1. Minimalistic design, aluminium top panel, USB pass through, and a price of just rm429 my. these are some awesome feature Logitech!!! you really listened to us

  2. Designer: So how do you want your commercial?
    Logitech: Make the keyboard fly through space while on fire! And remember to add lots of explosions, a volcano would do! plz

  3. I bought it a few days ago, together with G Pro mouse. Keyboard – it's fantastic for this money. Very decent look and lights (I don't like disco at night). Unfortunately mouse do not fit for my hand, I'm wondering about returning, but keyboard is great. I also like how Romer G is quite silent to compare with Cherry clicking.

  4. This is fucking epic. nice work logitech. I LIKE YOU <3. Gonna buy this at friday when it comes to a local store. Amazing keyboard with tank build. I love you. Love the Romer G.Clicky switches wasnt for me so i like romer G. Tactile and silent = loving it. Thank you logitech G 🙂

  5. I LOVE THIS KEYBOARD! but I also hate the fact that it isn't easily available in some parts of the world.
    For example- I live in India and I've been searching all over for the G413 silver SPECIFICALLY. Both local and online sellers only seem to have the carbon version, which is a good mechanical keyboard too, but I was more interested in the silver variant because I'm more of a fan of the white lighting.
    Dammit Logitech, India has one of the largest markets in the world and one of the fastest growing tech hubs in Asia. What does an Indian customer have to do to get a decent G413 silver mechanical keyboard??

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