Go365: Getting to Silver is Easy!

Go365: Getting to Silver is Easy!

Getting to Silver Status and earning rewards
is easy! In 4 steps you can earn 5,000 Points to get
there, which is easier than you might think. Step 1, take your Health Assessment to learn
more about your current health. You’ll earn 500 Points for completing all
6 sections. Step 2, take it within the first 90 days of
your program year and you’ll earn an additional 250 Points. Step 3, get a Biometric Screening. Earn 2,000 Points for getting your height,
weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose measured. It takes 15 minutes and you can visit a location
that’s convenient for you: your doctor’s office, Kroger, Walgreens or others. If all your results fall within a healthy
range, you’ll earn 2,000 more Points. Step 4, earn daily Points by syncing a fitness
device. Before you pick a device, check our list of
compatible devices. You’ll earn 750 Points for logging your first
verified workout per program year, and you can track and earn Points every day when you
exercise. Congratulations, you’ve reached Silver Status!! Since you earn 1 Buck for every Point, you
can redeem 5,000 of your Bucks for $50 in gift cards, or apply it toward fitness devices
and more! But how could you could reach Silver Status
if none of your Biometrics are in range? You just need to get 1,500 more to reach Silver. Dental and vision exams are worth 200 Points
each. You can complete up to 4 Calculators a year
on Go365.com for 75 Points each. You can complete a half marathon to earn another
500 Points. Wear your compatible fitness device while
you walk or work out, and you’ll earn 1 Point for every 1,000 steps you take. You’ll also earn 50 extra Points when you
exceed 50 fitness Points in a week, or 100 extra when you exceed 100 fitness Points. Getting CPR or First Aid certification will
earn you 125 Points. And completing a sleep log
for a week on the mobile app will earn you 25 Points. If you do all these things, you’ll earn enough
Points to reach Silver Status and get Bucks you can use to reward yourself! Visit Go365.com or download our mobile app
to create an account and get started.

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