Free NBA Betting Pick: Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers Game 2 (Conference Finals)

Free NBA Betting Pick: Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers Game 2 (Conference Finals)

The Golden State Warriors are once again 8-point
favorites for Game 2 against Portland, and dramatic favorites on the moneyline. Our pick for Game 2 between the Warriors and
Trail Blazers is Golden State on the spread. Click on the link in the description below
to be taken to MyBookie to place a bet, and you’ll receive a sign-up bonus of 50%, up
to $1,000, as well. You can also keep on watching this video for
our complete breakdown behind the pick. Hello everyone, I’m Drew Goldfarb, and today
we’re breaking down Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals between the Golden State
Warriors and the Portland Trail Blazers. The Warriors took down the Blazers in Game
1, pulling away with a 39-point fourth quarter performance. Stephen Curry drained nine 3-pointers and
scored 36 total points, while Klay Thompson finished with 26 points on the night. Portland got another big performance from
Rodney Hood off the bench, as Hood netted 17 points in his 26 minutes on the floor,
but no Blazer finished the game with more than Damian Lillard’s 19 points. Just as with Game 1, Golden State is likely
to be without Kevin Durant for Game 2. Ramona Shelburne reported this week that Durant
won’t even be re-evaluated until gameday on Thursday. Golden State waited until the fourth quarter
to do it, but the Warriors paid off on the spread for Game 1. For Game 2, the spread remains at 8 points,
with a -110 payout on either side. Portland is a heavy underdog on the moneyline,
with roughly 3-to-1 payout odds to take a Blazers’ upset win straight-up. Once again, Golden State’s moneyline odds
make a wager there inadvisable, so again I’m taking the Warriors on the spread. They won Game 1 by 22 points, and I don’t
see Portland pulling an upset in this contest. Just like with Game 1, the fact that Golden
State is so heavily favored leaves only the option of betting on the spread unless you’re
feeling a big upset win for the Blazers. Be sure to check out our latest individual
game picks here and online at, and be sure to check out all of our other
videos and articles for more picks, tips, and how-to guides. Do you think Golden State has a repeat performance
in Game 2, or can Portland even up the series? Let us know in the comments below. I’m Drew Goldfarb. Thanks for watching. See you next time!

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  1. Do you think Golden State can cover the spread for the second game in a row, or will Portland pull the upset and even the series at (1-1)? Let us know in the comments!

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