Funny Puppy Bailey Protects Bone! Funny Golden Retriever Dog

Funny Puppy Bailey Protects Bone! Funny Golden Retriever Dog

golden retriever protects his bone


  1. Even when he’s growling and showing teeth, he’s still adorable and lovable. I don’t think he’d harm your little finger.

  2. haaa don't do that he will bite you… i also try this with my dog also… but he is trying to bite me…. stop teasing him/her

  3. oh…do not do that lol…You can teach the puppy that is ok for you to approach and remove food. Start by trading it with another tasty food. This growling behaviour over foos is not cute at all, when the animal grows up it will literally bite back…

  4. Gohan husky is much polite and soft in character than Balley pls teach ur dogo some respect orelse it could turn very rude .

  5. your dog reminds me of my doy rocky he is now with god…if I meet god ever i will tell him he did a great mistake and that is dog life should have been 100+ because my dog rocky is not just a dog but a family member which made me smile in times of stresses…god bless bailey👍

  6. Food aggression isn't cute and can lead to further aggression. You want to start correcting that behavior rather than making it worse by teasing him.

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