friendship bracelet

friendship bracelet

Mmm. One second. Hi guys, it’s Daisy Brown here. So I, um
I’m stuck in my room right now, because Alan’s being a little violent and so, I
mean, I-I keep my door closed at night, and so I’m just doing that right now, um… So if you hear him in the background it’s best to just ignore him, because he really wants attention. So yeah. I just thought that today would
be a good day to, make friendship bracelets, or something I mean it’s just… It’s just so cloudy out, it’s just so
cloudy out, I just want to make something that’s colorful. (God, why can’t I get anything done.) If I can… One second, it’ll be ready in a minute. So here are the colors we’re gonna be using, we’re gonna
be using: orange blue, pink, green, and this, pretty, Gold-Yellow. So I actually… Okay, I actually read about this online. So the way that this works I’m gonna be
making a chevron bracelet, which is where it’s like an angle going down, So we’re gonna take all the- Oh no they’re all different sizes! Okay, it’s okay we’ll
just I’ll just cut them all so that they’re the same size. Don’t worry, um… So we’re gonna… This should be fine. Yeah this should be fine, alright. Okay, so then what you do is tie them together, tie all the… Oh no… The orange is much shorter. Okay… It’s okay, that’ll just be a little more
short. I-I have a pretty thin wrist so it’s fine. Um… (What’s the point, do I even want to do this anymore?) (Sigh) So tie them together, so
what you’re gonna want to do is tie them together. And then, do I have tape
anywhere? Nope. I guess not. Alright. So we’re not gonna be using the tape. Oh wait! I do have this though! Cause sometimes when I’m in, because sometimes
when I’m in my room I get hungry, because I didn’t grab any food, and so I started
keeping it a green bell pepper in here; Remember that one time I made a pizza? Wait, I don’t have a… I don’t have a knife in here. So… *Crunch* (I’ve made so much progress, but there’s so much more to be done.) Okay, *choke* okay… So, uhh, what we’re gonna do is… Oh no I tied the knot wrong, I have to have it doubled up like this. Wait. Wait, I don’t get it, is it supposed to… Do I make two bracelets and then tie them together?
How do I make… (I just don’t know if I have it in me to complete this mess.) Okay, so what you’re gonna wanna do is take the, um, take all
the strings and lay ’em out like this. Get them in an order so that they’re not
all going over each other. (Am I doing this because I care about it or because I want attention?) Get them in an order where you like the colors that they’re in. And we’re gonna start with orange, this is going to be the main
color. I’m gonna wrap it around the gold. And then I’m gonna wrap it around the
gold again, Cause they say you have two knots or else it’ll just come
out, oops. Then we’re gonna do that with all of them. Um… Yeah, so next is green. I’m sorry that I
can’t get a bitter I’m sorry that I I’m sorry that I couldn’t get a better- (This was supposed to be a passion project, now I just feel jaded and desperate.) I’m sorry that I can’t get a better angle, because I left
my camera downstairs. Um, and I can’t get out there right now. Thank you to everyone who’s been contacting me on Twitter. It’s really
nice of you; I’m- I’m sorry that I’m not as responsive, I’m just really tired. Yeah
I haven’t been sleeping well lately. Um, okay great so that’s our first row. This doesn’t look like a picture they… Okay, I guess we’re just gonna move onto the next one. Okay, um. Green. Green is the next one. The next color. *Gasp* Oh no, wait! Wait, oh my gosh, I do have to have… I’m supposed to have two of each color of string. (I remember months ago when I was so passionate. ) M-maybe I can just braid it. I’ll put that in my toes… I learned how to braid my hair from a
book when I was younger, it had… It had pictures on how to braid your hair. You might not believe it but when I was little I used to have really long hair, like, it went down past my butt. Let’s see if I can remember this. Um… Am I supposed
to like make it tighter? *Monster groaning* Nothing, it’s fine. *loud bang* Nothing it’s fine, nothing it’s fine. It’s all fine. Oh wait, now I got it. Now I remember um. See it’s hard, I only have five strings- oh no. I had a weird dream, that some lady was
in my house when I woke up. Except for some reason I wasn’t scared of her. And, um… I just asked her who she was, and she said That she wants me to grow up healthy. And then she, um. Like, fell through the floor, and left behind like, this puddle of… Like it It almost looked like pomegranate juice or something, but then it had like little, jello-y lumps and chunks in it. I still don’t know who that lady is, or… What she wanted. I mean, I know that she wanted me to grow up
healthy. But I don’t know what that means… (Now I can barely remember why.) I don’t know what that means because I’ve never seen her before. I lost my place but it’s still fine. She was pretty. (Well, what’s stopping me. Hmm? Why not just quit now?) This video isn’t gonna be fun to watch, This is gonna be boring and no one’s gonna like it. And I’m not even gonna get a bracelet out of it. (…) *Crunch* So now I’m just gonna tie all of the um, pieces together. And that’s gonna be it for the mmm, that’s gonna be it. Oh no, come on. Okay, Okay, it’s not- it looks very ugly. It looks bad, it doesn’t look like the picture. (Daisy.) Because I didn’t do any of the
directions right. Okay, this is the bracelet, it looks bad. it looks bad. (I love you Daisy. This is for you.) It looks bad. (I’ll make you proud.) (Okay. Back to work.) It looks bad. Alright bye.


  1. hi guyss. im gonna take a week or two offf from making videois . im not quitttting youtube. i just really need a break. i know you all want to see alan more. im sorry. hes getting harderr to control. i dont have energy likee i used to. i knjow youre all disapointed in me. im disapointed inn myself. ill be back soon. thank you. i love you.

  2. You're a lot like my mother actually, Daisy. she's a great woman, but all her life she's been stuck with primitive mindsets from her parents, and so this made her afraid of the outside world and everything around her. Also because of that she was unable to know what she really is as a person because she didn't know what she wanted, thus lead her to an abusive relationship. there's nothing wrong with ignorance as long as you're not hurting other people from it, but I just feel really bad for her. She missed out on a lot of good things because of fear.

    ps. this series is amazing and I never thought i'd be so invested in it. I hope you keep making more ♡

  3. Young Daisy still a small seed…growing everyday…I’m glad you get to see the real world….stay strong for now and forever…we love you…she and he do especially

  4. Hopefully she is back I hope but plz go back and save lithoth pls I will try to help in the woods u mom name is rose pls god save lithoth

  5. The captions are obviously added in by someone. I saw the storyline video. It is a story about a dad who lost his wife and went crazy trying to recreate her he trapped his daughter in his house so that he wouldnt lose her. Later on he created Alan out of his lab partner that threatened to call child protective services that is also how lithop was made. Eventually Allen got so big that he wouldnt let daisy leave. She overpowerd him and ran with lithop. Then the story dropped.

  6. Huh…pomegranate juice and clumps? Couldn’t possibly be blood! Silly of me for even thinking that.

    I have to wonder, though, if that woman is her mom?

  7. Hey Daisy! I liked this video and your friendship bracelet looked really good! Are you okay? You are bruised and bandaged. I hope you get better

  8. I have a theory that the woman is actually her mom and its from a memory. Pomegranate juice is red and I think that's her young self (when she was baby) not knowing what it was. That's why she wasn't scared of her mom and it explains most of it. It also ties in with that one video where the captions are seen from the mom's eyes

  9. In my country some people use bracelets to show their mental issues. Each color symbolise each illness :

    Blue – depression
    Gold – schizophrenia
    Green – fasting
    Pink – EDNOS
    Orange – self harm
    Yellow – suicidal thoughts

    Quite interesting

  10. Dear Daisy,
    It's 2018 now and you may not see this but…Alan might kill you. You need to lock him up for your saftey. He has turned evil and violent.

  11. Love the braclet!!!
    Also I'm from the future and you will find a friend named lithop and you're going to kill alen…

    Have a good day.

  12. Daisy kill Alan he's being mean and he's getting very aggressive. You have to kill him NOW. Sooner or later he's going to kill you. First he pulled your hair out and second I'm guessing he bit you. Just please kill him. I know you love him. But still just KILL HIM. I don't want you to get hurt Daisy. Goodbye. I will pray for you😘😜

  13. I have a feeling. When you turn on captions and get those secret messages…the person talking might be the Dad, because during the end of the this video the captions said this:

    “Daisy, this one is for you.” (I believe)
    “Well, back to work.”

    What if the “dad” is talking about making Alan for daisy.

  14. The captions is Daisy’s dad making something in his basement and starting to have second thoughts about it. He thinks back on how loving he used to be back when Daisy’s mom was alive. Then he asks himself what is making him continue the project and why he’s doing it. He then tells himself that the reason is his love for Daisy. Then with that thought in his head he goes back to work.

  15. Alan Alan Doesnt Likes You He Hates You He Wants To Kill You You Kill Alan İts A Good İdea Becouse Alan İs Waiting For A Time To Kill You

  16. I’m concerned
    PLEASE don’t keep sharp things around Alan, we don’t know what he’ll be able to do because of him “evolving”
    my advice is to get rid of him right away
    somewhere far far away, knowing how smart he’s getting he’ll find a way back
    I’m saying somewhere abandoned

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