Fretz Maker Wood Mandrels

Fretz Maker Wood Mandrels

These wooden mandrels are perfect for any
bracelet and bangle work you perform in your shop. They’re all made of hard beechwood which
will allow you to work with this mandrel for years to come. The BMW 1 and 2 mandrels are round, and 3
and 4 are oval. BMW 5 is an oval with flat sides, which helps
form flattened centers on the bracelets for easier engraving and stamping. BMW 6 and 7 mandrels are square. The 6 mandrel has domed sides, which helps
you smoothly curve the surface of the bracelet. The 7 has rounded corners to create smoothly
rounded angles. The BMW 8 is a triangle dome mandrel to make
rounded surfaces as well as more acute angles in your bracelets and bangles. Visit Stuller dot com slash tools to select
the mandrels that best suit your work.

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