Gift ideas for women: the best bracelets for women under £10,000

Gift ideas for women:  the best bracelets for women under £10,000

Female 1: Here is our selection of the perfect
bracelets for under £10,000 for Christmas. Cartier’s Juste Un Clou – Just a Nail – bracelet
was originally designed in the 1970s and has withstood the test of time. Female 2: It was first designed in the 1970s,
but it looks just as cool today, I think. You can get it with pavé diamonds, but this
one is just really simple, striking, bold; just beautiful. Female 1: I’ve got a very different way
to wear gold here and this is one of Carolina Bucci’s woven bracelets and it’s just
really clever because she takes these really thin chains of gold and, on a loom that her
father adapted, they worked out how to weave gold in this way so that it’s really a textile.
When it comes to working gold, I think this is a really great example. The Sabbia Bracelet by Pomellato is inspired
by the way the sun bounces off the sand on a beach and I like how these little discs
all move with every movement of the wrist and, like everything that Pomallato makes,
it’s really, really refined, yet quite chunky. If you want to buy something that’s really
cute and stylish and quite petite then Raphaele Canot’s Skinny Deco bracelet in white gold
with diamonds and a little red sliver of enamel, at just under £2,000, is a present that I
think any young girl would love, or that you can buy and start to collect and stack them
up. I’ve slightly cheated here because this
bracelet by Ralph Lauren is slightly over £10,000, but if there’s a woman in your
life who loves horses and has a really strong sense of style then this is the bracelet for
her. [Music 0:01:48 – 0:02:21] If you want to know all that’s happening
in the world of jewellery and watches, visit my website,


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