FOUND SILVER, COINS AND BOTTLES IN THE WOODS! XP ORX metal detecting! (Search without borders #16)

FOUND SILVER, COINS AND BOTTLES IN THE WOODS! XP ORX metal detecting! (Search without borders #16)

In any forest, pay attention to the bushes and clusters of dry branches. Many treasure hunters ignore such places, but often you can find something interesting there! …look at that… right here!… …look at that! It’s a coin!… …another interesting signal… right on the top… [music] Hi everyone! Today I’m in the woods again, and I’ll have
some metal detecting here. I hope that I found something, and it will
be something interesting! So, let’s start! Okay, my first find of the day! It’s a bottle from 1970. Very nice, right on the top… here. Cool! The first coin of the day… look at that,
right here! And what is this? It’s 15 kopeks of 1931… cool year, I’ll take it! I have another coin here… right on the top,
look at that… what is this? It’s another shield coin… 10 kopeks. 10 kopeks of 1932… nice, I’ll take it! I have something old here. It’s a hammered nail and… I don’t know, what is this. If you know – write in the comments, but I’ll
take it. Let’s continue! All right, I have an interesting signal here…
92-93. Let’s see, what is this! [music] Here… [music] look at that, it’s a coin! it’s a
silver coin… 10 kopeks of 1930. Cool! Very nice… I’ll take it, let’s continue! Another interesting signal – right on the
top… and it’s a button! Aluminum button… look at that… soviet
button of a forester… nice! I’ll take it too, let’s continue! I think, it’s something interesting here… [music] let’s see, what is it… [music] maybe a coin! [music] Right here… [music] yeah, it’s a coin… one kopek… [music] of 1976. Okay, I’ll take it. I have a next coin… [music] it’s another shield coin – 10 kopeks 1932. Nice… I’ll take it! Another coin I found, I think – it’s old
soviet coin… yeah, 2 kopeks of 1957. Not bad… let’s continue! I found the next interesting coin! Look at that – it’s 3 kopeks of 1935,
new type… very nice! But, unfortunately, it’s damaged. Let’s continue! All right, friends, this is my result for
today… and how you see – I found not so much finds. I searched at place, where I searched in the
last time, but I found and something interesting! My best find for today – this silver coin,
it’s 10 kopeks of 1930… very nice coin, it has a perfect shape, how you see… Other interesting finds – this coins, not
so much, but some coins have interesting years. For example – this coin of 1931, it’s not
a frequent coin and it’s a little valuable. Other valuable coin – these 3 kopeks of
1935, new type… in perfect shape it cost a little money but, unfortunately, in this
shape it doesn’t cost nothing. This coin is very interesting for me, because
it has 1935 year too, and it’s a new type kopek! I found it already in the night, and I didn’t
see, what year it was, but now I can tell that it’s a very nice coin (and valuable!). Other coins not so interesting, but they are
finds too and it’s very nice. I found this button too, it’s soviet button
of a forester… not so interesting, but it’s my first button of this type. This shell a little interesting too, because
it has a date – 1944, it’s a shell from Tokarev pistol or PPSH. Okay, it’s all for today – not so much,
but it’s a nice result. Thank you all for watching, I hope you enjoyed
the video and until the next Friday! Bye everyone! [music]


  1. This is the second video in English because first included in the top-three of my most popular videos for today. Don't forget to set thumbs up, it motivates me to continue to make the videos. Good luck to all!
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  2. Nice coin, 1931. That would be a good year find for us! Nice silver. So, did they stop making them in silver in 1930, since the 1931 was not silver?

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