Finally I have time to tend to these
talents of mine! hey come on am I going crazy I’ll get back to my pedicure thank you
very much all right that’s it I’m going to the nail salon! hmm I wonder what I should do this
afternoon it never hurts to disinfect I’ll just wipe off my hands before I go
get some lunch huh nothing like pulling out the very first wipe I wonder how
many germs these things really kill? all right that ought to do it
what else could use a little cleaning around here I can’t remember the last
time I liked this table down there it go man I feel so productive this thing is
still pretty moist Oh Vicky’s wheels are in turning um Vicky all that cleaning has
used smelling a little ripe well that’s one way to handle it mmm dust be gone may
as well give the old phone to wipe down well it looks like we’re just cleaning
the whole house now aren’t you Vicky ooh those remotes are full of germs and
speaking of germs you could never clean your toilet enough times much better Oh
door handles most people forget to clean those bad boys
um Vicky are you cleaning the neighborhood park geez I don’t think
horses like that has anyone ever heard of a car wash
look at this thing shine bright my friend shine bright
all right Vicky I think you’re starting to lose control here yeah she’s
definitely lost it finally the madness is over
man get ahold of yourself girl Hailey let me clean your phone off real quick you
know I’m talking on the phone right okay was that really necessary oh hey heli
huh did I just hear my name heli over here I knew I should have worn
my contacts today who the heck is that all I see is some big jumping thing
hello heli it’s me hello ah yeah I’m just gonna walk over here now
heli what is it my breath ha ha I know right that was a powerful sneeze it
looks like we’re gonna little snot came out of heli with that sneeze
here take my sweatshirt looks like white pants was a crappy idea wrong choice of words yeah it’s time to
get what can I cross off my to-do list laundry done grocery shopping
oh my god where did I put that bug spray yes here it is
all right spider your days are numbered mister know where to go spy eater guess
I won’t be sleeping for a few days all right I’m off to the hotel down the
street I’m not looking for any eight-legged roommates today
well I better pet clothes for a few days I don’t know how long I’ll be gone two
three days I wonder how long it’ll take for that hideous thing to die well it
looks like Olivia can’t get out of her place fast enough good thing spiders
don’t rent to you fast huh I feel like it’s on me is it on me okay I don’t know
time to wait for the gate to open I’m hopping over don’t worry neighbor is
just running away from a flesh-eating bug nothing to see here
taxi there isn’t anything better than a fresh set of nails right Vickie very
chic okay they’re finally dry and good to go but if you’ve ever had long nails
like these doing simple tasks get a little more complicated doing something
as simple as putting on some lotion becomes well kind of gross see what I
mean how am I supposed to get this stuff out from under there I could scrape it
out but now I have too much five six hey what
cool dang get over here I can’t pick any of these Queens up with these things
geez how do all these girls do this I’ll be down here forever at this rate all I
want is that stupid coffee guess this so it will do on bad days like these
nothing feels better than stuffing your face full of fries and a big juicy
burger oh man that felt good okay time to get back to reality oh I
definitely ate too much I feel like I’m gonna burst no one will notice if I open
a few of these buttons right whoo so much better man I got to go lie down
stuffing your face may have seemed like a good idea but now your jeans won’t fit
shoot I have to get to class in ten minutes but I can’t give these darn
things over my hips oh come on all right that’s it I’m not eating fries
ever again well not this week anyway happy birthday
Olivia it smells amazing Oh too bad sugars taking a backseat these days
bring on the mixed greens baby happy birthday to me
mmm it tastes just like chocolate if chocolate tastes like dry bitter
arugula this is the worst birthday ever how’s that cake tasting girls please
tell me it’s awful look no one said eating healthy was easy whoa how old is
that pear when did I even buy this you since what Oh pears supposed to smell
like our pits 26 twenty-seven Oh working out sucks is
that it donut am I so deprived him having food mirages now finish your
situps Olivia tasty treats are at stake ever try to make breakfast early in the
morning without waking up your roommate one small move seems as loud as a
marching band I need phew that was a close one even let that thing out anyway Oh
Vickie is totally gonna kill me if I wake her up on her day off come on okay finally whoa someone is
really pissed off


  1. Laughter makes a heart merry Like medicine Jesus said and that in his presence is the fullness of joy. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God ❤️📖🙂

  2. The nasty thing is that she use wipes to clean everything and her armpit .🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  3. Hey 123 GO!! You look so awesome😍 you are the best YouTuber and your are funny amazing and fantastic 💖😘 I will not miss a single video from you😊 I love you 123 GO❤️❤️😘😘😍😍

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  5. Vicky when you cleaned the toilet then you went to the door people touch the door so your giving germs away instead of cleaning

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