Hello. Today we’re going to be opening something that says gold. It’s a dig it. And it says, Gold Dig it. And you can get pyrite, gold sandstone and blue sandstone. You will find real gold in 1 of 24 boxes. Pretty intense. Okay, same thing with the diamond. It says diamond over here. It has a picture of a diamond. Pretty cool stuff. You can get salt crystal, and I guess this is sodalite. This is amethyst, rock crystals, snowflake obsidian, You will find a real diamond in 1 of 24 boxes. New jade and yellow jade. Okay, so this looks really kind of hard. To get the diamond or gold Ok gold. And last time we got I think this was gold sandstone and it’s right over here. And we also got rock crystal. I think. It’s right over here. And this is what it looks like. Now let’s start opening the boxes! Just gotta mine this diamond. And I’ll be good. Alright, I’m going to use scissors. I’m just going to rip this open. Diamonds are really expensive. And Here’s what it looks like. And here’s the tools. So here’s everything we have in the box. Here is a chisel, and a hammer and a brush. If you see this paper you’ll want to roll out maybe something that can keep your table clean. So.. Eh! Who cares about that??!! We can just do it… Oh… So we’re gonna do it with paper. We’re gonna try the bad, wooden tools once again. And this is double wrapped. Small little scratch. Come on this has to be… Let’s use the chisel… Still little scratches… You know, this doesn’t work. We need a real hammer. Stop! Hammer time! Anyway… This is hard. I think it’s yellow jade. So, it’s yellow jade! This is yellow jade Snowing underground or something. So, here’s the gold I think you remember. You can get pyrite, gold sandstone, or blue sandstone. You will find real gold in one of 24 boxes. Well, we gotta open it. This is hard. Kind of… looks good to me. Let’s look at the stuff inside the box. So here’s the brush. Chisel A hammer. And I know this looks crazy, but let’s not worry about it. Now, I gotta open this. It says gold. Now let’s start mining! *sigh* Better than last time. Ugh! Gold sandstone?! What?! I gotta mine this! I gotta mine all that gold bar off. Eh, forget it! These are the two rocks we got. This is gold sandstone. This is yellow jade. Thank you so much for watching. Please remember to like, comment and subscribe.

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