GIRL VERSION Gold Digger Prank!! | UDY

GIRL VERSION Gold Digger Prank!! | UDY

umm I guess feel nervous hoii Sergio drinks a lot of Monster [canned] an Epic historic Confrontation you will not want to miss Because someone has finally caused a lot of what usually are so I hope you guys have your talking because you guys already know This shit’s gone be Good What is up you guys so I am chilling here with the home go Tyrone? [song] [siren] besides let’s see you were actually the first girl ever on this side of the cameras. How did that make you feel? Umm… I guess I feel nervous Don’t know I don’t want you to say anything I want you to think [would] you do it, but I wasn’t you to say [price] Ira so tell us who is it exactly that you want to do this gold digger test? [Kohler] gosh girl okay, and why exactly do you think your best friend is a gold digger. It’s pretty complicated [we’re] listening okay, so in from San Diego. I’m luther for college, and I met [jerry] Meet the homegirl Tyra Tyra claims that her best friend Sarah doesn’t have a job yet still somehow manages to have much the only issue with this is that she says Sarah goes some months with all the money in the world and Others without it to the point where Tyra I’ve had to cover her build and even rent It’s become a cycle now that Sarah will [have] money one month and next be Completely living off of Tyra Tyra has been trying to break this cycle, but in order for her to be successful [she] first feels like she needs to pinpoint how exactly it Is that Sarah gets all of her money, and that’s why she’s contacted me So you think that this girl gets her money every single month or months or whatever it is from dude And that’s [why] you think he’s a gold digger, right? No. I wanted legal. Do you water [I] watered it This is either a prophecy or a step off. So maybe let your Seems exciting to my body my gosh it let’s start off first by [seeing] [if] she’s a gold digger was I jump to Conclusions Latisha to go bigger things yes, I mean this drug [thing] Let’s not jump to conclusions But okay guys if you guys have seen my videos before you guys do exactly how this works Tyra You’re not going to find a date with Sarah spree and hang out with her on [that] day [I’m] going to use money as a means to see if she’s a gold digger or not whether she gives me [your] number or not Guys well that’s completely up to her. We’re just going to see if this girl is digging or not As you guys can tell what is pouring [is] it is cold, and I’m being crazy right now But what I’m doing is I’m scouting the location In particular the bench one of these tables to where I want Tyra to bring Sarah or the David that we texture But while I do this let me tell you a little story about what happened yesterday yesterday Let’s be conducted a sting operations once we have some hope that Sarah had a job that Tyra didn’t know about so she texted Tyra to bring Sarah to a [Starbuck] and they would find out for sure for sure then if she really did or didn’t have a job out of these tables I? Think those are two blocked off by the trees. I think [this] one is good I mean, I hope it’s not raining in the next couple of days So you could get this thing done Upstairs [now] anyways lesson was already set up a table was just waiting for [Kara] to get there. What Sarah moments later They did arrive Tyra made up an excuse to use the bathroom, and that’s [when] [leslie] mean her entrance Sorry to bother you kind of weird, but you just look really good. He was [arrogant] busy [I] Hate this club. [oh] really yeah, you were helping the Brand I Wonder where he left we picked up all these sneaky divisive tricks You know like I’m not [even] lying [guys] he conducted the [operation] by herself [well] not by herself He’ll turn the camera mean Danny, but yeah, you guys got what I mean by oh my God [oop] I’m tired we have to go six floors up, and we’re barely in the fourth one. You look great Yeah Where do you work if you don’t mind? Yeah? No, sorry sorry buddy, right? Just look really there you have a good one So in the end let’s ended up finding out the [Sara’s] didn’t really have a [job] I mean Sara admitted it to her to her face with her own words so Tyra was right after all Tyra for the record I never doubted you that was leslie I believe you 100% but [yeah] anyways guys we made it to the top of the parking structure to where I want our main camera And tire woods to be hidden Sara’s going to be all the way down there And you can’t directly see us because this is big thing over [here] blocking us off that will give [us] good shelter What yeah guys I just love scoping out our locations first because I just love knowing exactly what we’re working with and I’m also very very glad that now we know for sure that Sara doesn’t have a job because ah It’s competing so wait over your dream horse because if we want to pull this gold digger test on fairness [you] would have ended up having a job than I would if also seven would be like oh my God But you know [guys]. I am pumped. I am ready. I hope this won’t stop soon that way we can get all to test burn Test day is finally arrived. This is Tyra with her best friend in her [read] [a] car [much] buggy Tyra will be parking in this parking lot here and then bring in Sarah throw a pre-selected bench Location if you guys haven’t noticed leslie isn’t with me on the parking structure, but that’s because she [has] another job to do first [okay] [guys], so this is Tyra coming in right now with Sarah But you guys already knew that Tyra has were in the children’s blood called [grammy] and me she told [Sarah] that [she] was meeting up with a potential distributor at the University, but didn’t want to go alone And that’s how she got Sarah to come with her high rent has been an amazing job getting Sarah in perfect line of our cameras Now all that’s left for her to do is make up an excuse in order to leave Sarah alone at the table that way I can come in and begin testing to see if she’s a [Gold-digger] and what better excuse to make them to say that she forgot [the] book in her car Seeing I’d be wondering why the hell is Tyra walking away from us shouldn’t she be coming towards. It’s not away Well guys there was a bigger plan at work here. Oh I nervous. I am yeah, I’m super anxious. [I] guess you can say we’re about to completely mind Sarah She thinks tyra’s looking for a book in her car, but in reality Tyra’s already with us getting an eagle-eyed view on her [know] You enjoy the ride [garage] But even now that [everything’s] ready. We have still got to hurry I will be connected on the phone call with leslie that way Tyra will be able to hear everything that I’m about to tell Sarah But I can’t take too long because then Sarah will get suspicious [tyrel] ready [flashily] ready, I’m ready one last it for good look It’s a long way down guys We are six floors up, but you got to do what you got to do right to catch gold diggers. Oh Next thing you got to be able to probe you down there Hi My name’s Sergio the government in fact real quick just two minutes. I want to discuss a business proposition with you. Is that okay, okay? As I said my name is Sergio, I’m actually part of this pyramid scheme. It’s called keep digging. Have you heard of it I have no, but you know what a pyramid Scheme is [right] Yeah, okay, cool cool cool for those of you guys who don’t know what a pyramid Scheme is It’s just a big giant scam here’s how it works let’s say I joined the company wireless charger hundreds dollars to join plus a monthly fee [I] then got three other people to join the same company under me And had them pay to join also plus their monthly fee as well I would make a commission off their payments but I just don’t have my monthly fee to pay the cycle would then continue where all of us would predicate some more people to join under us They would appear to join, and that’s that top would make some money And I know it sounds [like] a good and easy way to make some money, but trust me guys it’s not because what’s going to happen when nobody else wants to Join well the pyramid collapses and Everybody realizes that they just lost a lot [of] money you guys want to avoid these types of companies because they’re going to try to Get you by saying oh, we’re not a pyramid scheme [but] those companies will say that are probably the biggest of them all I’m only asking sir to join a man-made a pyramid scheme in This video because I’m almost positive she was going to say no to us it’ll also lead into my next necessary step let me show you exactly how we make money, so Basically if you get two people into your pyramid scheme you make a good one hundred and seventy dollars if you get five you can Make a good [three] [hundred] [and] [sixty] and if you get ten you can make a good eight hundred right there, okay? I’m not going to that Cuban super easy. [it’s] like a great way to make money. All you got to do is literally just go up to me What kind of like I’m going [up] [to] you right now? [I] [just] get the money permit It’s a [cloaking] I know it’s tricky and sounds odd, but it’s really simple It’s really easy to make some good money off this one other ones are scams, but not this one I Don’t think any time a person for that and just I mean a lot going but not like enough to do that You can make more money than a doctor if you actually put in just some hard effort hard work get a hundred people into your pyramid Scheme Thousand bucks a month [I’m] going to talk to a hundred people No, this is in my alley Give me a I just said no yeah [anyways], what was Was your name I don’t think I got it Sarah Forgets pyramid scheme. You’re a very beautiful girl. I love your personality I love your attitude. You’re very like outgoing and stuff So just give me your number so I can figure out on a needle dick come on Would ya, so you’re kissing me twice in [One] day Thank you. I’m gonna stop bugging you then [okay] if [you] don’t mind. I’m just gonna wait here for like a minute some guys gonna come interview me right now I think he’s actually right [over] here right now. [oh] [sup], Danny Are you got you want to do this inside or you want to go somewhere with us? Oh no? No, no, it’s up to you. Okay, dude. It’s your film. I don’t want to ruin your fun dude We’re all ready so let’s keep it off that you want to hear. Yeah, you sure yeah No, it’s cool. We could just move like over here recycle. [I’ll] just move over here and [see] just oh you’re fine. You’re fine You’re fine. It’s not recording right? You’re fine If you guys didn’t know Tyree was actually the [person] [who] made him printed us out our first lottery check if you guys have seen That video then you know that that was a dramatic fail We didn’t want to let that concept die however, so this time we figured we’d [make] the check again But at a much smaller scale danny here is playing the role of a film student who was about to interview me So what do you want to do man? What do you want me to do me clearly and just look into the camera, [okay]? Sounds good. [then] what exactly is it going to interview me [on] about to the set my success there it is baby there it is Thank you. Thank you man. Feels. Good. Wait. Can’t books might be too $4 million best part man the best part about being a millionaire I’d have to say is the fact that I’ve proved so many people want everybody was like. What [are] you doing [man]? You’re going to get scammed But even worse on top of that you’re going to be scamming other people are going to join under you the truth is nobody was Scammed you get me we’ve all made money and I’ve made two million dollars or people in keep digging. We’ve made money [themselves] Maybe not two million, but if they keep pushing and grinding Gonna be making two million pretty soon You play that up really bad? All y’all [most] ask you is what? I’m gonna do with that money [you] [have] to very good question see because initially I wanted to take this girl on a beautiful date But then she was [like] oh my God no get the fuck away from me. I don’t want to talk to you I don’t want to go on a date with you get away So now I’m going to use my money to go to Hawaii by myself to go to Vegas by myself That’s what I’m gonna do I’m going to cruise. I’m going to cruise. Oh, that’s what I’m going to do basically dude Yeah, basically good. Well the only reason I didn’t give you my number. I don’t know well That’s the whole point of a date To get to know each other look out [tinder] [works] look at our Facebook works Look at how all these dating sites work You don’t know the person, but you go on a date to get to know the person [which] is exactly what I wanted to do with you. I wanted to take you out on a [date] So you get to know me I get to know you Wow You want to try this again? Yeah? What’s good? Thank you Wanted to be over yeah, but I mean that doesn’t make it okay. It’s very nice to meet you I’m part of this pyramid scheme, and I make a lot of money I just really want to ask you out on a beautiful day, okay. Would you like to go with me? Get [on] my [paper]. Sorry, I still I’m being recorded They’re putting over my phone okay? Why didn’t you say yes first time? Nothing about the pause okay, hahaha. [let’s] talk about the knowledge I go out the future to the past is over It was a pleasure meeting you sarah you I didn’t walk in this one. Yeah, Randy wouldn’t walk together. Oh Oh tae gong Gong [battle] you you Gonna do Like this is what she does [you] know that being said do you want to go down there? Do you want to do something? Yeah, okay, cool. You know [exact] [or] [Nasarah] yeah. I have an idiot okay cool. I’m gonna be backing you up I’m going to be going along with your flow just remember while we’re doing this we’re not doing this to be like keep digging bitch By knowing this more like hey, let me help you exactly yeah, exactly don’t let my friends look Cool. Well, that’s it guys I Just want to thank you guys so much for making it this far into the video if you guys love gold digger pranks Please be sure to give this video a big old thumbs up it really helps this channel out a lot also don’t forget to share This video with your friends can I hope you guys have a beautiful day night [or] whatever time it is wherever you are [I] love You guys I? Sir, so let’s talk a little bit. What’s been happening, okay? Sarah so [siren] actually been working together to see exactly how you would react when put in a situation is there any money okay? [and] the truth is I’m not rich [the] check It’s fake I didn’t want two million dollars Sarah for the longest time I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how it is that you? Get your money. Why sometimes you go much love having it and then the next month You need our help [within] the next what we have it again. Hey, all without a Logical [Ira] because I care about you I don’t want you doing things in order to get money exactly What do you think [they’re] [do] [this]? [it’s] exactly what it says. It’s a gold digger [term] it’s a gold digger I see of your gold digger. It’s awful. I know you don’t have a job I know your family [isn’t] [welcome] [support] [your] lifestyle. You don’t have any public void plan I don’t know how you get [away] calling me I go through I mean, I don’t want to call you that I don’t have it done what was the difference in the way I asked you for remember the second time in the first time you know watching our numbers and Say anything because the difference was that the second time? I had money the first time I have money get in both times actually the exact same way only the second time today or not You know I don’t have a job because obvious. I’ll top of that you met leslie at Starbucks She came up to you saying you look very familiar, and you yourself told her I don’t have a job I [don’t] work too much you guys let’s do the best What do the most to help you because your best friend? But how do you know I don’t get we don’t wanna get that much financial aids there look I’m your best friend I don’t want you having to rely on others just for money. [I] don’t want you thinking It’s okay to give a guy a number or we’re sleep with them. What the fuck? I’m not sleeping with anyone But you are getting a new boyfriend left and right just to get you through what you need to understand that this is your best Friend here. She’s your best friend. [she’s] trying to look out for you. This is [what] a best friend Does this is what I would do for my best self Auggie hired be talking recordings minute huayra. She’s not hiring this we’re not going to cavity and Abajo Are you trying to help me how the [boss] is setting me up? How do I get stalking me how the hawk is spying on me helping me pause recording me helping me This is probably going online somewhere. Yes, it is It is not to humiliate. No. I don’t [get] along publicly like a beautiful girl expressing how I choose to live my walking life Online trying to help me because someone has finally called you out for what you really are you big guys for money? And that’s okay, but that [was] money or business you made it my fucking business when you called me your best friend Sarah [yes] In fact, I’m really trying to help you. I don’t understand whether we should have talked about this in part I would have never not been doing you never admitted at that scenario. You understand. She’s trying to help you come on If you guys have been watching my videos since forever you guys know that I usually in the video right here Today because [then] this happened Please yes [we’re] gonna get the camera [throw] your food. You’re gonna get out of the car. You’re going to get back power, okay, [I]? [said] one turn the cameras off before she kills someone All right guys I need you to do me a big Favor and go flood Tyra social media accounts one for [being] a good friend and trying to show Sara that what she was doing was Wrong and two because she didn’t really lose her cool when Sara was about to drive off with her car [also], [if] you guys want to [check] up a children’s book that she wrote the link will be in the description below


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