Frances McDormand Wins Best Actress in a Drama at the 2018 Golden Globes

Frances McDormand Wins Best Actress in a Drama at the 2018 Golden Globes

[ Cheers and applause ] [ Cheers and applause continue ] [ Cheers and applause continue ] -Well, I have a few things
to say. I’m going to keep it short because we’ve been here
a long time and we need some tequila. All you ladies in this category,
bar, tequila’s on me. Thank you to
the Hollywood Foreign Press. I’m still not quite sure who
they are when I run into them for the last 35 years,
but I love seeing their faces. And let’s face it, they managed
to elect a female president. [ Cheers and applause ] I’m just saying. Martin McDonagh,
you know how I feel about being
your Mildred Hayes. Her every ragged inhalation
and fierce exhalation is evidence of my gratitude. Our producer, Graham Broadbent,
thank you for listening to me and valuing my input. To Fox Searchlight, Film4, who allowed our film
to find its audience, and we are still putting people
in the seats of brick-and-mortar cinemas
around the country. Call me old-fashioned,
but I love that. [ Cheers and applause ] And have I mentioned my two
favorite cowboys, Sam and Woody, because they are. Then I will have to list the
entire cast and crew of our film because everybody brought
their best game to this one. Their very best game. For instance, I cannot throw
a baseball for shite, but I managed to get
Molotov cocktails from one building to another
across a two-lane street. That was really fun,
but don’t try it at home. [ Laughter ] So many of you know
I keep my politics private, but it was really great
to be in this room tonight. And to be part of
the tectonic shift in our industry’s
power structure. Trust me. The women in this room tonight
are not here for the food. [ Laughter ] We are here for the work. Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]


  1. My two favorite scenes of her in Three Billboards….the scene with the deer, and the scene when she kicks the girl in the hoo-ha.

  2. I like the fact she is embracing her age and doesnt bother to dye her hair or even wearing make up. She made it clear that she is not there for the fame but for the work.

  3. When I saw the short hair I knew a there would be a feminist hate statement, "blah blah blah … female President". Yeah, vote for what the candidate has between their legs because it's the intellectual thing to do.

  4. I absolutely love this woman! She is so cool in the least pretentious sense of the word and an absolutely incredible actor. She was so much more relaxed here than at the Royal Albert Hall receiving her BAFTA last week – probably not helped by her arse-hole of a husband of 33 years – Joel Coen who sat glowering beside her and failed to even react or congratulate her as her name was announced….at least she didn't thank him during her acceptance speech. The tension between them was excruciating to witness, as though they hated each other!

  5. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri(2017) Review:

  6. Glad she won the Oscar.!! I couldn't take it if they gave it to Streep. again Enoughs enough. Some people are listed as the " chosen" by those who run Hollywood and others are never honored and until now, would never be. #NewDay

  7. She is a really great actress but getting really weird in her old age..the roles are taking over her. Or becoming her.

  8. What a speech, what a wonderful woman & actress ! She is damn right with it – now it´s time for a woman as president. Was für eine Rede, was für eine wunderbare Frau & Schauspielerin! Sie hat so Recht, es wird dringend Zeit für eine Präsidentin. Call me old fashioned, but I loved that! (cinema) Me, too!

  9. "managed to elect a female president." Give. Me. A. Freaking. Break. Are y'all still butthurt about that election? Get over it already. And it's not about gender, it's about the most qualified for the position. Now I am NOT saying Trump was more qualified over Hillary, I am just saying that whenever people bring up this argument, it seems to be more about electing the first "insert gender here" or the first "insert race here," rather than who is best qualified. That is just what bugs me more when people make a big deal about gender or race when it shouldn't be a big deal at all. Feels like another Hollywood double standard.

  10. This is what inspired the film:

  11. Is Frances McDormand sick? Lately, she has not looked to be in good health, nor has she seemed to be well when she is speaking or answering questions during an interview. I sincerely hope all is well with her!

  12. Diversity last year…. women this year…. wonder what phony political trend Hollywood will hitch its bandwagon to next year… yawn…

  13. The modern Bette Davis. Guts and glory. Frances played the part of Mildred well in TBOEM because she's a no nonsense kind of woman.

  14. Frances is like that one strict teacher in your school that has a secret sense of humor you will never find about

  15. Her husband looks like a disappointed Howard Stern, and I don't even know why. Can't wait to watch Fargo and Three Billboards…😍

  16. I came here after Dwayne the Rock interview in Ellen's show. France's gesture. Shook hand with his daughter. Top class actress with humble heart.

  17. What movie was she in again? I think Glenn Close should have one. all Frances did I recall was act mad and smoke a lot of cigarettes. Glenn Close gave a stellar performance for the Wife.

  18. Putting on an award show is not "fighting" or "taking a stand" for inclusivity. especially when they hold a majority of rapers and rapees and still won't talk names because of their careers.

  19. frances is a legend among men and women alike. she ran this speech. everybody was locked in. that's some next level sh*t.

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