Gay Men Decide Who’s the Gayest | Lineup | Cut

Gay Men Decide Who’s the Gayest | Lineup | Cut

– You gave me a nine
and you gave me a one. – Oh! (laughing) – He like watches sports for fun. That’s not gay. (inquisitive music) – [Interviewer] On a scale of one to ten, how gay are you? – Uh, 100. And I’m a drag queen, so. (laughs) That’s just it. – I would say like a seven. I feel like other people would say higher, but I don’t think I’m that gay. – [Interviewer] Today, you are going to rank a group of gay men on how gay they are. – Oh shit! (laughs) – [Interviewer] What makes on person more gay than the other? – I mean there’s all
sorts of different things. There’s like a whole
language we’ve developed to communicate with each other where we’re using signals. Clothing, articles of accessories, all sorts of ways. – [Interviewer] Let’s
bring our first person out. – Bring out the homos! – Oh shit! 10, 11. I think just got gayer. – We’re just gonna say
10 right off the bat. There are plenty of visual indicators. The shorts being number one. Number two, I think there’s flawless
makeup going on here. – Thank you.
– [Tom] So yeah, exactly. – Face dead, hair dead, everything dead. 10. – A 10. He’s not really my type. – (laughs) What is your type, Curtis? – Like a big daddy. – (scoffs) Bye. – Bye. That was sassy. – Hi. – Hello. – How’s it going? – Nice to meet you. Cameron.
– You too. I’m gonna go with like three. – Oh god. – Two. – (laughs) – A one. Honestly if I was to walk down the street and see you, I’d be like “maybe, maybe not”. – Have you been to an
anime convention before? – I have. – Okay.
– I went to the one here, and then I just moved here from Texas. – Oh, Texas. (exhales) Okay. I came up in Alaska, and so like many of us dabbled with the ladies first, maybe dressed like this, but you’ve moved to the city now, and the city’s gonna
start to influence him, but right now there’s a
lot of country in this boy, so he’s a six. – Immediately, I’m gonna go like kind of in the middle. The fingernails are painted, but like the shoes are a little dirty. – (laughs) Oh. (chuckles) – I’m gonna give you an eight. – Okay. – This is a very athletic outfit. Someone’s very flexible, I’m guessing. – (laughs) Do you want me to lift a leg?
– Uh wow. That leg wanted to go behind his head, so.
– No (laughs). – (clicks tongue) Eight. – Let’s see. I’ll look here. – Can you twirl for the camera? Because this is some booty. – (laughter backstage)
Yeah. Yeah. Are you a top or a bottom?
– Do you wanna touch it? – Oh yeah, I mean Jesus. (giggles) That is muscle. Yeah I’m gonna put him at an eight. That butt is ready for it. – If you were in the gym, you’d be wearing booty shorts for sure. – It’s true.
– Yeah for sure. I can see it. I’m gonna say you’re like a solid nine. Yeah, and you’re like
giggly and like I know. You’re a gay guy. – (laughs)
– Yeah. – You are very masculine. – You blend pretty well. – Blend with who? – (whispering) Straight people. I’m gonna go with five. – A two. – One. You just look like every other like older straight man gentleman. – I spent most of my life pretending. – Okay.
– And hiding who I was. – How long have you
been out of the closet? – Seven years. – Do you have any kids? – Yes I do. – That must have been hard. Dealing with all that. – Yes. – I can’t imagine. Thank you. – I would say he does
not look super gay to me. I would guess pretty low. Maybe like a two. – Can we do like a talking test? – [Interviewer] Yes. – The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog. – The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog. – There’s a little like, inflection. Seven. – Have you ever done drag? – No I haven’t. – Okay.
– But I wish I would. – What did you study? – I studied public health. – A lot of focus on HIV/AIDS
activism potentially? – That’s one of them. – So this is pretty gay but not like neon short shorts gay. – Oh.
– This is different gay. This is activist gay. This is awesome. I’m gonna give you an eight, and I think you can graduate to a 10 if you, ya know, maybe try
that drag out next time. – Yeah. I gotta study a little more. – Right? (clicking tongue) – Are you gay? – Yeah. (laughs)
– I’m so confused. – Yeah. – Like I would not know, okay. Right off the bat, I would give you probably like a one. – Nine. To the naked, un-queer eye, they’d be like “oh it’s like this casual
kind of sloppy look”, but there’s a lot of cute detail into it. – First of all, your style gives me very dancer. I don’t know if you’ve
ever danced before but- – (snapping)
– (laughing) You’re definitely a ten. – I’m feeling this blouse. – Thank you.
– Hello. Is it vintage? – Yeah it’s vintage.
– Okay, yeah. This is real gay. – What do you like to do for fun? – I do drag for fun. – 10. – [Interviewer] Because? – Drag. (laughs) – (giggles) Yeah. – You’re really giggly and like (mock giggles) tee hee. Which is like pretty gay to me. – (laughs) – Like that, did you see? – You’ve got like the
whole package, I think. Cute style, cute little twinky hair going, sparkly eyeballs. I’m gonna go with 10 on this one. – 10. – 10. Yeah, this is as gay as it comes. – [Interviewer] You guys, I’m sorry, introduce yourselves. – Hey, I’m Tom. – I’m Dominic. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – [Interviewer] Now we’re
gonna bring people out and we’re gonna talk about the numbers that you gave them. – Oh okay. – Hey.
– Hi Ray! – [Interviewer] Do you
remember what they gave you? – Tens. I have a mirror at home, I believe that’s accurate. – Yeah you’re proud of like who you are.
– (mumbles) – Yeah, obviously no shame. – Was there ever a time where you- – Yeah of course. I mean, I grew up super
conservative Christian, so I would never have
believed that I would be standing here like this. – Hi!
– Hello. – I got a one from you, and I got a six from this side. – (laughs)
– Girl! – Are you out? – About two weeks ago, I accidentally posted on Facebook our relationship stuff, and I’m visiting my family this weekend. – Are people staying
calm? Do you feel safe? Or do you feel like you’re going into like a shit storm? – 50/50. – 50/50. Do you feel like their opinion of you drives the way you dress and act and present yourself?
– Yes. That’s the biggest thing, like why you see me like this. I had some outfits laid out on my bed, and then I was like “I can’t wear this.” (laughs) – (mumbles)
– I was like “I can’t let my mother
think of me this way”. – (mumbling)
– In the middle. – Been there before. (laughter) – [Interviewer] Rate
your own self right now. – I would probably give
myself like an eight plus. – Can you tongue pop? (clicks tongue) – Not bad.
– Close. That was all right. It was okay.
– Yeah, yeah. – Here’s the daddy. – Oh. (clicks tongue) I gave you a seven.
– And nine. – Okay. You love it. Are you not? – I think I’m a five. – You think you’re a five? – Yeah. I like to go in between. There are times where
I like to be masculine, times I like to be feminine. – I mean what’s weird is like when I tell people what my type is, they don’t believe me, but like- – What is your type? – Like- (laughter from backstage) Like a big black beefcake daddy. (laughter) Ooh! – You gave me a five.
– I gave you a five. – And he gave me a one. – (gasps)
– (laughs) – And I feel I’m much closer to the one. – Oh.
– Much closer to the one – (gasps) That’s hot.
– than I would never be to the five. – Why do you feel more
comfortable as a one? – I’ve spent 50 sum’ years playing a role, and I feel very comfortable in that role. – Are you a one in private, or just-
– Definitely not. – I’d go with an eight or nine. – Ooh.
– Yeah. So you gave me a one, do you date ones? Especially older ones? – Oh my god, are you flirting with me? – No, not at all.
– (laughs) He was definitely flirting with you. – Yeah yikes. – I was a three when I first came in, and I was like “Oh okay. That’s a little low.” Yeah. – What do you think you are? – Probably like a nine. – Oh really?
– Yeah. I think it changed when I started watching Drag Race.
– Yeah. – Like I avoided watching Drag Race for the longest time. I was like “this is so gay”.
– (laughs) – And then I was like “oh wait, this is
internalized homophobia”. And then I started watching it, and I’m like I’d rather just be more gay. – So much fun. – It’s so much more fun.
– (laughs) – It’s so much more fun. – You gave me a nine,
and you gave me a one. – Oh!
– (laughs) (mumbles) as a nine? – Girl. – What? – That’s SuperSonics. – I know but it’s like a fun nod to sports not like he actually follows- I mean you may actually follows sports. – I do.
– He does. He like watches sports for fun. That’s not gay. – I don’t think there should be a spectrum of being gay. – I think you’re right, and I think outside of
the sake of this exercise we’re all just fucking gay people. – I don’t think there’s
anything gayer than like a dude liking dick. (laughs)
– Right. That’s just super gay. The blouse is back. – Welcome back.
– Hello. – How did you feel
about what we rated you? – I feel like it was accurate. I would rate myself like a 10, so. – If you could rate us, how would that go? – Tens, tens, tens across the board. (laughs) – [Interviewer] You guys, how was that? – It was more fun when
there were two of us. – Yes. I felt more comfortable.
– And we could relate a little more. – I think I was surprised that someone would self identify as a one. I think I take so much pride in being open about everything, and I forget that that’s a privilege. So it’s a reminder that not everybody has had that right or that privilege along the way. – Exactly. Agreed. – [Interviewer] Okay. Thank you. (clapping) – That one was fun. (chuckles)


  1. I am bi but my mom knows and so does my sister and a lot of people on my moms side of the family it’s just I do not know at all how to tell my dad he says that lgbtq is not his religion so I am waiting til I am older to tell my dad because I’m only 13 and I feel like he just would not understand me at this age but when I told my mom she said she already knew because of the way I act but I know my dad does not know but it is just killing me that I have to keep this from my dad because Im so close to him and I feel like I would be a disappointment to him

  2. I found this so stupid though it's like putting a bunch off lesbains in a room and saying who's more lesbain. Or same w straight people. Like what??? Yall like dick your all just as gay as each other….

  3. This is so stupid, are we really reducing homosexuality down to how a person acts and dresses?? This is the kind of shit that really makes me feel disconnected from the gay community, it's so off-putting.

  4. They should have thrown a massive curveball in there. Like grab one of those 6'3" ex special forces, kind of like, long thick beard, corded muscled forearms, etc, scars, works as a blacksmith after getting out of the military, and is really into 3 gun…. and is also gay.

  5. This was cringy as fuck. A parade of useless stereotypes, for real. And judging how proud people are based on how flamboyant they choose to be.

    RIDICULOUS, for real.

  6. Gay is cool but those guys are creepy af. They might be gay but they look like women pretending to be men. Gay doesn’t mean to look like a cheap slut

  7. can you ask gay why they either identify as "whimpy boy" or "angry PAPA"? For me it seems like something must´ve happened in their early years.

  8. My photos say this boy is a cute shy sweet level 10 gay. Then when people meet me, they don't want to approach me because apparently I look evil and scary lol

  9. Does this not sit well with anybody else? It suggests that to be gay is to fit into a defined culture when realistically it just means you’re a homosexual. This is the issue I have with Pride. Perpetuating expectations of what a gay person is only others homosexuals and makes it difficult for people to be themselves without being seen as “too gay” or “not gay enough.” Please don’t perpetuate stereotypes, Cut.

  10. It would be hard to determine even for the control group. Age, and personal tastes would definitely tinge their answers. The older gentleman, I had such heart for. I cannot imagine a lifetime of hiding yourself. I am so proud of him for coming out. My child came out at an early age, and I watched them struggle for years with inner turmoil. At 19, I think that they're coming into a comfort zone with themself. A place where there is self love, and acceptance.
    As for the younger man walking into his family, and having a mental and emotional ride that tide this coming family function; stay strong, much love.

  11. i just went to my gay cousins wedding last weekend, and he and his husband have SO many gay friends. they’re all so kind and cute!! i’m a straight woman but i’ve never felt so much in my own element??!! fuck i love gay men they’re so great.

  12. I have a genuine question but no homosexual friends to ask this,why a lot of gay men are very feminine and a lot of lesbian women are very tomboyish, often with a pixie? Seriously I wanna know.

  13. The fact "gayness" is associated with femininity is a pretty annoying and damaging stereotype tbh. Especially when it technically doesn't fit the definition of what homosexuality is.
    I wonder when the LGBT movement became so concerned with conforming to what straight people think gay people should be.

  14. The guys who were judging besides the bearded guy are the same ones who complain about others having no fats, blacks, or femmes on grindr but judge everyone else.

  15. My heart breaks for men who feel limited in their self expression by their environment. I’m glad all the men in this video have come out and I hope they continue to flourish and inspire others to come out and be their most authentic selves.

  16. I am an ex gay man and I dont support them.I was "gay" for 3 years and now I am proudly straight.If they really become straight they can

  17. 80% of gay men are more masculine than straight men. We hide amongst our straight friends and watch them naked in showers and the locker-room. 😅

  18. The last comment is true, it should not be a label of gayness, some gay men are more comfortable been more conservative, others more out there, at the end is what it make us ourselves different…

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