Girls LOVE Adventures

Girls LOVE Adventures

(new message chime) – [Daniella] I wanna
go on an adventure. – [Erin] Please take
me on an adventure. – [Hanna] Ugh need more
adventures in my life. – [Kelsey] Adventures please. – [Regina] Just looking
for an adventure buddy. – [Olivia] Please take
me on an adventure. – [Women] Adventure. (new message chime) – [Olivia] Take me
on an adventure. – Adventure. Hey, I’m Ian. – Hi, I’m Olivia,
nice to meet you. – So, you ready to
go on an adventure? – What do you have in mind? (grand sweeping
orchestral music) (gunshots) (screams loudly) – Things went
south, we gotta go. – What, what is happening? (tires screech) (heavy breathing) – We got company! (gunfire) – What is going on,
what did you do? – It’s an adventure, you
wanted an adventure, remember? – What? – Oh here, take a shot. (screaming) (police sirens wailing) Jimmy, we need an
exit strategy, now. – Well lemme guess,
we’re going to plan B. Well I can get you green
lights on Grand Ave if you hang a left now. – Who are you talking to? – Hold on to something. (screaming) (tense music) So, been watching
any good TV lately? – What? I’ve been on a Great British
Baking Show kick lately. – Oh my God, isn’t it
saving reality TV for you? (laughs) (gunfire) Okay, you know what,
I just got a text from my roommate she says
that she’s locked out of our apartment. Do you maybe wanna
– Yeah we’ll take a detour. Drop me off over there? (screaming) – So where’d you go to school? – This tiny school in
Oregon called Lewis & Clark. You probably wouldn’t know. (gunfire) Nope, nope, can’t do it. – What, no, this
is what you wanted. This is an adventure. – Not like this. I thought we could
go to like a museum, or an escape room. – Those aren’t adventures,
those are just places. (tires screeching) (ominous music) – Mr. Baker. – Victor. – How kind of you to
deliver me my money. – The last time I saw you, you were sinking
on a burning yacht outside of Mykonos. – I’m feeling a little sick. I think I’m gonna have to call (screaming) – [Ian] So what did you do
for fun at Lewis & Clark? – [Olivia] I was in
an acapella group. – [Ian] Cool. Just let Olivia go, Victor. – Please just kill me. – Did you really
think that you could steal my casino’s entire vault without me finding out? (laughing) Your little adventure is over. But how? – Fell hook, line, and sinker for the fake robbery footage. Just as I expected. – Meanwhile the
rest of our team’s extracting the real
money from your vault as we speak. I guess you could say
this was quite the – [Men] Adventure! – What is happening? – I set up the whole adventure. These guys are actors. – You’re welcome. – Pretty great, right? – I’m feeling pretty tired, and I have work
tomorrow morning, so. – Oh okay, well I
could drive you home? – I’m just gonna grab an Uber. – Okay. – Could you untie me, please? – Yeah. Of course, sorry about that. Okay, well, great first date. So I was just gonna, okay,
this could be (mumbles) Okay, okay. – It’s right there. – [Olivia] Okay. (door slams loudly) (new text message chime) – [Sam] I wanna go
on an adventure. (majestic rising action music) – Well, here we go again.


  1. Damn limp wrist shake…. That was awesome!!! If you can make a korean look so scared and her eyes pop to look non-korean… THAT IS AN ADVETURE!!! Xoxo

  2. Nobody ever means that nonsense the put in online dating profiles. There is absolutely NO WAY that many people are into rock climbing. Like if anyone puts that in their profile, surprise them on your first date by taking them to a rock wall and insisting they climb it.

  3. Correction: girls love adventure on their own terms, they hate it when you snatch them off the street and throw them in a van and drive off

  4. Haha. So true. Girls who says that they want an adventure are never up for real ones. Granted this was overly exaggerated, but nonetheless, most girls aren't down for the real stuff

  5. Love this!!! I still don't get why people say they want "adventure" in dating. Calm, relaxed, and enjoyable dates would be my jam.

  6. The problem with this sketch is that the twist was introduced to early. I feel that a delayed explanation would’ve increased the comedic performance

  7. This is a perfect example as to why I feel like the whole “crafting the perfect online dating profile” is bullshit.

    If you have to make a generic profile that says you “love adventure, rock climbing, etc” in order to increase your chances that just sounds boring and cliche af.

    I would much rather date the weird af girl that loves anime, video games, is into weird shit, etc. I don’t care if she is a model or how tall or how much she weighs I would prefer a interesting women over a boring one.

    If I could find said girl that wants to get married and have kids while being weird and having her own personality and she happens to live in the Northern California area like on the Sacramento area I would be in heaven!

  8. AWWM adventure time = possible death/corruption

    AllWAM adventures = great enlightment.

    Possible business idea that China may have thought of already?

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