Foster Keencut Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter Basic Mat Cutting Demo

Foster Keencut Ultimat Gold Mat Cutter Basic Mat Cutting Demo

Okay, now we’re gonna show you how to cut
a basic window mat. First thing you need is a slip mat. A slip mat goes underneath your
cutter bar and it’s what the blade goes halfway into when it cuts through your mat.
When cutting a window mat, you’re always gonna cut with the finished side down, and
then the slip mat is gonna give you the clean precision edge with a new blade cutting your
opening. So we have our slip mat inserted into place.
We bring our window mat up just parallel to the edge of our cutting blade and we insert
our blade. Then we confirm our blade is just penetrating our slip mat, about half the thickness
of the slip mat. We don’t want to cut all the way through the slip mat but we have to
penetrate the slip mat to get a good cut on the mat.
Okay, now to cut a basic window mat, we need our margin guide. We’re gonna adjust our
margin guide to 2 ½. Basic mat means all three sides are the same side so they’re
gonna be a 2 ½ inch space. So our margin guide is 2 ½, our bottom guide to 2 ½ and
our upper guide to 2 ½. Now take your mat board, finished side down.
Place against your square edge and against your guide. Lower cutting blade. Bring cutter
head assembly until … Start *[1:34] finger touches edge of mat. Press cut completely
down. Release *[1:40] finger off of that guide. Perform cut. Release blade. Push up. Raise
cutter assembly. Rotate ninety degrees. Push against guide. Lower blade down. Then start
a finger cut to edge of blade, edge of mat. Rotate ninety degrees. Perform one more time.
Press start a finger cut ‘til it touches edge of mat. Pull mat blade down. Perform
cut. Release. Raise guide. Pull out, and voila! Look at that perfect, perfect, beautiful window
mat. Okay, now I’m gonna show you cutting unequaled
borders. Unequaled borders usually are mats have a little bit stronger at the bottom or,
for design purposes, are moved to one side or the other. The easiest way to do that at
the very beginning is always do a layout at the back of your board. It’s the simplest,
fool-proof way. After you’ve practiced and you’ve done this hundreds of times, you
probably won’t need to do this template anymore. But for right now, use the template.
Now that we’ve drawn our template on the back of our mat board, we’re gonna notice
our start of our cut at 2 ½, it’s 2 ½ over and 3 ½ down. So your start of cut’s
2 ½, your margin guide’s 2 ½ and your bottom cut’s at 3 ½. Now, I’ll set those.
Top guide 2 ½, side guide 2 ½, bottom guide 3 ½. Now, I raise my cutting assembly. Place
my window mat in place. Lower cutting assembly. Make finger touch edge of mat. Just press
blade. Cut. Raise blade. Now, this is gonna be a 2 ½, 2 ½, 2 ½. So, all three guides
need to be at 2 ½. So, I adjust my end guide at 2 ½. Insert mat board back in. Lower mat
board and lower cutter head. Just press finger. Get in a cut. Place the cut. *[3:54]. Raise
up. Now we’re gonna have 3 ½, 2 ½, 2 ½. So I need to change my top cutting to 3 ½.
I place my window mat back in the square. Lower cutting assembly. Position. Cut. Complete
cut. Lift. Now I got 2 ½, 3 ½, 2 ½. So this goes 2 ½ on the top cutter, 3 ½ on
your side guide and 2 ½ on our bottom guide.

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