Friday Findings-Jewelry Elastic

Friday Findings-Jewelry Elastic

Hi there, Sandy here. Welcome to another Friday
Findings video at Today I’m going to be talking to you about elastic
cord for jewelry making. This is a wonderful thing to use to put together
really quick and easy projects. It’s especially used for bracelets. Using this material to
string your beads you can have a bracelet in no time and I’ll show you just a few tips
and tricks to help your bracelets come out successfully. First of all, the type of elastic cord you
buy really does matter. Get a good quality. I’ve had great results with this brand, Stretch
Magic. Some others I haven’t had such good luck with. One thing you want to check before
you use your elastic is does it keep its elasticity. So I have a little ruler here I’m going to
measure off 6″ of elastic and then I’m going to give it a good stretch and sometimes it’ll
relax and not spring back if you have a cheaper quality. So I’ve got maybe a 1/4-inch here
that didn’t spring back so I always do like to just pre-stretch my elastic before I use
it so that my jewelry ends up being the right size. Some of it may have slipped through my fingers
as I stretched it too, but you just want to pre-stretch it to make sure that everything
fits well when you’re done. Also you’ll notice that the elastic cord comes in different colors.
I have black. Clear is great. Black if you’re using a lot of dark colored beads and it comes
in different diameters. Half a mm diameter, .7mm diameter, depending on the weight of
the beads. Speaking of beads, when you’re using elastic
cord, always make sure that the holes of your beads are nice and clean and smooth. Nothing
sharp and don’t have any beads that are too heavy like lots of glass lampwork beads because
they’ll just weigh down and stretch it out. So making a piece of jewelry with elastic
cord is simple as stringing on as many beads as you need for the length of the bracelet
and then tying your ends in a square knot, so that’s left over right, pull it up snug
and then right over left. Simple as that and then what you want to do is add a drop of
Super Glue or E6000, some kind of strong glue to that knot and then pull it into the hole
of a nearby bead and let it dry completely before you trim away those elastic tails.
And that’s all there is to it. It’s a great product for a last minute gift
or perhaps you need a last minute piece of jewelry to match an outfit. You can whip one
up in no time using elastic cord. Thanks so much for watching KeepsakeCrafts
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  1. Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking but how do you find it lasts over time? Made up, not on the reel. As I have some of this brand I got and used a while ago. Have you used it long term? Hope your well. Joanne.

  2. hi there, I want to get some stretch magic but not sure of the sizes, as some of my beads have smaller holes and the elastic I have won't go through the beading hole, so I need to know what 0.5 mm and 0.7mm and 0.1mm are good for,what size beads to use with them, any help on this welcome,thankyou,

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