Gaggia Platinum Machine Comparison

Hello, welcome back to Whole Latte Love. I’m
Mike Rosso and today I’ve got another video that’s going to compare some machines for
you. People will say “I see your platinum series, you’ve got the Gaggia Vogue, the Gaggia
Platinum Swing Up, and the Gaggia Vision,” they all look the same or very similar, well,
what are the differences? Well, in this video I’m going to go over the similarities and
the differences of these machines. Alright, let’s begin with the similarities
of the machines. First of all, they’ve all got cup warmers on the top that measure 8
by 5 inches. They’ve got an 8.8 ounce bean hopper for the grinder. They also have the
same lid with the rubber gasket to seal tight. They’ve got ABS plastic housing with stainless
steel. As with all super-automatics the grinders are internal. The Platinum series have ceramic
burrs. You’ve got three grind settings and when you go to use the coffee dose you can
adjust it from 7to 10 ½ grams of coffee. These machines all of have a stainless steel
steam-wand with a Pannarello adapter. They have a stainless steel drip tray cover and
a plastic drip tray. A nice feature about these machines is that they all sit on a lazy
Susan which allows you easy access for removing your 57 ounce water reservoir, or you turn
it the other way you can remove your dredge drawer and your internal drip tray and your
brew-group. And again with the lazy Susan, if you got a little tight counter space above
you just can turn things side to side. Pretty easy to fill. All three of the machines weigh 21 pounds,
and they measure 14 x 6 x 12.5 x 16.3. Internally, they all use the same 15 bar pump and brew
at about 8 to 9 bars of pressure. And they’ve all got a 1500 Watt stainless steel lined
aluminum thermal block boiler. One additional feature to all of these machines is the Gaggia
Milk Island. This works with all three of these machines, you attach it on the bottom
and you put your milk in here and will automatically froth your milk for you. When you’re done,
you remove it and you pour it into your cup. Let’s talk about the differences of these
machines now. As I said before, they all have a cup warmer on top. The difference is going
to be that the Vogue has a passive cup warmer, which means it’s heated off the boiler. The
Swing Up and the Vision have active cup warmers and you can turn them on or off. Another feature
you won’t find in the Vogue is a bypass doser. The Swing Up and the Vision both have a bypass
doser, which allows you the option of using pre-ground coffee. Another difference you’ll notice between these
machines is the displays. On the Vogue there’s no display other than what you see with the
icons. The Swing Up and the Vision have LCD and a touch screen. Now with the Vogue you
have no temperature control, it’s preset at the factory. With the Swing Up and the Platinum
Vision you have programmability. The cup volume of these machines is controlled
differently. With the Vogue you control it manually. With the Platinum Swing Up and the
Vision there is three different cup volumes. The Vogue’s drip tray manually is adjusted,
while the Platinum Swing up and the Platinum Vision have motorized drip trays. Now you’ll
also see there’s some color differences between there machines. The Vogue is black stainless
steel and graphite color. The Swing Up and the Vision come in stainless steel and champagne. Well that concludes my comparison video of
the Gaggia Platinum Vogue, Platinum Swing Up, and Platinum Vision. If you have any more
questions about these machines or any of our machines please feel free to call us at 1-888-411-5282,
option 1. My name is Mike Rosso, thank you for watching us here at Whole Latte Love�

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