Found Silver Coins – Quarter Hunting

Found Silver Coins – Quarter Hunting

will this be a feast or famine hunt
let’s find out… Hey everybody its Rob with Rob Finds Treasure and I’ve got a couple of
quarter boxes to do today I was hoping since this is the bank that
I’ve been getting my new uncirculated quarter boxes from that I’d continue
that streak but we did not get new uncirculated quarters
that being said I’m not mad I got to do a variety hunt I get to do a silver
search proofs Florence still might find some double use you never know all four
designs of the 2019 quarters are out in circulation now so we could get some
double use we can get whatever I’ve checked both boxes and like I said both
are circulated good news is I think I saw a San Antonio missions quarter right
here so you never know what’s in these boxes now that we’ve talked about that
let’s not lollygag I’m interested to see if this is gonna be a silver knight or a
skunk Knight let’s get to hunting box one it’s been a
slow hunt we are 38 rolls into it I’ve got a
handful of senatorial missions Denver minted quarters as well as a
Philadelphia I also pulled out the one war in the Pacific that I found it’s a
denver I found what I believe is a spitting horse Delaware State quarter
air and you can tell on these because it looks like there’s a line coming from
the horse’s mouth and if you look at that even though what
might look like a scratch you can see it’s under the pressing of the a and
then it also continues back through his head right here now this is a terrible
example you can kind of see it running this way because there’s a lot of
scratches on this I may not even keep this one it’s not a very good example
but I believe it is once I pulled it aside and I’ve also got a pretty nice
Bicentennial minted out of Philadelphia I don’t find them like this in
Philadelphia very often I find them like that from
Denver I’m gonna bring in because we got our first real fund of the box it’s
approved quarter not silver its clad two thousand Virginia State Quarter we’ll
take it we’re on the board of the proof and possibly a spitting horse hair let’s
get back to the hunt well just a few rows later number 41 and check this
beauty out we’ve got a 70 qsr proof quarter now I will take a 72 s even
though it’s just gonna be clad all day – proof quarters in this box roll number
43 and finally I think we’re gonna have some silver ladies and gentlemen what and it’s another proof quarter but this
one’s got to be silver a New Jersey State Quarter proof quarter in the box no doubter no doubter
silver quarter proof silver quarters in the box unbelievable three proofs on the
back half of the box one silver let’s find more roll number 46 and we’ve got
something shiny once again and it’s another proof quarter
unbelievable Georgia 1999 our second proof quarter
that silver to go along with a non silver state and a non silver seventy
two unbelievable I don’t think I’ve ever found more than one or two proofs in a
in a quarter box let alone four and to being silver unbelievable and we found
them all right here so hoping we get another one I’ll take anything else but
that is a great box for me two silvers for proofs in total and we’re still
finding lots of San Antonio missions Denver mints let’s get back to the hunt
well that was it we ended up finding those proof quarters all in that left
corner it was a great hunt for me I’ll take it you already saw the other side
fines but yeah state quarter s proof clad 72s proof clad and two other state
quarters proofs minted in San Francisco that are silver great first box hoping
somehow someway it bleeds into this box we don’t know if this was the better box
and it bled into that one if that’s the beginning box and it bleeds into this
one or if I just so happened to catch the tail end of a possible proof dump
and we got some for our collection either way it’s already a good hunt for
me two silver coins with four proofs box one I’ll take anything else to add
to the finds in box two no sense sitting here thinking about what could be let’s
see what will be well you’re seeing this and that because we got nothing in that
box the irony is I said at the intro there either feast or famine not sure
the first box was a feast but that was one of my better boxes this box we
didn’t have our handful of 2019 San Antonio missions quarters all out of
Denver no double use and I did pull out one really nice 1983 Washington quarter
minted in Denver I believed if there might be a Philadelphia actually let’s
take a look yeah it’s a Philadelphia my bad and those are
hard to find it better grades for those of you that wonder why I keep some of
the eighty-three nicer condition quarters one of the things that you’ll
notice in the Redbook is the price of a mint State Quarter is about a buck they
go up tremendously in eighty two seven and five dollars for a mint state 63 but
check out eighty three thirty dollars for an eighty three P and ten dollars
for an 80 three D what that tells me when is s to tell you is that those are
hard to find in Mid State grins now I’m not saying that what I found in this
hunt is a mint state grade by any means it’s probably more like a you fifty but
you never know and what I do is I roll up all of my 82 and 83 s that I consider
better than average circulation and I revisit them at a later hunt and if I
happen to find one that I believe is worthy of being submitted for a possible
mint state grade than I do so anyway I wanted to point that out you can see the
values of 82 and 83 compared to all the other years that are listed in the book
tremendous value if you can get your hands on some uncirculated 83 s
especially but even 82 s so I’ll add that to my collection but at the end of
the day two boxes haunted skunk box second box pretty good first box I am
keeping a San Antonio missions Philadelphia minted a quarter because I
don’t have any of those and then of course the fines again were the two clad
proofs and the two silver proofs can’t get mad at that I’ll take it two boxes
did me fine second box was tough though if you enjoyed this quarter hunt please
give me a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for
watching you


  1. Silver Coins Found Hunting Quarters!

    What began as a 2 Box Quarter Hunt for any for Silver, 2019 W's and an Error or Variety coin quickly turned into one of my better quarter boxes!

    I never get much luck when I coin roll hunt quarters… Yet, I still love the anticipation of opening those orange striped rolls and looking for silver. I have put off hunting quarters often (although I do look through one box per week) since my luck with them is terrible… but figured I stay focused on my quest for more silver and some more 2019 W Quarters.

    In this video, I'll open up 2 boxes of quarters from the same bank branch in hopes of finding a 2019 W Quarter or at the least, landing another Silver Quarter or error/variety quarter of 2019.

    I ended up finding more than I could have hoped for!

    What do you prefer to hunt? Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Halves?

    What's your best score from a box of Quarters? Which of the "Big Banks" do you think gives up the best boxes?

    I hope you enjoyed the video! For all of my Quarter hunt videos:

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  2. Hey Rob, your video sparked me to ask, I don't have access to a coin microscope, so I was wondering if a jewellers loupe would work in identifying errors like the 'spitting horse" since they are so obvious compared to others? What magnification do you recommend for a loupe? Thank you.

  3. Cool hunt I've been waiting to start seeing the silver proofs. There gonna be in the halves to. Me personally I think that those are the future silver were gonna be hunting in quarters, halves, and dimes.

  4. Mighty sweet finds there sir!, I honestly had no idea silver proof coins were a thing! Learn something new every day 😎

    Question sir… do Uncirculated state quarter rolls ( sealed ) obtain value as time goes on?

  5. Quick question for you Rob. In the next few months, I have the option of starting to hunt/collect either dollar coins or quarters. 1 box of dollars or 2 of quarters. Which do you think I should do first?

  6. I sent an email for a trade, sorry I missed the stream, family stuff. Anyway, finally found some lowell design quarters, all P. Cannot believe that you found a proof,let alone 2 silver proofs!

  7. It's like an arm wrestle against the 2 types of proofs the silver proof is better than the klad proofs. The silver proofs are clearly going to win.

  8. Rob I inherited alot of silver coins. In the lot was 348 40% half dollars, would you keep them or exchange them for 90% halves? I was told by someone at the bank that only the 90% silver coins really have any value, thoughts?

  9. Ive done 7 boxes of quarters in the last month and have seen only 1 san antonio P. Apparently North carolina doesn't get them….

  10. Nice finds I have been coming across proofs and 2 silver proofs out of 2 boxes so far and a couple loose tools from a few banks that will give me at least 5 rolls even though I don’t have an account. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Hmmm …since both silver proofs were from 99, it seems like there were probably the other three 99 quarters tossed into circulation at the same time. Too bad they werent in your box!

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