Found Imperial Silver, Jewelry and Headphones While Metal Detecting! (Search without borders #30)

Found Imperial Silver, Jewelry and Headphones While Metal Detecting! (Search without borders #30)

Night search is no less exciting than any other! It’s especially cool that at night it becomes possible to detect where it’s impossible during tha day, and finds in such places can very surprise you! Good luck! …another interesting find, guys!… …yeah! It’s working!… …hey, guys, I found something interesting!… …I found some jewelry… look at that!… …oh! It’s an old soviet coin!… …I think, it’s a part of pocket watch!… [music] Hey, guys! This is “Searsh Without Borders”, and… welcome to Russia! Today we have another night metal detecting, this is an interesting meadow – there are always a lot of coins, and you can find here some jewelry too! Today we’ll search here, and let’s see, what we can find! So, let’s start! [music] 10 rubles of 2010 ($0,16) [music] Ahother interesting find, guys! Look at that, nice hairpin! Not silver, but it’s cool. I’ll take it, let’s continue! [music] 10 rubles of 2010 ($0,16) [music] 10 rubles of 2012 ($0,16) [music] 15 kopeks of 1980 [music] 1 ruble of 1998 ($0,016) [music] 2 rubles of 2008 ($0,032) [music] 5 rubles of 2012 ($0,078) Guys, I found a cool place! Here I found 2 rubles, here – 5 rubles, and here – look at that! Ahother coins – two coins, 1 ruble… And here, and here – let’s see! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – 5 coins, guys! Already 5 coins, and I think it maybe more here! I don’t see nothing with my eyes, but I’ll check with a detector. (Unfortunately, no) Let’s continue! [music] 10 rubles of 2017 ($0,16) [music] 5 rubles of 2008 ($0,078) [music] I met a local, guys! Look at that!
(Give him a like! 😉 (Give him a like! 😉 a cricket
(Give him a like! 😉 Nice! And… I have a find – another hairpin! Not bad, I’ll take it! I got another find – it’s a lighter! Yeah, it’s working! Very nice, already the second lighter for today! And I’ll take it! [music] 2 rubles of 2011 ($0,031) [music] it was under the previous coin! [music] 1 ruble of 2017 ($0,016) [music] a badge [music] 2 rubles of 1997 ($0,032) [music] 2 rubles of 1998 ($0,032) [music] another lighter [music] 10 rubles of 2012 ($0,16) [music] 5 rubles of 2011 ($0,078) [music] 1 ruble of 2009 ($0,016) [music] 1 ruble of 2005 ($0,016) [music] 2 rubles of 1998 ($0,032) More coins, friends! Look at that, two coins! 2 rubles and 10 rubles ($0,19) Nice, nice… I’ll take it! And the next coin right here! It’s another ruble of 2006 ($0,016). Very nice! I’ll take it! Hey, guys, I found something interesting… a headphones! Very nice! Of course, I’ll take it, and… let’s continue! I found some jewelry… look at that! Wow… very nice! I don’t know, what type of metal is it, but I’ll check it later (unfortunately, not silver!). I’ll take it! The last coin for today… it’s 10 kopeks, modern… All right, not bad…
10 kopeks of 2001 ($0,0016) It’s all for today (I thought so, naive :D) and see you on review! (but not yet!) Let’s go! Hey, guys, I changed my place, and look at that! My first find! I think, it’s a chinese coin! What a twist! Interesting… I’ll take it! I had ahother signal, very nice signal – and look at that! aluminum soviet cufflink That’s cool! But it’s not silver, I think – it’s aluminum. But I’ll take it! I found another coin here… It’s an old soviet coin! 20 kopeks of… 1931? 1941, really 😀 All right, you’ll see the photo later, but… I’ll take it! Let’s continue! I have another old coin… It’s 1 kopek of 1949. Very nice… I’ll take it! Another cool target I found… I think, it’s a part of pocket watch! Very nice! Cool find… I’ll take it! Ahother cool coin I found… and I see – it’s a soviet shield coin! That’s cool! 15 kopeks of 1933! Very nice… I’ll take it! Hey, friends, let’s see the results! There are a lot of finds, and even there is something interesting! Let’s start from modern coins – there are a lot of them! These are 10 rubles coins – there are nine of them, 5 rubles – 4 coins, 2 rubles – 9 coins again, and 1 ruble – there are 11 coins. There is also 50 kopeck and 2 coins of 10 kopecks, but this is already crap. However, we got not just the modern coins! I found a lot of soviet coins, not only late, but also early, which is very pleasing. From the early Soviets, I got an excellent 20 kopecks of 1941, I also found a kopeck of 1949 and a shield soviet coin – 15 kopecks of 1933. All other coins are new type coins – 15 kopeks of 1980 and 1961, two coins of 2 kopeks, again of 1961 and 1986, and two kopeks of 1968 and 1965. For more interesting finds, I got an interesting Chinese-style souvenir coin – I don’t know, how it was under the tree, but it was very unexpected find. And these coins I found later, in the day, when I was digging a trench for the foundation. As usual, I decided to check the dumps with a metal detector – and look at that! I found even an imperial Silver! It’s 15 kopeks of 1879 – it’s an awesome find and it has very nice condition! Yeah, I definitely didn’t expect to find such a thing, it’s really cool! That’s how is looked when I found it. More I got 2 kopecks of 1955 and 10 kopecks of 1952, but Silver, friends, was very pleased, great find! According to other finds – I got these 3 lighters, two of them are working, and this – empty. Else I found some interesting parts from a pocket watch, I think, it’s the middle of the 20th century, interesting finds… This part has a number – 675 I don’t know what it means, but it’s interesting. I also found some buttons – there are both modern and older ones, this button is very nice – I think, it’s the middle of 20th century too – it’s a brass soviet button. More I have an interesting aluminum Soviet cufflink, a few nuts, a zipper, and some unknown things – this and this. By jewelry, I found just such a badge… Judging by the condition, it was for a long time there… several hairpins – all new, these beats, and a nice pendant – but, unfortunately, it’s not silver. And one of the most interesting finds – this headphones, I checked them – and they work, that’s cool. And, a lot of crap, of course – basically it’s foil, a lot of foil… but there are some dangerous things for nature, like batteries… A lot of batteries, really a lot of crap! All right, thank you all for watching, don’t forget to set thumbs up, and, of course, write comments! Now let’s meet the three suspects, and, please, identify the criminals! 😀 Bye! [music]


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  2. Доброго времени суток🖐!!!Отличный выход и находочки👍!!!Ставлю Лайк👍и Желаю Удачи под катушку!!!

  3. Great hunt my friend!! Nice silver, woohoo!! A little of everything there. Thanks for the shout out at the end, very cool brother!! Keep up the great digs!!
    Tc and happy hunting my friend

  4. I'm surprised at how many coins there were to be found 😲
    You did really well. 👍 Congratulations on finding an Imperial silver coin as well!!

  5. Приветствую! А для русскоязычной аудитории совсем места не осталось))) Непривычно с фонарем, смотришь а как будто на шухере стоишь) Отличные находки! Не забывай в гости заходить)

  6. What an awesome hunt! So many coins, both old and new! And congratulations on the Imperial silver, that's an amazing find! Thanks, V92, for another fantastic video!

  7. Hi, nice episode. This coin with a square hole is a Chinese cache coin. Could be from the Ming Dynasty 1368-1644, or the Qing Dynasty 1644-1912

  8. Hi there , back to normal your page is loading ok now , anyway another great video my friend , love the music , some great finds especially the imperial well done , very enjoyable as usual and your English is very good , ATB GL & HH Rob .

  9. Dude you speak English?? Does that mean I need to learn to speak Russian to do an effective collaboration? Haha. Great video man! Coin overload!

  10. )))) уже перезагоняешься))) ну а так ничего классно получилось,идея и выход +++ ну я всё ровно не пойму как в этой проге писать шрифты,сделай видос пожайлусто со своими стилями,написания шрифтами… и кстате у меня русские шрифты все одинаковые ,красивых нету,мудрёных

  11. I found your channel and supported everything. interesting finds, i really enjoyed the Soviet finds . Thank you very much for good sharing

  12. Muy buen video.
    Muy buen hallazgo para ser un búsqueda nocturna 👍 Gran cantidad de monedas.
    Saludos amigo desde México 🇲🇽

  13. Nice! I think you deserve lots more views! You should use zmsocial . c o m!! It will help you get your videos higher in the search results!

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