GOLD 2018 MacBook Air Unboxing!

GOLD 2018 MacBook Air Unboxing!

Justine – Hey guys, it’s Justine, and guess what? We’re back with another unboxing! Today, we’re unboxing the
brand new MacBook Air. This is the gold version and if you’re new here, I’m a huge fan of all of the gold things that Apple has now. God, it just matches so perfectly! One of the main highlights
of the new MacBook Air, is that it now has a retina display. It also has touch ID, an all new butterfly keyboard, and force touch on the track pad. You can spec this out to 16 G of ram and a 1.5 TB solid state drive. It has 25% louder speakers, it weighs just 2.75 pounds. That’s about a quarter pound– whoa, lighter than the previous Air. It’s so light that it just
almost took flight. (laughs) I actually was at Mac
World when they announced the original MacBook Air. That was in 2008, maybe? 2007, 2008? It’s crazy how quickly time is flying. (light techno music) Speaking of flying,
let’s cut this thing open and take a look. I can’t wait
to see what this looks like. (knife cutting through plastic) Wow (laughs). (box opens) Ooh. Okay, when’s the MacBook
Pro going to come in gold? Because I am so ready! Look at this! What a– (smells) Ah, smells so good (smells). Oh, it smells like a fresh Mac. (plastic peeling off) Oh, it comes in three colors. It comes in a space gray,
this gold, and the silver. (plastic tears off) It’s automatically turning on. Oh boy! Come on! This is just– What! Oh my goodness. Do you see this? There’s gold MacBook Air stickers. Just look at it! – [MacBook Air] To use
English as the main language– – I’m– – Press the return key. – I need a moment. So we’ve got rose gold stickers. Well, it’s not rose gold. But this gold is like, it’s a nice gold. Let’s see what else is in the box. We’ve got our USB-C cable. Look at how small this little,
tiny charging brick is. Like, this gold is a
really beautiful color. But if you want to compare
it to the gold of the iPhone and the gold of the Apple Watch, it is very, very accurate. And they look incredible together. Like, just take my word for it. If you don’t want to take my word for it, I don’t know who elses
word you’re going to take. (light techno music) So I have the MacBook Air all set up. I also have my old MacBook Air. This isn’t the original one,
this is the 2011 MacBook Air. Definitely took a bit of a tumble, if you want to see right there. I remember when this
happened it fell off of a coffee shop table, and
it was so traumatic, everybody started freaking out. They thought that I was injured, because I was yelling so much about it. Anyway, the MacBook Air is all set up. This thing is so beautiful, and I’m also super excited
because I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you guys who entered the give-away
that Jonathan and I did for iPhone XRs. It actually went so well that we decided that we’re going to do one more for either a MacBook Air or an iPad Pro. All you have to do is like
and comment both of our MacBook Air videos, I’ll put
a link in the description to his, and be sure that
you are subscribed to my channel, and to Jonathan’s channel. And whoever wins can choose
from either the iPad Pro, or the MacBook Air. So stay tuned for that, I’m super excited. So now, MacBook Air. Let’s chat a little bit
more about this thing. Because it is, it’s so fast. I actually brought it around today. We went on a little boat cruise. And Jenna and I both brought ours. She’s making a video
about the space gray one, so you may see the gold in a
cameo in her video as well. So right now Jenna is
shooting her video about her MacBook Air, but I wanted to show you guys the color differences between
the space gray and the gold. – Ooh. – Can you believe it, like,
you have all space gray, I’ve got all the gold. It looks so pretty. – It looks so pretty. – Look at us. – Yeah, we’re opposites. Which one do you guys like better? – [Together] Ooh! – Leave us a comment, which
one do you like below? – Ooh, ooh, ooh. – Yeah but the colors look amazing. Like, the space gray looks great. It looks basically just
like a squished down version of the MacBook Pro. The gold– – Yeah, your gold looks good. – The gold does look amazing. – I’m just, I’m team space gray. – That’s fine, I’m also team space gray. But man, once they
released this gold phone. – Ooh. – What! Okay, well I will let
you continue your video now. – Okay.
– Okay, now back to my video. – Okay.
– Buh-bye! This is something that
I didn’t buy right away. I held off till I
couldn’t hold off anymore. This is the Samsung X5 drive. It is so fast. You may be familiar with those other little Samsung solid state drives that I have been talking about forever, but this is the latest and the greatest. It is the thunderbolt 3 USB-C,
and it is lightning fast. So I’ve got a couple projects on here. This current configuration
of the MacBook Air is the 128G model, so
anything that probably would require a lot of space, that is why I have an external drive. Most of the videos that I
do edit, I edit almost all off of an external drive, just because I never know which computer
I’m going to be on, I’m always traveling,
and I do like to have a backup with me at all times. Also, one of my first times
really diving into Mojave, and the dark mode, it’s really great. I’m contemplating updating
my MacBook Pro now. – [Jenna Offscreen] You should, I did. – Did you? – [Jenna Offscreen] It’s been– – How’s Final Cut been
working, good? (laughs) – [Jenna Offscreen] It’s
great, it’s been great! Dork. – That’s usually my big
concern, is updating my OS. I put beta software on
my iPhones all the time and I don’t even think twice about it. But when it comes to my MacBook, I’m always so concerned about plugins not working properly with Final Cut. So we’re gonna open up
and make a new project. So this is all shot in 4K. I just copied this all over, so I’ve done absolutely nothing. I mean, this is running super smooth. I’m actually shocked at
how well this is running, I’m not even joking. I’m not saying this just because “Oh this is something that I should say”. I just automatically think,
given the smaller computer, it’s not going to be able to
handle what I need it to do. But let’s test it out. So far so good. Let’s add some color
and adjust some things. Okay, that looks good. Let’s set a little saturation to that. Let’s go add LLC color curves. Okay, let’s do a little of this. It’s doin’ what it’s doin’. – [On Computer] It says (audio
skips) 2013 (audio skips). – I was actually just
editing and I forgot– – [Jenna Offscreen] Yeah
I was like, okay now. – I forgot that you were there (laughs). – Still here. – She’s still here! Okay, so it looks like
it is possible to edit. So that’s good, check. One of the things I also
wanted to show you guys is over here. This little guy. We need to look at see
what we’ve got in here. – [Jenna Offscreen] Hmm. Secrets. – Like, look at this. This is from when I played Dead Space. – Uh! – Do you remember? So this is the 2011 MacBook Air. Let’s see, this is 1.6GHz
intel core 2 duo, 4G of ram. So this is a 1.6GHz intel core I5. This has 8G of ram, but it’s
still kind of crazy that this one still is pretty much working. The butterfly keys are pretty awesome, I’ve enjoyed really typing on them a lot. And I love the new keyboard
layout on the MacBook Pro. So now this mimics that way more. I love the touch ID. The speakers are pretty loud. Like, lets– you wanna– should we
test it, you ever test it? (audio from computer plays) – [On Computer] We’re pretty early. – Where were we? – Took the dog for a super early walk. Trying to catch the sunrise, but I think. (audio plays from smaller computer) – [On Smaller Computer]
We’re pretty early. – Oh my God, remember when
I used to vlog? Pffft. – [Jenna Offscreen] Remember when we all vlogged at the same time? – Man. – [Jenna Offscreen] That was fun. – I enjoyed vlogging, but we
took it to a whole new level. Well I just wanted to show
you guys the MacBook Air really quickly, and this
thing is pretty awesome. I only got to spend about a day with it, so I do want to keep
testing it out further before I give you guys any other updates and some more thoughts on it. So I will be doing a
follow-up video on this, on the Mac Mini, and look
for an iPad Pro video very, very shortly. I’m working on something really fun, so I look forward to
showing you guys that. So in the meantime, let
me know if you guys have any questions about
this, about the Mac Mini, about anything, about life. I am here for you. (laughs) – [Jenna Offscreen] But
who’s here for you, Joss? – No, Jenna. – [Jenna Offscreen] Awe. – Awe. My baby boy. He’s so sweet. Can we just talk about something that is completely
irrelevant to this video? I love the Apple Watch so much that I think that I have a problem. Because the competitions in this thing, it has been getting super heated. So the other day, I just
got a short little story, this is a complete tangent, I saw our friend Alex completed
his rings for the day, and it was quarter till midnight because my rings were not closed. So I got out of bed, went and
walked up and down my steps until I met my goal, and
then I texted him and I said, “I saw that you closed your
rings, so I had to close mine.” And he said, “Oh my gosh, I
saw Jenna closed her rings, “So I did jumping jacks.” (laughs) We all have a problem, but
I think this whole concept of the competition factor is, it really is amazing, because it has been motivating me to do more,
and I think it’s been motivating a lot of us. So I would love to hear from you guys, what do you think? Is this
something that you’ve been using? And if you’re not, I
definitely recommend it because it’s so much fun. Thank you for watching, I
am excited to test this out. I also kind of want to do
a video of what’s on my 2012 MacBook Air. – [Jenna Offscreen] Juicy! – Ooh! Yeah, there’s probably
nothing that interesting. But, oh man, I bet I could go through my old iChats and stuff. Do you remember iChat? – [Jenna Offscreen] What’s it called now? – It’s called iMessage. – [Jenna Offscreen] Oh. I always think I call it
iChat at the end of the day. – Really? No, because, okay, I don’t
even think iChat is on here. No, it’s called Messages. I also just found my, it was my 28, or 2006 or 2007 Powerbook? – [Jenna Offscreen] What’s a Powerbook? Oh. (Jenna Offscreen laughs) – I gotta go. – [Jenna Offscreen] You do. – I gotta go. Okay, this video’s over. Did my watch activate? It didn’t, because it wasn’t a real fall and I don’t have the fall
activate set up, I don’t think. – [Jenna Offscreen] You’re
close to the age limit. – I know. So, this is crazy too
about the Apple Watch. The fall detect is automatically
on if you’re 65 and over. Why am I on the floor? (laughs) What has happened? Oh, also, don’t forget
about our give-away. Go to Jonathan’s channel, tldtoday. Subscribe, tell him that I said hello, and you said hello, and we
look forward to giving away iPhone XR, and either an
iPad Pro or a MacBook Air. So, see you guys later. This is the end of the video. Stop. (laughs) (atmospheric techno music)


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