Found WW2 German Gold and Silver in the woods.

Found WW2 German Gold and Silver in the woods.

– You ready? ‘Cause we’re gonna turn it. I already took a peek. Woo-hoo. (upbeat rock music) Ooh, yes! Ooh! Ooh moment! Oh, my God, man. Yes, we’re back. Back in Berlin. (buzzing) Morning, people, we’re back in Germany. And this time, pretty much
in the middle of Germany, where we got a good
tip from another digger who said there was a place of surrender where he found some stuff and he was really willing
to share it with us so we came here to see what we can find. See you at the first find. Just found this on the surface. And I thought, “Hmm, I don’t know. I’m gonna tell my viewers
that I don’t know. But I most definitely know
it’s not World War II. It’s from the DDR time period
and yeah, you can see why. Still pretty cool, huh? Like a plaque. I don’t know if the rest is here but I’m gonna search for it. maybe we can make it a little possible. Gonna take this with me, pretty cool. That’s Visha digging his way to China. And I started this because
I got a good signal with the Garrett AT MAX and this came out, cooking pot and then, this came out. Oh, another cooking pot comes out. This lid came out. And… This little Bakelite soap box. You believe it is a soap box. And now… – [Patrick] Beer bottle. – [Mike] Beer bottle, oh wow. German or, has to be German. It’s even full. Something in there. But the thing is, I had a very… Another one. – [Mike] Cool. The thing is I had a very shallow signal that was the cooking pot but it’s laying on top of one another so that’s why we kept the hole, this small… Ah, that’s nice. (Patrick speaking in foreign language) Measure cup, measurement cup. What’s Patrick think of this? I think… It says 3/4 of a liter. – [Patrick] Yeah. – [Mike] What’s that? Oh, that’s a lock to a suitcase. Or is it? Very nice. I’ll get back at you. That was it. Only thing worth showing you is this. It’s actually, you can hear
it break underneath my thumb. It’s kind of like a plastic. (detector beeping) Well, I think it’s glass. Anyway, so far, so good. Has to be more here. Let’s find it. So that’s nice, closed up. Nicely closed up and (grunts) I thought it was fun to show you. If I shake it around, (liquid swishing) you can see still the foam, see the foam. So it’s actually still beer in there. And it’s also case, (liquid swishing) this one, I don’t know if you can see it. (liquid swishing) Yeah, it’s fun. I’m not sure what to do with
them but I’m gonna bring them. Can’t just leave them here. And… maybe I’ll open one. Just about, what is it? 50 meters from where I found and dump it, that we just found one. All these bottles came out. And… (bottle clinks) These little porcelain cups. And what I haven’t seen before is this glass battery, battery pack. So yeah, it’s kind of
cool and more comes out. Right on the surface, we just found this little, early flashlight, if
you would call it that. A handheld light, which you also used on bicycles back then. So yeah, cool, it was
right on the surface. Digging here, hard work
because the grass was, shouldn’t complain because I found this. And it’s a proper, I don’t
know, I really don’t know. To me, it looks like a weapon part, but I’m probably fantasizing now. Good stuff, instead of this lump piece
of iron, I don’t know. And also noticed that I just
popped this out of the hole. You gonna get a lot of
I don’t knows right now. I don’t know, like a, I don’t know. Is it? No, it’s not. I thought it was the inner
band of a helmet but it’s not. It’s rubber. Don’t know. (chiming music) (guns firing) (detector beeping) Patrick has been digging away. A lot of iron signals
but also this came out. (shovel scraping) MG 34 muzzle, muzzle brake. Not in the best of state,
but hey, still one. And all these little Bakelite items. Let me just put that away. Put the muzzle away. These Bakelite containers. You’ve seen them. I found only four, but
they’re pretty cool. Cool find because we don’t
find them with a detector. It has to lay next to a metal object. They’re nice, he’s just digging away. (detector buzzing) We also found these little bags, right? Like this. It’s like a little ballet shoe. Another one. Nice. (shovel scraping) Just a small dig by
digging away the top soil, we managed to get out. Well, I think, about five or six, that I just put on top of my banana. Right there. Nice and comfy and my banana. Let’s hope we find more. Gas mask ring. We’re joined by two German friends. You can hear them in the background. Not gonna show them, I
didn’t ask for permission, but we’re still in the woods where everything is just
laying on the surface. And these are gas jackets German soldiers would put on if there was a chemical attack. (bird cawing) This place is just littered with them. They’re everywhere. Just dump these out. They’re also underneath
the soil if I detect, and I just pulled out this one. Hoping to find one intact. Let’s just see, otherwise I’m gonna
bring this one, I guess, just rinse it off or something. I want one, want to bring one. This place is littered with it. Let me just show you… (detector beeping) It’s all above ground. It’s all that rubbish or
trash or whatever you call it. Ah, it’s not trash. It is, (tapping) as you can hear, this is, I think this is leather. Or, no, it’s not. It’s again, one of those gas covers, you know, the, I keep forgetting the name. They used to wear it when
there was a chemical attack, like a plastic coat. Anyway, I just tap this off. You ready? Because we’re gonna turn
it, I already took a peek. But I’m gonna show you anyway. Hee-hee, woo-hoo. There’s a pair of dust glasses. I think they are dust glasses. I’m not sure, yeah, they are. Ah, man, these are cool. Oh, and it has to be untouched, right? So, it sees daylight for the
first time in over 70 years. I think that’s pretty cool. And there is more here, yeah. A button. I’m gonna think about how I’m gonna take this out of here in one piece. Is there more? Yeah, there has to be more. Wow. All this time in the ground
didn’t do it any good. Yeah, cool. Let me just try and get it out, gentle. Yeah, that’s awesome. I’m here with my German friends and I’m talking about mushrooms, and I don’t know anything about mushrooms. But I see him picking it. And I know if you eat the
wrong one, you gonna die. But my new German friend is gonna teach me that this one you can eat
actually, and it’s pretty big. Can I pick it? – [German Friend] Yup. – [Mike] (grunting) From here, or top? – [German Friend] No, from other side. – Here.
– Yeah. – [Mike] Cool. The thing is huge! – [German Friend] It’s, in German, we call it stone mushroom. – All right, cool, very nice. And by the way, we just
found three of these. Well, we found more but three of these are
worth taking with me. Bolts, and I don’t know
which rifle they are but gonna take them. Ah, it’s good to see the sun. We had a lot of showers last days. Anyway, just wanted to say a massive, massive thank-you to Dave. Thank you so much, Dave
from Canada, again, who donated to the channel. Thank you so much, Dave. And lots of people joined the
Facebook and Instagram page. If you haven’t yet, it’s
right up there and down there. Just join Mike’s Army, okay? And I’ll see you on Facebook or Instagram. So these are my finds for the last hour. Nothing. And these are Patrick’s
finds from the last hour. Stock and a part of a MG 42, the lid. Pocket knife, and a Luger barrel. At least, that’s what we think it is. Ooh, nice, never found one of those so, that’s pretty awesome. So yeah, I have to step up my game. And I have to correct myself
because this right here, it’s a Sten gun, a British Sten gun stock. And a barrel right there. But we thought it was a Luger barrel. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s a Walther P38 barrel. Still cool, but just want
to correct myself on that. So we got up early today. As you can see, we’re
already in the woods. It’s now, I don’t know,
about 7:30 or something. So the light is still a bit dim. But, I hope you can see this. We went to a new forest and Patrick already detected this here. And he called it the Button Forest. And yeah, I can see why. These little Kriegsmarine buttons. Yeah, it’s these big
ones and the small ones. I already found a small one
but it was too dark to film. But yeah, love finding
these, very decorative. So cool, let’s hope for more. Yeah, I can see why Patrick
calls it the Button Forest. There. I love finding these So pretty. This one is actually
in very good condition. I didn’t clean it. Yeah, I love finding these. I found about five of them right now, but this is the best one so far. Cool. I found a button there. I found a button there. And I think, I found,
where’s my key, right here. Two of them underneath my big feet. And I got a couple of signals
here, really small cracks, just little beeps, and this came out. And… I’m pretty sure it’s silver. Now, I got big hands so it
could be a wartime wedding ring. But yeah, I think it is silver. It cleans up nice. Let me just show you. See, it has a nice shine to it. So yeah. Is it a woo-hoo? I think it is, woo-hoo! (birds chirping) Well, I found these
buttons by the tons now, especially the smaller ones. But this is one of the
better, bigger ones. They’re awesome, very awesome. Nicely marked. Beautiful gold shine. And let me just show you
a picture of what I found, it’s on my bag right now. My bag is right there. And I’m gonna open them up, clean them, and show you a picture of it right now, I think, well, I don’t know,
lost count somewhere, 30, with the small ones not
just these beautiful ones. And we found a couple of these. Well, yeah, a good spot. Just a small announcement
before we end this video. We recently started a
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nice in the comments, okay. And I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.


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