FREE Project: Simple Sparkle Bracelet

I have got the perfect transition bracelet
for those of you who may have only done stringing before but you’re kind of curious about the
seed bead stuff and the weaving. This bracelet, we’re going to do some bead weaving but we’re
doing it using a beading wire so Beadalon or Soft Flex whatever you use, either one
will work. And we’re doing a little bit of weaving but we don’t even have to use needles
because we’re going to use the ends of the Beadalon or Soft Flex to actually do the weaving
part. So this is also a bracelet that you can do in, I’m gonna guess once you’ve made
your first one you can really make an entire bracelet in under 30 minutes, which is a really
great fast thing to do when you’re up against the wall for a present. Ok, let’s take a look
at what we’re doing. This is the bracelet, I call it the Simple Sparkle bracelet, it’s
using 4mm Swarovski bicone crystals and then we’re using size 11 seed beads here. You also
will need a couple of crimps cause we’re going to be using crimps to end off our two ends.
You’ll need some kind of clasp, I used a toggle clasp on this, you can use toggles, you can
use lobster claws, whatever your preference is and then you’ll also need some kind of
beading wire. Now for the beading wire I like to use, this happens to be a .014 diameter
beading wire which works really well. That’s about the thickest that you can use, you can
get away with a .015, Beadalon makes a .015, this one is a Soft Flex which is a .014, you
can go down as skinny as the .010 beading wire but in general my feeling is as long
as you can use the .014 I would rather you use a heavier, stronger beading wire because
that way if you happened to catch one of these loops on something and pull or yanked, it
will have more resistance to breaking if you’re using the stronger beading wire. Ok, so .014
or .015 is your best bet on the beading wire. How we’re going to start this out is I cut
about a 3 to 3.5 foot piece of beading wire so that’s quite long, we’re going to use it
doubled and then I also like to make sure that I don’t run short because if you run
short then you’re going to have all sorts of problems with finishing your bracelet.
So I always try to err on the side of too long. Take both of the ends of the beading
wire, I’m sorry you’re actually going to take one end of the beading wire and pass it through
one end of your clasp and then you’re going to center it on the beading wire, that’s where
you bring the two beading wires together and roughly center this. I’ll take one crimp and
put it over both ends of this beading wire, but here’s the thing about using a toggle
clasp is that when you use a toggle clasp on the bar side, you need this bar to be skinny
enough to get back in through the loop end of the toggle. What I mean by that is this
has to fit up into the hole, and because this bracelet gets wide fairly quickly what I like
to do is right before I put that crimp on I add an additional crystal. So it’s just
a way of elongating it without making it look ugly and making sure that this little section
here is long enough that it will fit up in your toggle clasp. So, because I’m using a
toggle, before I put that crimp on what I’m actually going to do is put a crystal over
both wires, then I will string that crimp over both wires. We’ll bring that all right
up to the end, I want to tighten it so that there’s not too much of the beading wire showing
but at the same time I want this to have free movement, I don’t want tighten it so close
to the hole here that it keeps this from moving. You need to have free movement. Then, once
you have that in place, I’m just going to flatten that crimp. You can certainly use
the crimping plier, the crimping tool if you want to fold that over, I’m kinda old school
I just use a flat nose pliers and squish it down. Ok, so now we’re set up and ready to
go! We’re going to first create this little (let me do it from this end, it lays a little
bit better) we’re going to first create this little tapering effect here, so I’m going
to put on one end of this beading wire, I’m going to separate them out and use them separately
now, I’m going to put 4 seed beads and you can actually use the tip of the wire to pick
those up. 4 seed beads, and one crystal and I’ll just bring those down. And then on the
other end of the wire I’m going to pick up just 4 seed beads. Now on the piece that I
have just the 4 seed beads I’m going to go back through this crystal away from on the
other side, and by going away from me, what’s going to happen here is when I pull it tight
(there we go) I usually have to kinda separate it out from the seed beads and you can tighten
that all back up later, when I tighten this what’s going to happen is that crystal, see
how it now moved and centered horizontally across this, and there we go. Now we’ve got
that taper. So now we’re ready to do our first round segment here, on the right hand cord
I’m going to pick up 7 seed beads and a crystal. On the other cord, on the left hand cord I’m
just going to pick up 7 seed beads. I do think that this lays better if you are consistent
about always picking up the extra crystal on the same side every time so I just make
sure that I do that first and because I’m right handed I usually load the right hand
cord first and to be consistent is why I do it that way. So here I’m picking up 7 seed
beads (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) and then I’m going to pick up a crystal, sometimes it’s a little
easier if you pick it up with your hand and poke it through. And then on the other side,
I’m just picking up the 7 seed beads. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Same thing as I did last
time I’m going to pass through this crystal away from me on the opposite side. And there’s
our first loop. Now we’re going to do the slightly more decorative loop where we’ve
got more crystals. You’re always going to on the more decorative loop, you’re going
to always start and end with a seed bead. So you’re picking up a seed bead, a crystal,
a seed bead, and a crystal. Because this is going to be the side that we’re a little bit
longer on we’re going to pick up one more seed bead and one more crystal. So three crystals
on the right hand wire, on the left hand wire we’re only going to pick up 2 crystals but
remember we start and end with a seed bead. So seed bead, crystal, seed bead, crystal,
and we have to end with a seed bead. Then we’re going to pass through the last crystal
on the opposite side going away from us. As you tighten it all up there we go, so you’re
just going to alternate making those 2 different kinds of loops until you have the length that
you want. Let’s talk about length because you do need to be a little bit organized about
that. Each one of these loops is just shy of .5 inches, so in general, a set of 2 will
give you 1 inch of length. What I had discovered when I was making this one for myself is that
you do have to take into account what kind of clasp you’re using because this is a fairly
long clasp, if you were just using say a lobster claw clasp it’s not going to take up as much
real estate as this on your wrist. But what I did is I created loops until I was about
an inch apart on the ends, and here we go you can kind of see that I had about an inch
between this loop and that loop. That way I knew that the tapering and my clasp was
going to be the rest of that inch. In this particular piece what I ended up doing was
on one end I started with just a simple loop and at the other end to make my sizing correct
I ended up finishing just with one of the decorative loops. It’s one of those things
you’ll never notice whether it’s asymmetrical on those two ends or not. Some other ways
that you can adjust your sizing a little bit is remember how I added that decorative crystal
right above this tapering section, each one of those crystals is about 1/8 inch so if
you needed say, to just get it about .25 inch longer, you could add an additional crystal
on either end next to your clasp and that would give you that extra 1/4 inch. Another
way to adjust sizing, you could make this tapering a little bit bigger on one end if
you needed to instead of putting 4 seed beads on either side you could do 5 or 6 seed beads.
And then your last option for adjusting length would be to adjust the number of beads you
have on the simple loops. So instead of doing 7 beads on either side you could do 8 or 9,
that would elongate it just a smidge but remember that that’s going to elongate it if you’re
doing it on every single one of these simple loops, that’s going to elongate it by that
many all the way down the bracelet. So those are some of the ways that you can kind of
adjust and play with your sizing. When we come back I am going to show you how you’re
going to finish off the other end of your clasp Ok, so now that you’ve got an entire
bracelet worth of loops going let’s go ahead and finish off the other end. I am actually
making a Barbie bracelet so I hope that yours is a little bit longer than mine. But we’re
just going to pretend that this is a full length bracelet here, and what I’ve done is
I finished what I think is going to be my last loop, I’ve gone ahead and trimmed these
ends so this should more accurately reflect how much beading wire you still have left.
You’re going to go ahead and 4 seed beads on each one of these remaining cords here,
beading wires, so 4 there and 4 here, then over both beading wires together, you’re going
to go ahead and string the crimp. (did I get both of them, yes I did) Bring that down,
so see how that is going to create that tapering that mimics what was on the other end. Then
for functional purposes on this end I had put that crystal, but I like having that little
detail there so I’m going to replicate it on this other side, and we’re going to take
a crystal and poke it over both ends of this, of the beading wire. Ok, now here’s where
I’m going to do something a little bit different than what you might expect, if you’ve worked
with double strands of Beadalon or Soft Flex before what you normally would do is you would
put both strands through the hole on your clasp and then string it back through the
crystal, back through the crimp and then back through some additional seed beads before
you crimp down and you, before you crimped down on it and finished your bracelet. I’m
only going to use one, and the reason is because I’m using because I’m using this .014 diameter
it is actually pretty difficult to 4 passes of it through a 2x2mm crimp which is what
I’m using here, so you actually only have to use 1 of these to get back through there.
To get through there I usually loosen this up so I can kind of get an angle on it and
I’m just going to take the 1 pass of beading cord, I went ahead and strung the other end
of my clasp on, and then I’m going to pass it back through the crystal and through the
crimp. And even that may be a bit of a trick here, using the .014 One of the ways if you’re
having trouble getting it back through there, one of the things you can do actually, is,
well there’s a couple things. One is, if you use your flat nose pliers that can sometimes
give you a little bit of additional oompf. However this crystal that I picked up just
seems to have a slightly smaller than usual hole so what I’m going to do instead is on
this second piece of beading wire that I’m not bringing back through the clasp end, I’m
actually going to pull that out of the crystal. So the only place that it has to go through
is the crimp. The other side only, so now I’ve got only 1 beading wire coming out of
the crimp, one beading wire coming out of the crystal, back through the clasp. Now back
through the crystal, this time I should have no problem and indeed I didn’t, back through
the crimp, again that’s got a nice big hole so I won’t have trouble getting the wire back
through there. One of the benefits of having one of these beading cords coming out the
top of the crimp and on of them coming out of the bottom is by pulling them in separate
directions, it normally will go ahead and cinch this all up nicely for you. Or at least
it will help you cinch it all up nicely. See how as I was pulling those directions it just
kind of came together so again I want to make sure that I’ve got enough loop that this will
move nicely then I can just mash down on the crimp, if I wanted to I could have passed
this cord back through a couple more seed beads. But in general I find that that’s not
really necessary what you want to do when you cut these is make sure that you get them
nice and close to the crimp. Cut one at the bottom, cut one at the top making sure that
you do not actually cut the cord that’s going through there, I have done that before and
it’s very sad. And there we go, it is completely finished and now Barbie has a new bracelet!
So you see it’s a really simple project to do, very fast but you get this gorgeous sparkle
of the crystal. And it’s a very lightweight bracelet for people who don’t like to have
a lot of weight it’s a perfect thing for them. I know that you’re going to go forward and
make a bazillion of them so get going would ya? Have a good time.

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