the Chase.  See you soon Forrest.

  2. This is pretty cool, even cooler that they are marketing this during Summer Vacation for the kids! Keeping kids active and hungry for knowledge. I come from the inner city, where you forget everything you know in the summer, play video games, and ride bikes. Thanks Forrest Fenn! #ForrestFennTreasureHunt2020

  3. Thank you Mr. Fenn for the Thrill of the Chase! What an amazing adventure and once in a lifetime opportunity to seek a real hidden treasure you have given to us all.

  4. "You need to read the clues in my book and study the clues and get a good map, and try to marry the map to a certain place, and research it. And then get in your pick up and go out and look for it."

    That reminds me of his 2017 Six questions response: "I would advise new searchers to look for the clues in my poem and try to marry them to a geographic place on a map."

    I find his mention of "certain place" very telling.

  5. If it does exist, and when I find it I’m going to give it back to Mr. Finn or scatter it over the world; just for people to see the world. As far as how young Mr. Finn looks, I would be as happy as a pig at a mud party; if everyday I woke up I know that I was smarter than the whole world. It’s like hide and seek and people are getting plenty of exercise!

  6. lookin' good, Forrest Fenn! you got us fennatics scratching our gourds, scouring the wilds, and loving every minute of it; maintain the enigma; keep the mystique; may the thrill ramble on!

  7. My youtube video shows the correct solution.Wwwh is Madison river and Firehole river .Go south from there.See " The solution to Forrest Fenn's poem", on youtube.
    Chest has been retrieved by Fenn. Quit wasting your life and money.

  8. I actually do believe that I have a spin on his treasure that might help someone out. I just want one ounce of gold from you if it’s proven true. Write me at…
    [email protected]

    You all are looking too deep into his poem. When I tell you, you’re going to laugh your ass off.
    Do we have an agreement???

  9. treasure has not been found lol. That's a lie. Watch destination unknown. There are so many clues in it it's not even funny. First off his wife had no idea he even went off and hid it. Which means it's close to Santa Fe. Secondly he didn't go to far into the woods like people are doing because for one he was terminally ill plus he made two trips to the car. Which means it's not far from a parking lot or bridge trail ect. The brown I believe he is speaking on brown trout. I think it's near a fishing hole. No way it's in Yellowstone. That's 900 miles away from his home.. His wife would of noticed he was gone I'm pretty sure.its in Santa Fe. And people are overthinking. I'd be looking under bridges or near the banks. Or along a tree line. The chest is heavy enough to not float away. Because it's a bronze chest. So a medal detector isnt a bad Idea.

  10. Give me a break $5 Million, for starters Fenn lied about the chests circa alone, sorry not 1150AD, the Detroit Institute of Art curated their sister chest with "identical" fingerprint cast markings as late 19th Century – rip off Fenn !! The latest photo of the retrieved chest shows it pretty much filled up with Junk, glass rings, junk gold plated items plastic boxes of coins etc opposed to the 3 original prop photos overspilling with riches. Chest was pulled 2016 and complete solve showing the chest at the location follows;

    $100,000 if you can prove me wrong !, put your money where your moth is – enjoy the Google Earth "Aerial" shot not satellite shot – oops Fenn got caught out with this 2014 image, Fenn got caught holding the Joker – the FBI will call soon unless death gets there first – 6 dead searchers = 6 counts Wrongful death and reckless endangerment from a pulled treasure hunt without a public announcement. Research the facts and evidence.

  11. This is really starting to get ridiculous! Four people have already died looking for this chest of yellow metal turds and coins that humanity stupidly still covets more than anything. What has anybody learn from this? That we still risk our lives for materials that in reality are useless. That people let a wealthy mountain dotard lead them on a deadly wild goose chase while he sits back a watches with sadistic delight!? Life is more precious than treasure. Call the search off before more people die!! The old man can keep his yellow lumps metal and coins. Choose life!

  12. Are there any real treasure hunters on here ? I think I know exactly where it is . Well 99% sure. Just don't have the funds to go looking myself

  13. He gave himself away. He didn’t hide the treasure, he said he just wanted people to get out more. To leave their house. And people will continue to look for something that doesn’t exist.

  14. Not today. The home of brown then see the blaze look down. Nope. Put in below the home of Brown how Farr. Or just down from hob.

  15. Has Forrest Fenn been to the place lately to see if anyone has found it or not? I have seen two people say they both found it already! Haha

  16. It might be possible, but I am not convinced this treasure exists. This seems more like a stunt to sell his book. It should have been found by now, and the fact that people died and lost a lot of money looking for it to no avail points to something quite fishy. Also, a man seems to have figured out the location of the treasure, but it was not there. Boo-hiss. I will believe it when I see it.

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