Gladiator Starring Iron Man – Hero Swap

Gladiator Starring Iron Man – Hero Swap

We are currently hard at work to bring you how Batman v Superman Should Have Ended So look for that next week But while you’re waiting, we are so excited to bring you something that we’ve been working on for a long time with our friends at Klomp! Animation. You know Klomp! from the You Tube Series “Bad Days” Or maybe at our Fixed Fairy Tales Series over at HISHE Kids Well we’ve made a new show together and it’s called, Hero Swap! Where we take a popular movie and completely replace the hero with a totally different character. Like what if Maximus was suddenly replaced with Iron Man? That’s a Hero Swap. We hope you like it! So please enjoy! Wait a second. Me? Mowing the grass? I have an iron legion who does that for me. This must be a DREAM! Whoa! What a night! Ugggh. How did I get here? I found you passed out on the side of the road and took you in. You are my slave now! That’s how it works over here. You will fight for me in the arena! you will fight for my glory! Thrust this into another man’s flesh… And the crowd will applaud and love you for that. Don’t worry, Gandalf. I’m used to getting an audience riled up just by shaking these hips of mine! Nice fighting, man! You know! You would make a great new War Machine! And I’m not just saying that because you’re…
Strong? Yeah. Strong. AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!! Ha! This is too easy! I could do this all day! Not quite, Sir. Suit power is at 3% What?! Jarvis, use emergency back up power! I need to make a call for help! Cap!? I need your help, man! Uh… Stark? What are you doing? I somehow got stuck in an arena with scantily clad dudes chasing me through the sand! I need my space suit, man! Can you go to my lab and send me my space suit?! That depends. Are you willing to let go of this ridiculous super hero registration act idea? WHAT? don’t bring that into this, Cap! The act is the best idea ever! And even if you don’t like it, there’s no need to start some Civil War because of it! Come on, Cap! Don’t be such a pain in my… LANGUAGE! No! Wait! Emergency Power PUNCH! Great! That was the final one. Now what? Now we shall see if Caesar gives his thumbs up or thumbs down. Thumbs down? What does he mean by that? It means you have to entertain the crowd some more by killing th.. Say no more! One portion of entertainment coming right up. Awe yeah! Check out my moves! Come on people! Are you not entertained?! Are you not entertained?! I know I am! Woooooooo! Emergency back up power at one percent. Good luck, sir. You’re on your own now. Well poop. There he is! The stranger who became a gladiator The gladiator who defied an emperor! How dare you defy the great and mighty Caesar! Well if you’re so great and mighty why don’t you fight yourself instead of sitting in your comfy little chair? I don’t have to fight you fool! Because you’re chicken. Am not! Are too! Am not! Are too! am not! Are too!
Am NOT! Are too!
Am no… Wait. What is that sound? Veronica! Hurray! New suit! Thanks, Cap! I knew you wouldn’t let me down you big ole softy! Goodbye all! I love the fights but the skirts are not really my thing! Jarvis, give me an 89% boost. But sir, I don’t think that’s a good idea Just do it, Jarvis. I want to get out of here If you wish, sir. AAAAAgh! Ugh! Oh man! Another planet? Oh well. At least I’m out of that dreadful gladiator arena. And in the right corner! New to planet Sakaar! The Green Skaar! Roooaaaaaaaaar!!! Tony! Did you get the suit I sent you? Yes, Cap. And we will see each other again. But not yet. Not yet.


  1. When Tony Stark kept saying “Are too” and you could hear Veronica flying in, I thought R2D2 was about to save him

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