Goblins don’t want you to know this gold making trick! – WoW Classic – …with Disenchanting

Goblins don’t want you to know this gold making trick! – WoW Classic – …with Disenchanting

Hey guys, Mr. Page here with a quick guide
on how to make gold in World of Warcraft as low as level 5. We are going to use the disenchanting skill
from the enchanting profession to turn low level weapons into Magic essences. The reason this works and everyone isn’t
doing it is because the math behind disenchanting results is horribly complicated. I’m going to give you a quick mental shortcut
to let you know which weapons are worth buying and disenchanting on your server. First we need to know the price of Greater
Magic Essence. Search for it, sort by bid price and write
down the lowest buyout price you can find (careful you have to divide by stack size
yourself). Now clear the search box, select weapons,
select uncommon and set the level range to 11-20. These items will disenchant into 1.125 Greater
Magic Essences on average. I recommend that you purchase any items that
are lower than the price of a Greater Magic Essence. On my server Greater Magic Essence is worth
about 15 silver and I like to buy out these items that are under 12 silver. I did this early today and cleaned out most
of my AH but we can see that a few more cheap items have shown up. I’ll also go ahead and bid on a bunch of
items but I’m not likely to win these and it just ties up your capital. Now head to the mail box and gather your loot. Disenchant it all and put it back up in the
AH. The disenchant step is a bit of a gamble. Dust and shards can be worth far less but
this is built into the math and we should come out way ahead in the long run. In my case we spend 34s and got 4 Essences
that will sell for 60s. Decent! This can be extended to other level items
in the future but I’m writing this just 1 week after wow classic launched and I’m
still not 100% sure on the disenchant math plus the servers are still young so there
isn’t much of a market for higher level items yet. Here is a peak at the spread sheet I’m working
on but I still haven’t confirmed the numbers yet. I’m Mr. Page and I hope you enjoyed this
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