German Shepherd Vs Golden Retriever Which is Better? Dog vs Dog

German Shepherd Vs Golden Retriever Which is Better? Dog vs Dog

The German Shepherd Dog and the Golden Retriever
two dogs that are not easy to confuse with one another, They are very distinct and well-known
dog breeds. But, which would make the better pet? Let’s jump in. This choice is not going to be easy? You’re Watching Animal Facts! I won’t spend a lot of time on the histories,
because, well, they are completely unrelated and I’ve done complete videos on both dogs. I’ll link to those videos in the description. But, their histories are not unrelated to
how these dogs perform as family pets, so I’ll share a brief history of each breed. Let’s start with the Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever was originally bred in
Scotland in the mid-19th century. Wildfowl hunting was a popular sport for the
wealthy Scottish elite, but the existing retriever breeds were inadequate for retrieving downed
game from both water and land. Retrieving from both land and water was necessary
because the hunting grounds of the time were pocketed with marshy ponds and rivers. Consequently, the best water spaniels were
crossed with existing retrievers, resulting in the establishment of the breed today known
as the Golden Retriever. In the 1800s northwest Europe (Belgium, Germany,
Netherlands) the most common dog used to herd sheep and protect the homes was the so-called
“continental shepherd dog”. These dogs all looked very similar at that
time, and it was around 1890 that the three breeds (Belgian Shepherd, German Shepherd
and Dutch Shepherd) went their separate ways. During the 1850s, attempts were being made
to standardize dog breeds. Dogs were being bred to preserve traits that
assisted in their job of herding sheep and protecting their flocks from predators. In Germany this was practiced within local
communities, where shepherds selected and bred dogs. It was recognized that the breed had the necessary
skills for herding sheep, such as intelligence, speed, strength and keen senses of smell. The results were dogs that were able to do
such things, but that differed significantly, both in appearance and ability, from one locality
to another. The modern German Shepherd Dog descends from
the work of ex-cavalryman and former veterinary student, Max von Stephanitz, who believed
that dogs in the more industrialized Germany should be bred as working dogs. He recognized the attributes of Germany’s
herding dogs, but was unable to find a breed that checked all the boxes for a working dog. With a dog he found at a dog show, he created
the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde or Society for the German Shepherd Dog. As we can see, both breeds were bred to work
closely with human companions, but to perform different tasks. But, both breeds have found roles in the more
modernized world, the Golden Retriever as a service dog, helping the blind and others
with disabilities and the German Shepherd Dog taking up a role in police and military
work, after mostly being replaced in Service Dog work by Golden and Labrador Retrievers. You can check out our playlist about Service
Dogs in the card. There is little chance you will ever confuse
these dogs with one another. Their both very distinctly different dogs. The Golden Retriever, as its name implies
is Golden in Color from light gold to dark gold. A symmetrical, powerful, active dog, sound
and well put together, not clumsy nor long in the leg, and displaying a kindly expression. The Golden Retriever has a dense coat that
is water repellent with a thick undercoat and sheds all year round. It’s fur is long and either straight or
wavy. There should be moderate feathering on the
forelegs and underbody on the front of the neck, back of the thighs and on the underside
of the tail. These adorable pups have dark, inquisitive
eyes and alert ears that hang down to about the outer edge of the eye. The Golden Retriever stands at 20-24 inches
at the shoulder and weighs 55-75 pounds. The German Shepherd is a more wolf-appearing
dog than the fluffy Golden Retriever. Like the Golden, it also has a double coat,
which is comprised of a thick undercoat and a dense, slightly wavy or straight outer coat. Its hair, usually tan and black, or red and
black in color, is medium in length and is shed all year round. Other rarer color variations include all-Black,
all-White, liver and blue. The German Shepherd’s body is long — generally
between 22 and 26 inches — in proportion to its height. This gives the dog strength, agility, elasticity
and long, elegant strides. The German Shepherd weighs between 49-88 pounds. Who’s got the better personality? That depends on what you are looking for in
a dog companion. Both are intelligent dogs who’ve used their
cunning to get to the top of the working dog world. However, they use their intelligence in different
ways. The German Shepherd is very protective and
devoted to its family and home, maintaining a suspicious and aloof demeanor around strangers. It can be dominating and assertive towards
dogs, though it is normally friendly with other pets in the home. The German Shepherd is an immensely versatile
dog, displaying a keen intelligence while dutifully performing its tasks. However, the German Shepherd Intelligence
comes with no small amount of stubborness as we’ll find out later when we discuss
trainability. They are quick to bark and are top of the
class guard dogs. They also are a bit of a velcro dog. You’re not going to have much alone time
with a German Shepherd in your home. The Golden Retriever is even-tempered, intelligent
and affectionate. Golden retrievers are playful, yet gentle
with children, and they tend to get along well with other pets and even strangers. Which may give the Golden a bit of an advantage
if you are a social person. These dogs are eager to please, which explains
why they respond so well to obedience training and are such popular service dogs. They also like to work, whether it involves
hunting birds or fetching slippers.. Golden retrievers are not often barkers, and
they lack guard instincts, so do not count on them to make good watchdogs. However, some golden retrievers will let you
know when strangers are approaching. Both dogs are very intelligent and highly
trainable, but once again, they are completely different dogs. As I mentioned earlier, the Golden Retriever
is eager to please. Golden Retriever dogs are very fast learners. Even an inexperienced owner is capable of
training this breed. Just remember to reward them with lots of
praise, treats and kisses when they learn a new command. Unlike many dogs the Golden is forgiving of
mistakes in your training style and more lax rules. The Golden excels at obedience, tracking,
guide and assistance, and search and rescue. The German Shepherd is considered more intelligent
than the Golden, at least according to Dr. Stanley Coren in his book “The Intelligence
of Dogs.” But, despite being able to learn a myriad
of complex commands is not as “user-friendly” as the Golden when it comes to training. Proper and effective training for a German
Shepherd includes firmness, fairness and respect, with consistency and adequate rewards. The German Shepherd can be stubborn and also
will find loopholes in any lax rules. You may also find that toys tend to be a better
reward for the German than treats. Overall both breeds excel at any task they
are given, although the Golden is a bit easier for the novice dog trainer. Both breeds likes to be active. Afterall, neither was bred to be a couch potato. Golden retrievers are hunting dogs at heart,
so they love a good game of fetch or a swim. If exercise is provided daily, golden retrievers
can adapt to any type of home, even if it is a city apartment. Overall, their exercise needs are pretty moderate. When it comes to energy and intensity, the
German Shepherd cranks everything to 10. A German Shepherd who’s under-exercised and
ignored by their family is likely to express pent-up energy in ways you’re not going
to like. Its energy, intensity, eagerness to play and
somewhat strong prey drive make the German Shepherd less adaptable to city living than
the Golden. The German needs exercise and lots of it daily. Over the years, indiscriminate breeding practices
of German Shepherds have lead to hereditary diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia,
blood disorders, digestive problems, epilepsy, chronic eczema, keratitis (inflammation of
the cornea), and flea allergies. Prudent breeders have started working through
these genetic disorders, but they should be noted. The German Shepherd is also prone to bloat. Bloat is a condition where a dog’s stomach
produces excessive gas and enlarges severely enough to cause death without immediate treatment. Some of the Golden Retriever’s health problems
include hypothyroidism, subaortic stenosis, eye disorders, elbow dysplasia, mast cell
tumors, and seizures. Osteosarcoma is also occasionally seen in
Golden Retrievers. Other major health concerns for the breed
include lymphoma, hip dysplasia, hemangiosarcoma, and skin problems. To identify these conditions early, a veterinarian
may recommend heart, hip, thyroid, eye, or elbow tests during routine checkups. Both breeds live about 9-13 years, about average
for larger dog breeds. So, which of these amazing breeds best suits
your lifestyle? Do you prefer one or the other? Let us know in the comments. Hey, thanks for hanging with me. You liked this video, so check out some more
here. If you’re a subscriber, thank you. If not, what are you waiting for? Click it!. And as always, catch ya next time.


  1. LOL, there is not one that is "better." It just depends on what you are looking for in a dog. My husband and I own, breed, and show Golden Retrievers and we currently have 4 and love them to death, but we did also own a GSD for 12 years and we would get another one in a heartbeat if and when the timing is right. However, I would absolutely NOT recommend a GSD for a novice/first-time dog owner. While they are a HIGHLY intelligent breed, they can be more difficult to train due to their independent and occasionally stubborn and aloof personalities, so you will need to know how to work with this type of breed. They are also MUCH more protective than Goldens, so you will need to know how to handle that as well, especially since it can become a liability issue if you have a dog who is overprotective and were to bite. If you are looking for a guard dog, a Golden is definitely NOT what you are looking for! If someone were ever to break into your home, a Golden would simply lick them to death and then show them right to your valuable possessions. Both are great family dogs and both breeds have about the same life expectancy of 10-12 years (sometimes a bit longer if you are lucky). They are also prone to the same health issues (cancer and hip/elbow dysplasia). Whichever you decide, make sure you go with a responsible and reputable breeder and avoid pet stores and backyard breeders. Only purchase a puppy from a breeder who can provide you with proof of full health clearances on their breeding stock (OFAs on hips, elbows, eyes, and cardiac as the 4 core health clearances). Oh, and one last thing to keep in mind – if you are a homeowner, most if not all insurance companies will charge you a higher premium on your homeowners insurance policy if you own a GSD since they are more prone to bite.

  2. Love your videos! Please do Bearded Collies vs Olde English Sheepdogs. I’d also love to see a Collie Comparison one (border Collie vs. Bearded Collie vs Long/Short Collie). I feel like these breeds get confused a lot. It is difficult to search up collies and not find pictures even labeled with the wrong breed in some cases.

  3. I have 2 retrievers
    and my neighbours German.Shepherd bit my 7 yr old dog he only wants to attack her no warning

  4. I’ve owned both. The Golden was a loving family dog and pretty easy to live with. The Shepherd was probably the smartest dog I’ve ever owned; but he only listened to me and not so much with others in the family; unless he wanted to.

  5. I can’t choose which is “better.” Both dogs are amazing. I don’t think one is better than the other. But if I had to choose one for me I would choose a golden retriever because of my lifestyle and preferences. Also because I am more knowledgeable about the golden retriever than the German shepherd dog, so I have more confidence training and caring for one 😊

  6. You should mention that there is a work- and a showline of Golden retrievers. Workline is way slimmer and generally more healthy than the showline but with no prices from dog shows.

  7. My Golden retriever is just a big puppy. She has never grown up and never will. She is 7 years old now. She has never met a stranger she didn't like. She would walk them into the house and hand them the keys. I realize that she only has a few more years but is going to kill me.

  8. German Shepard: Guard Dog, protector, and great family dog.

    Golden retriever: Glorified love pillow❤️❤️❤️

  9. The German shepherd s rank 3 on intelligence of 147 dog breeds i have 3 long coats they have light eyes light hair they love KIDS cats my family WILL NEVER ALLOW THIEVES IN THE HOUSE CAR will never follow ANY STRANGER HOME have had German shepherd s my whole LIFE over 30 years NO HEALTH ISSUES EVER🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆❤❤❤❤❤😃😃😃😃😃💝💝💟😍😍😃🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆

  10. I have had four German Shepherd’s in my lifetime, so far. Three boys the last one was a girl. She was an abused puppy. I was her fourth owner I got her when she was about a-year-old. She listened better than any of the boys, and understood the word no. One day she needed to go outside and woke me up, by tapping my face with her big Paw. in a calm and gentle voice, I said no no no, and let her outside. The next morning she needed to go outside while I was still asleep, and she woke me up by licking my hand. Best dog I ever had. She passed away when she was 12 years old. R.I.P DAX Dog Andromeda Xena.

  11. I have 2 golden retriever and we are talking about getting a another golden retriever I love this dog beed it is my favorite

  12. I grew up with German Shepards and I love these dogs and as an adult I had a German Shepard mix and 3 Goldens, its super hard to choose. Right now I have my 3rd Golden and I am thinking of getting a Labrador Retriever and breeding the two, to make Goldadors, their life span goes up to 15 years which is amazing. especially if youre using them as a service dog. Such a hard decision, I love them all I miss my Shepards tho, but now i am thinking also about a Rottweiller!!

  13. I've had both a Yellow Lab and a German Shepherd. I found I didn't have to shadow the Lab but with the German Shepherd I always wanted to know where he was, as his protective nature had to be monitored. Currently I have a male Newfoundland. The amazing thing about the Newfie is that he has never ever passed gas.

  14. I'll take my border collie/pitbull mix over either, but I'd also take either if I didn't already have a good puppy dog.

  15. I have both a German Shepard and a Golden Retriever
    I’d say they are about the same except the German shepard is very energetic
    The golden is a trouble maker

  16. We have 2 Golden’s male and female and a female black English lab. We had 2 other Golden’s our boy died of cancer at 7 years old he fought so hard and is missed so much our other girl made it to 12 . My wife and love our fur kids as if they were humans.

  17. As to whitch is best for you, alot of that will come down to whether or not you want a pure fun loving family companion,or a family protector.

  18. My daughter has a retriever and I love him BUT have had 5 German shepherds in my life all rescue dogs and they are in a league of their own, they are special.

  19. Love German Shepherds. Hopefully I’ll be able to own one in the future. He’ll be friendly toward my friends and family. I’ll train him to lay on top of me when I’m not feeling well. Our Golden Retriever used to do that when he was younger. I’ll also train my GSD to play not so rough. I’m disabled and would not want him to knock me down. I love those black and brown GSDs.

  20. Goldens are gentle and friendly shepards are smart, loyal but very protective. If they think your a threat take care.

  21. Both are great and very diffrent, which one you may like more is totally personal preferences. I had both and they seem will live in my mind forever.

  22. Afghan Hound is the best , no one can touch him not even these two,people say that golden is the most beautiful plus it a hunting dog used to hunt,i don't see him beat the afghan in those two,the afghan is the best dog for me nothing against these two,but afghan is for aristocrats,these two are just so common,what you gonna say about the afghan anyway…?

  23. I feel like no dog breed is “better” than the other. Different dog breeds have their own unique traits that catches the eye of their owners. There is no real dog breed that’s better to the other. It’s like saying skinny girls are prettier than curvy girls and visa versa. It’s the eye of beholder that determines what’s beautiful or in this case the” better” dog breed. 😝

  24. A golden retriever is for soft wimpy families who just want a nice dog who wont protect your family. the German Shepard is the best all around dog to have for a family of non wimp type!!

  25. Sorry, there is no comparison…Goldens are incredible. factoid – When I purchased house insurance….I was asked if I owned any of 10 dog breeds as it would affect the cost of the policy…. Goldens were not on the list! I love my Golden Sammy! Greatest dog in the world!

  26. I mean it depends…
    Are you training the dog?
    Is it just a family dog?
    How big is the house? Yard?
    Are you willing to test your dog?

  27. I had a german shepherd that it came from an ex cop, so she was "policed trained". I gotta say, german shepherds are not usually "pets", but guards dogs. it is a prominent difference. the german is had by security reasons most of the time. it is indeed an imposing breed. but I would not say it's a family dog (while they can be a great pet). it's dominant and tends to be agressive if there is not rigorous training. the golden retriever I'd say is the perfect pet dog. loyal,great with almost any kind of family, babies, you name it. it has great energy, and almost never shows signs of aggresion if trained well.

  28. Golden – big, fluffy, really smart, full of energy and love, loves exercise and people time.  German – big, fluffy, extremely smart, full of energy and love, protective to the point of being dangerous to other pets and children – like a Doberman it needs to be exposed to people and animals everyday from puppyhood.

  29. I was Raised by a German Shepherd/ Wolf Name Mike . He was Solid White ❤️
    My Friend & Protector ❤️
    I Luv German Shepherd ‘s & Golden Retrievers

  30. My family adopted a Shepard/ golden retriever mix,she’s the queen of the house and her best friend was Riptide,my German Shepard.

  31. I had a golden shepherd, g.retriever x german shepherd have a very nice temperament amongst other when it comes to loyalty kindness and easy to train , even u train them at a matured age….

  32. I’ve had two golden. Bailey lived for nearly 16 years and buddy lived for nearly 14 years. Best bread ever.

  33. I have a golden who isn't supposed to come on my bed but I let him because it's his favourite thing to do I'm cuddling with him now


  34. My family has had German Shepherds since the 60s, and I am sure you know which breed I would choose!  I've had three myself since I moved out of my parent's place.  They are awesome dogs, and each one I've had has had a different personality.  One, my male GSD, was protective like you would not believe!  I did only obedience training with him, yet he would "clear" my entire house when we returned from a vacation.  Literally, he would go room to room checking on things.  I've also had two females, and they were great, too, although not as protective as my male GSD.  It is too small of a sample size for me to say that males are more protective than females.  I love the female German Shepherds as much as the males!  They are each awesome.  We just put down our last dog down due to cancer (at age 13), one of the females, this past spring, and I want to get another one.  The last two in the house were the two females.  The one dog would lie on the other dog's grave every time we went down there.  Truly awesome dogs.  I am sure Golden Retrievers are awesome, too…but I am biased and I will continue to be a German Shepherd fan.  Nothing bad to say.  One tip…socialize them around strangers so they are used to visitors.  My male GSD was my first dog that I had solo and I made the mistake of NOT taking him to public places; he never trusted strangers, but remembered people that he had not seen in years.  I took the females to places like Starbucks and they always were welcoming to strangers, even if they did put on a good show at the door.  Good luck!

  35. I have had 4 golden retrievers and now have a shepherd. I love them both, and would recommend either, but probably like the guarding instincts of the shepherd a bit more (the goldens have zero guarding instincts!)

  36. In MY opinion I think German shepherds are better because they aren’t just family dogs and kid friendly.. they also are very protective dogs that will do anything to help you. Im not saying golden retrievers aren’t protective. I’m just saying German shepherds are kinda more protective. German shepherds are easy to train too. But the only bad thing is that if you get one.. you will need to spend loads of time with it.. but when you can’t you can just get a dog sitter. If you DO have children I definitely recommend a German shepherd. But if you get one you will need to train it when it’s a puppy, Not right when you get it but like.. maybe a month later to get to know your family and other people. To me it all depends on the family… if you have someone in your family that is afraid of “scary” dogs like the German shepherd then I suggest you get yourself a golden retriever. If you have a family who is okay with a big dog, wants it to be good with children, wants it to be active, and for it to protect your family get a German shepherd.

  37. I love Golden’s and shepherds they both love to play my grandma used to have one there sooo cute!!!

  38. I think I’d get a golden retriever because Ik that they are good emotionally so I could rlly have a buddy like that could help me with anxiety at my moms house

  39. I’m going to need some help pls cuz even after watching the video idk which type of dog I want if u want to help pls repliy to this comment

    So I need a dog that is a loyal dog so he can follow me around and I also need a dog that can help me calm down during anxiety attacks and I want to be able to have a dog that is a cuddle buddy so he can come hangout with me and lay in my bed to help me feel safe in the night also I have another dog so idk which dog will be best
    What type of dog out of the golden retriever or German Shepherd which one would be best for me

  40. I have a Golden Retriever, it is 100% possible to train them to be watch dogs, not attack dogs, though. It simply barks when somebody that is not in the family is on our property, if it's just a visitor, we use a simple command so it stops barking.

  41. i have both but German shepherds are the better dogs for me but i love my golden’s to german shepherds are such good dogs

  42. I had a German Shepherd many years ago, but the Dogs of today look nothing like they did 40 years ago, the back slopes too much causing hip problems.

  43. You can't really compare a Golden Retriever to a German Shepherd.. I mean, They were bred for different purposes. I think each breed has it's good things and bad things. For example, Goldens are very gentle and patient with kids and can be great for small children/as a first pet, but they won't be good as guard dogs because they are too friendly to everyone. On the other hand, the GSD will be great for police/military dog because of it's high level of energy and it's protective personality. But it won't be good for novice owners because it needs training and daily exercise to burn out it's energy. Plus, it needs to be socialized from an early age so it won't attack everything that comes in it's way.

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