Gemstone Leather Friendship Bracelet

To make this bracelet you’ll need wire.
We have two kinds of wire here. They’re both kind of a gold look, but one of
them is thicker. It’s 22 gauge and the other one’s a little bit thinner. It’s 26
gauge. We have a nice big gemstone. This is a faceted gemstone. It’s beautiful and
the important thing about picking your stone is to make sure that your bigger
wire which is the 22 gauge fits through this stone. If it doesn’t you could
either find a different stone or you could go up to 24 gauge on your wire. We
also have a clasp here. This is a two-part clasp. It’s got a little loop on
one side and then this hook. And it’s in gold to match our wire. And then we’ve
got some leather cording. The leather cording is kind of a dark brown. And for
tools we need round nose pliers and wire cutters. To get started we’re going to cut a
piece of wire and this is the 22 gauge wire the thicker wire and we want to
piece about four or five inches long I’m just eyeballing that and what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna make a little loops on the side of the gemstone so we
can attach the leather to it so to do that we want to start by making a
wrapped loop in one end this is not as hard as it sounds I’m going to take the
round nose pliers and I’m just leaving about an inch and a half of the wire
here I’m gonna bend a ninety degree turn in the wire I’m gonna reposition my
pliers to the top of that bend and where I make this next move determines how big
the loop is going to be because I’m gonna wrap this wire around the top of
the pliers here if I wrap down here at the end I’ll have a very small loop but
the leathers a little bit big so I’m gonna move to the bigger part of the
wires to make the loop a little bit bigger so what I’m going to do is I’m
going to bend the wire almost all the way around that jaw and then I’m going
to slide the players out and put the bottom jaw in there so I can continue to
wrap that around so you can see that that’s size of that loop is the size of
the part of the pliers that I twisted it on now I’m going to hold that loop
crossways with the round nose pliers and I’m going to take the short tail and I’m
just going to wrap it around the neck here two times so that’s one and two and
now we’re going to trim it and you might think that it’s a waste to trim this
much wire off but it’s really hard to make those wraps if you don’t have this
long tail so you need to use that long tail and don’t worry about losing that
little extra piece of wire this is an expensive wire so I’m just trimming
close to the project there and then I’m going to straighten that out a little
bit so there’s my loop with my two wraps and now I can feed on the gemstone
and I tested the wire before to make sure we go through the gemstone if yours
doesn’t you can get 24 gauge wire instead so we have a wrapped loop on one
side already and we’re going to match that on this side to do that I’m going
to take the reminisce pliers again and I’m going to pinch just a tiny bit above
the end of the gemstone so I’ve got this gemstone pushed tightly up against this
end and I’m going to repeat what I did before I’m going to make a 90 degree
turn I’m gonna reposition the pliers I’m gonna try to guess and get at the same
size I did for this other loop which I think was about here I bent this wire
all the way around almost and then just slide the pliers out and put the bottom
jaw in there so I can continue to slide that loop around so now I’ve got a
complete loop there I’m gonna hold the loop crossways and I make two wraps just
like we did before one and two and I’m going to trim just like we did before
with the wire cutters and I can save this piece of wire for another project
if I want but let me tell you it was not expensive wire so we’ve got our loops on
either side and with their little wraps and then I’m just going to use the
pliers to kind of make those even if your tail that you just trimmed is
sticking up a little bit you can use the pliers to mash that down and that’s how
we’ll make the gemstone stay on the bracelet now that we have our gemstone ready and
it has these little connectors on it we need to attach the leather cording and
what we’re going to do is cut a piece of leather cording 2 times the length of a
bracelet so I’m going to go around my wrist one time and around again two
times like that that would be plenty of this leather cording and I’m just going
to use the wire cutters to cut that and now what we’re going to do is cut this
in half because the way this bracelet is constructed we have a piece on one side
and a piece on the other and if I fold it in half and cut it here I will have
two pieces that are both long and don’t worry about this bends in this it’ll
stretch out as we work with it so now I’ve got one of the pieces of leather
cording here and move that all the way and I’m going to feed it through the
loop we made in the gemstone here and align the ends up here and pull it line
that up a little better and then pull it that’s gonna be one side so now we want
to secure this leather next to the gemstone using some of this thinner wire
this is the 26 gauge wire it’s thinner and then I cut a piece about four or
five inches and what we want to do is wrap it around the leather here next to
the gemstone and to do that I’m going to grab the tail of the wire there just to
hold it and I’m gonna start wrapping I’m going to start wrapping out a little bit
far away from the gem so that as I make the wraps and they come closer to the
gem they still leave some of the leather showing so I’m gonna go around the two
pieces of leather there the first loop you make or first wrap you make is the
hardest one to get going but now I’ve got that on there and I’m going to do
five reps and I just want to make the wraps as close together as I can kind of
push them together I’m just wrapping it with my fingers pretty easy
five and that’s going to secure that leather
up there next to the gemstone I’m going to cut the tail of the wire with a
little extra here so I can tuck it in between these leather pieces so it
doesn’t stick out and hurt us and so I’m just tucking it in there and I can just
use my pliers here to push that wire down closer to the wraps that’s tucked
in there nicely and I pushed my wraps together to a little bit and then I’m
going to cut the other one I do the same with this side I’m going to pull that
wire out I’m gonna cut it with a little piece of tail there and then I think
I’ll put this tail on this side the sides easier because I can just open the
leather up and tuck it in between like that so this is our gem stone with the
leather on one side and now we’re just going to repeat to do the same thing on
the other side with the other piece that we cut so just like I did before I
pulled the leather through the loop on the gemstone made it so it was even and
then when I cut a piece of the 26 gauge wire four or five inches long and I’m
gonna wrap it around the leather so I’m gonna grab about an inch of it there I
want to line it up so when I make these wraps they’re about the same distance
that the other side are from these reps are from the gemstone so I’m just gonna
pay attention to where I begin wrapping so I think that looks about right and
there’s one wrap that gemstone out of the way
pull it kind of tight there’s my second wrap wrap that around and we did five
wraps let’s go and do the same on both sides
and those look about even that’s good and then just like we did before I’m
gonna scrunch this together the wire is pretty soft so you can just kind of bend
it together and then I’m gonna cut it with a little tail there
so that I can tuck that tail in you could also cut it flush and if it isn’t
poking you that’s fine and if you cut it flush enough it won’t poke but this is
just an extra trick so that you won’t have any poking pieces and I do the same
on this side actually I’ll just show you on this side if you wanted to just cut
it flesh and not tuck it I would suggest cutting it close to the center of the
two leather pieces so that you can just push it down a little bit and that might
be easier so now we’ve got our two sides secured like that looking beautiful and
then all we need to do now is put on the clasp now that we have our band on the
gemstone we’re ready to put on the clasp and what we want to do is measure how
big we want the bracelet when we initially cut the leather we just
guessed that it was going to be about two times we would need leather about
two times the length of a bracelet but now I want to be more precise and what
I’ve done is I’ve picked out a bracelet from our collection and this is a link
that we like so I’m going to put the clasps on the leather at the same
location so here’s our clasp and what we want to do is take the two ends now of
the leather and feed them both through the clasp the clasp has a loop on the
end here I’m going to feed both pieces through there when you pick out a clasp
you’ll want to pick out a clasp that you can feed both pieces of leather through
so there’s both pieces of leather and if I Center this like the bracelet above it
I can see that I want this clasp to be about here and I want to make sure I
have enough room on this side to make this long enough I think what I’m going
to do is pull it out a little bit like that
I’m gonna put the clasp here and the loop here so I’m going to fold the
leather back on itself at that location I’m pinching it together so I have the
right length and now we’re gonna secure it the same way we did before we’re
gonna cut a piece of wire I should have cut the wire before because now I have
one hand to do it but I can do it we’ve cut a piece about four inches like we
did before and we’re gonna wrap it like we did before I’m gonna hold it with one
hand that’s holding the leather and I’m gonna wrap it just like we did before
and we’re gonna do this pretty tight because this is actually going to secure
the clasp this other set of wraps that we did that just held the leather
together but it’s not holding the bracelet together these wraps are
actually going to hold the bracelet together so I’m going to do five and
then let me see if I think that feels secure enough
and yeah that feels pretty good so now we’re going to cut it just like we did
before I’m going to trim the wire here close where I can tuck that little end
in between the leather and it would trim the same on the other side there and
then I can use those round nose pliers that we used before for the wrapped
loops to just tuck that little end in between the leather the leather bands
there and then you can trim this leather a little shorter if you want I think it
would be nice kind of closer to the wraps so I’m going to go up a little bit
closer reps but not all the way to the wrap and just cut those ends a little
bit so that’s how one side is done with the clasp and then to do the other side
I’m going to take the other end of the clasp which has been hanging around on
there this whole time it’s a little loop at this point is there’s the little loop
and I’m gonna put the little loop on the other end just the same way so I’m gonna
measure again here’s our clasp next to clasp bracelet next to bracelet lining
it up going out to the end here this is where we want our loop so it matches the
length of this bracelet here so I’m just gonna hold that with my fingers and feed
both ends through this loop and again you’ll want to make sure that both sides
of your clasp you can feed these two pieces of leather through at the same
time so there’s my leather through the end of the clasp and I’m just going to
fold that back on itself like I did before and again I forgot to cut the
wire but that’s okay I grab the wire and cut another piece about four inches long
there’s the end and you can see I’m cutting the wire a little extra long
longer than it needs to be it’s so much easier to work with wire and wrap it
when you have longer tails so don’t worry about it being
too long or that you’re cutting too much off and now I’m gonna stick the wire
like we did before pinch it with the leather and do my rat’s I’m doing five
wraps again nice and tight pull the first one back tight there and moosh
them together and then trim like we did before close to the project but don’t
cut your project I’m going to tuck that little wire in and if you want to make
it so the wires really tucked in you can do it the way I did on the side of the
gemstone where I cut a little longer tail and tucked it in using the pliers
you remember when I did that I just tucked that in like that and now I want
to trim the leather and here like we did the other side and there’s that side and
get rid of all our little extra wires or other bracelet so I can show you how
this looks we have our two pieces of what leather coming off the gemstone and
we’ve got this nice little wrap here and here to hold it and then we can clasp by
putting that hoop loop hook through the ring isn’t that pretty you

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