Friendship Bracelets: Knotting Basics

Friendship Bracelets: Knotting Basics

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Hobby Lobby
creative studio. My name is Sarah. Today I’m going to show
you two basic knots and four different friendship bracelets
you can make with them! Once you learn, these knots, you’ll be whipping out bracelets left and
right for you and all your friends! So do not go away! With these two easy knots, the Right or
Forward knot, and the Left or Backward knot, you can
make all kinds of fun shapes and patterns for your friendship bracelets! So today I’m going to be using paracord
instead of the usual embroidery floss to demonstrate these knots– just so you can easily see what I’m
doing. We’ll start with four strands of paracord, one of each color, tied at the top in
an overhand knot. It’s easier to work if you tape the
whole thing down onto your workspace. Now let’s learn our first knot: the Right
Knot. Also known as the Forward Knot. Separate out your four strands and pick
up the first two on the left side: the red in your left
hand and the pink in your right. Cross the red over the pink in the shape
of a number four. Wrap it around the back and up through
the loop that’s formed. Now holding the pink taut, pull the knot tight
with the red cord on top. Do the same not again. You always want to
do each knot twice so your project stays
nice and flat and doesn’t twist. Move the pink strand out of the way and
pick up the white strand with your right hand. Make that same number four shape by
bringing the red cord over the white and pull the knot up. Do
this two times to finish your knot. Move the white cord over to the side with
the pink and make the same two knots with the red
and green cords. Now you’ve completed your first row of red
knots. Let’s look at how our strands are laying. Now
the pink strand is all the way to the left followed by the white and green with the
red cord we just worked with all the way on the right. On our next row
we’ll work the same series of knots with the pink cord until it’s all the way to the right and
so on. Here’s an easy way to remember: it’s a Forward not and you make a four
shape! This is what our finished bracelet looks like:
you can see that the rows of color slant down to the right. And each
row is a different color, in the order of how we made or knots. The next knot is the Left Knot also known
as the Backwards Knot. It has worked from the right to the left exactly opposite of the Right Knot. Separate
your strands just like you did before, this time pick up the green in your
right hand and the white next to it, in your left. Bring the green cord over the white in a
backwards number four shape. Wrap it around the back of the white
cord, and pull it up through the loop backwards number four equals a Backwards
Knot! So make the same knot again and remember
that each knot is made twice. Now move on to
the green and pink then the green and red, until you’ve
moved the green cord all the way across the row, and it’s on the left side. Here’s our finished Left Knot bracelet!
See how the rows on this bracelet slant to the left, just the opposite of our
first bracelet. Now we’ll combine these two knots into
the same bracelet and make a chevron pattern. This time you’ll use eight strands of
cord, two of each color. You’ll arrange them like this: red, pink,
white and green. And starting here in the middle, the other
half of the cords mirror this side exactly. Starting from the left side, make Right
Knots with the red cord, until it’s in the center of the
bracelet. Then start from the right side and make Left Knots with the other red
cord until it’s in the center next to the first red cord. Now, make two Rght Knots with the red
cords in the center to finish the row and to make the point your chevron.
Continue the same way with the next color, which is pink. Make three Right Knots, three Left Knots and then knot both of the pink cords
together in the center, using to Right Knots. Here’s what a
finished chevron bracelet looks like! The rows form a chevron pattern. For this bracelet, tie four strands, one of each color, in an Overhand Knot. You might find it
easier to hold this bracelet in your hand as you go instead of taping it down. Pick one color, we’ll start with red. Make the number four
shape or the Right Knot, but this time instead
of knotting it with one other strand, we’ll make the knot go around all the
other strands at once. By doing this over and over, a ridge
starts to form that spirals down around the bracelet. Keep making your knots with the red
color for as far down as you want to go, then drop that red strand back down
with the other strands. Pick up a new color strand and continue
to make your knots with that color. Keep switching colors to make your widths
as wide or as thin as you want them. Continue these same steps all the way down
the length of your bracelet. This is what our finished Spiral Knot
looks like! See how the ridge spirals all the way
down the bracelet? What a great effect! Now that you know these basic knots you
can use them in different combinations to make all kinds of beautiful friendship
bracelets! You could make chunky bracelets using paracord, or try using embroidery floss for a
more intricate, detailed look. The possibilities are endless! Thanks for
watching today everyone, keep practicing those knots and you’ll
be a pro before you know it, bye!


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