Gold and Silver Buyers should note carefully what is happening in China

Gold and Silver Buyers should note carefully what is happening in China

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 11th January 2016 and we are
suggesting to our viewers and subscribers that they follow the Chinese Market, especially
its manufacturing data very closely. It would be a mistake when considering purchasing
precious metals to completely ignore what is happening in China.
The World Gold Council announced that gold demand from China exceeded that of India in
2013 and there is no doubt that between them being the largest and second largest importers
of gold and silver, their demand requirements are hugely significant in World terms.
A further slowdown in China’s vast manufacturing sector has intensified concerns about 2016
for the world’s second largest economy. Against the backdrop of a faltering global
economy, turmoil in the country’s stock markets and overcapacity in factories, Chinese
economic growth has slowed markedly. The country’s central bank expects growth in 2015 to be
the slowest for a quarter of a century. After growing 7.3% in 2014, the economy is
thought to have expanded by 6.9% in 2015 and the central bank has forecast that it may
slow further in 2016 to 6.8%. A series of interventions by policymakers,
including interest rate cuts, have done little to revive growth and in some cases served
only to heighten concern about China’s challenges. Its recent cut has seen The Chinese Stock
markets plunge by 7% on both Monday and Thursday of last week creating havoc throughout world
markets and significant falls in many countries. The official purchasing managers’ index
(PMI) of manufacturing activity edged up to 49.7 in December compared with 49.6 in November.
The December reading marked the fifth consecutive month that the index was below 50, the point
that separates expansion from contraction. According to Zhao Qinghe a senior statistician
at the national bureau of statistics: “Although the PMI slightly rebounded this month, it
still lies below the critical point and is lower than historic levels over the same period,”
Despite the more positive news from the services sector and housing market, economists are
worried that a weak series of PMI survey readings, from the national statistics offices and polls
carried out by the private sector, point to GDP growth that is slower than official estimates
suggest. Economists expect more stimulus measures in
2016 as Beijing seeks to boost demand in the economy and shore up confidence among Chinese
and foreign investors. Leaders have pledged to expand the country’s budget deficit this
year, to help boost growth with more government spending.
After a global rout in 2015, many analysts expect prices for commodities such as oil
and metals to remain volatile this year, increasing uncertainty for China as a big producer and
consumer of raw materials. China is also grappling with a slowdown in
neighbouring emerging economies that are important trading partners. Those countries in turn
are under pressure after the recent move by the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates
for the first time in almost a decade causing knock-on effects in currency, bond and stock
markets. So should Chinese growth reduce further than
many anticipate, then this will undoubtedly have an impact on demand for silver. “I think
if we do get GDP starting to point well below 7 percent for the next few quarters then (it
will affect) retail spending and wages (which will) further erode purchasing power for precious
metals,” Victor Thianpiriya, commodity strategist at ANZ Bank in Singapore, told the Economic
Times last August. Our view is that in the event of a continuing
slowdown, demand for silver will reduce and this will put further pressure on its price.
We can still see, to some extent, China’s Central Bank buying gold in order to hedge
its exposure to US dollar denominated assets, however domestic demand for gold could also
possibly reduce. We believe though the greater fall in our view will be in silver, certainly
as a percentage. So we suggest that you watch this market closely
and India too and to some extent they will give you an indication of what is likely to
happen in the months ahead. We hope you have found this video interesting
and informative and if so, please give it a thumb up and share it on twitter. Also kindly
visit our website regularly at Disclaimer: Illuminati Silver owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. I said China is the major world malinvestment never seen before. This isn't some US derivative property bubble but China everything. Governments meddle too much.

    When the fed lowers and they will summer to fall then buy this shiny stuff. Until then stay clear. By year end, the hard asset in the closet will come in handy.

  2. Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world. Wall Street screwed the world with no lube while it was bent over and got both bailouts AND bonuses while the peasants get to scrape the bottom of the barrel for scraps. And people think Trump is offensive??? At least he sounds like he could clean up the mess. And he doesn't allow politically correct to castrate him. If you are not in a special interest group, you're done. They don't care about you at all.

  3. China is done like I said last year. there economy is going to be like the 29 crash over here. What do you think will happen to the commodity sector when they sell there commodes are sold to cover there margin calls. let's try $5.00 silver and $600 gold and $20 oil.

  4. Thanks. Will reply soon! I must say its fascinating what's happening from all sides. Watch out…. Watch out… Watch out… Take it easy.

  5. All this stuff is a lot to take in.   I must say I am not enjoying any of it. Ultimately we can only hope for the best, but endeavourto protect ourselves as much as possible.     Thanks for another informative vid Illuminati.

  6. The porphyry gold mines in the Rockies saw an unseasonably warm winter last year with relatively little snow.These pit mines are massive and require many dump trucks the size of a house to pull that material out of a pit. Low oil prices were very motivating to push production to its limit. If I invested in mining companies I would look to those with large porphyry pit mines in their middle life production so long as oil does not spike or gold does not approach it's cut off price." Winter is the only time that premium on fuel are low.

  7. Agree silver may go down further…in saying that…a Gallon of Milk cost 50 cents in 1962…2 silver Quarters….Milk is now about $3.50 a gallon…2 silver Quarters now could (if you got spot=5.00) get you a Gallon plus now…yes silver could go down…along with many other things…so I feel buying carefully…Silver and Gold still isn't a bad thing to do…😉 Keep up the Great vids..

  8. Technical ure right mister Illuminati but if the stockmarket starts to melt further and harder and it will drag the rest of the worlds stockmarkets with it (what it always does wenn these things happen=its globaly) then we face a 1929 situation where pensions dont get payed people get the savings from the bank then banks get into trouble no goverment that can save them now and so on…

    Only 2016 vs 1929 is our money system globaly is crap in terms of value….if fiat money looses faith then things of real value like fuel medicines and those things will have real value just as metals on a certain level (what the price will be is a riddle to me but u need to check out to places like zimbabwe or other places that had massive inflation and see what happend there)

    If u study what happend in 29 u see lots of similiar things go to the stock market and u get rich borrow money for the stockmarket its secure and and and and once its start to go down its hard to stop…People want out and try to loose as little as possible and i just hope that not the case now cause a 29 situation globaly with money of no value……Would be a dark future..

  9. this deflationary cycles has hit most investments already ..but now it is hitting stock markets….DEFLATION AND CASH, ARE KING….SIT BACK, AND WAIT TO BUY THINGS AT FIRESALE PRICES…..ITS ALL COMING LOWER….

  10. the dow is down again today…it cant even muster up a small dead cat bounce….IMHO..anyone staying in this stock market, is asking for BIG LOSSES….

  11. Its beyond me why pundits think that movements in the Chinese markets are of any relevance at all. The market capitalization is low and the Chinese love to gamble and the speculation element internally on the Chinese market is much larger than in other markets. The gold and silver market seems to be nothing much to do with physical gold or real metal demand but related to derivatives and Fed and other central government manupulations. Why is it a suprise if Chinese growth is not along a line but a little wavy?

  12. crude with a USD 2 handle coming up. Freeport new 52 week low at $4.23, ouch! sitting on my hand for mid 3's.(edit) wonder if uncle Carl is averaging down, hahaha.

  13. Amazing how many economists use YouTube lol. This is China's first crash in over 40 years. Anyone worth his salt will tell you that crashes are good for two reasons:

    1. Designed to tell you to slow down.
    2. Designed to tell you to try something else.

    We will come back faster and stronger than ever. As of right now, we're moving from factory-driven growth to a consumer economy. That was always going to come with teething problems. The USA has bounced from recession to recession and still kept its head above water. China is no different.

  14. World commodity prices are tumbling oil and copper down again, I can see silver falling as you have stated in the past silver is mined in copper mines.
    companies have to service debts in USD so the mines are kept open, one strange exception is gold mines most of the big boys have been paying down debts and holding USD, most are in a better position than stackers think.

  15. What do you make of the numbers released that China's automobile sales are up 18%, That sounds like strength for oil and China spending.  Or is this mis-represented?

  16. if china buys mostly gold bullion and they continue to have slowing economy. how will this effect prices if price is based on futures "paper"?

  17. I live in Hong Kong and see a huge bubble in the property market here. A big part of that bubble is money coming from the main land. I personally hope we see a significant sell off in all asset classes as everything looks overvalued to me. Everything except mining stocks and precious metals. In this asset class I feel that there is less downside risk. Not to say it can't go lower.

  18. This is such a ridiculous bashing of the precious metals market. It totally ignores silver shortages and global precious metal demand against available supplies produced yearly. The silver demand will absolutely not reduce. That's utter gibberish. The gold & silver demand from the US mint have gone up by a factor of 10 relative to the same time last year. The global credit bubbles will need to find a place to allocate their capital that isn't already in a bubble. This guy works for JP Morgan.

  19. chew on this if you have precious metals you can make your own money … not illegal … you melt and pour rounds with your personal logo .. it only claims to be 99.9% of said weight and when analysed it slightly exceeds those claims what right minded person would refuse it…. think real money must be portable and verifiable …. we have portable gadgets these days to analyses stuff … they are making money from fractional lending it should be illegal…. maybe it will never happen BUT what the plan is too shocking to say out loud….. well in a grid down situation do you think industry demand for silver will matter .. if energy is a problem will batter work? we might be pouring our own rounds and silver traded in grams…. do put all you faith in bullion volts … if you do have …. you do not have …..the last thing they want is we can make our own money ….. think about it …. if I want to buy from you … what is acceptable is a matter between me and you … no one else we do not need the stock market or their rip off banks…..

  20. how do you forecast this kind of data with regards to currency devaluation? i was under the impression that canadian dollars devalued 30% against the american dollar so wouldn't a silver purchase before the devaluation be a good investment regardless? i thought a silver and/or gold buyout by people stacking was a hedge against a monetary collapse and had little to do with a stock market point of view. and i am curious how accurate you predictions are. i would love to see some objective hindsight about important institutes predictions for the preceded ten years prior to the 2008 collapse. surely an accurate predicition by aforementioned institutes preceding the 2008 collapse would lend credence to their validity?

  21. What happens when people all over the world start to realise that their paper money is becoming more and more worthless. I think people will start to get rid of their paper and turn it into something real. In this day and age who in their right mind would stack bankers paper.

  22. China needs to buy more US debt, that way we Lazy axx Americans can continue to print money. Those one welfare need free Chinese products, Those people in the hoods need to do runs on Walmarts Chinese goods. That's where 30 /40 of them go shopping for free stuff and run out the doors all at once. Soon nobody will be allowed in stores you'll order your stuff online pay for it and your order will be ready for pick up when you get to the checkout part of the store. This is the future theft prevention needed in the US. Any one notice most of those Walmart stores are closing in the Hoods. Let silver go down in price I'll be able to buy more of it. Not like it spoils in the safe.

  23. A simple thought let the silver and gold fall to new lows. It can be purchased cheaper that way. It can set in a safe for decades if need be without spoiling. One day it will be in demand again, at higher prices.

  24. must face the truth. All these things are foretold. The beginning of the end has long since begun. no amount of wealth will spare us from the tribulations to come. only faith in our Holy Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

  25. Gold and silver always go down in a deflationary environment, every time in human history…soon gold and silver will be nearly worthless in a world with a one world currency (digital) that doesn't even have enough food. Want a good investment? But toilet paper, ammo, water filtration devices, batteries and food.

  26. you guy say don't buy,,, So according to your beliefs, we should do the opposite, that means buy…. and silver will go up more than gold…….
    Thanks for the advice

  27. So wait… GDP growth is expected to "dip" below 7% to around 6.8%? And this is a reason to panic? How many Western countries would kill to have 1% growth, much less 6%…

  28. My philosophy is keep staking anything under $1500 for gold and $25 for silver is a bargain. They will both have there day.

  29. Silver went from 8 bucks to 16 in 37 years. This is perhaps because it is a waste product from other metals mining.
    Tarnished reputation.

  30. growth will only be marginal at best for China this year. This will cause a run on gold and silver because of zirp's around the world. There's no where else to put your wealth that is in any way safe. Expect gold to go up x 1.5 times it's value and silver to be on a 12 to 15 to one ratio with gold… in other words silver will go up to the point where 12 or 15 silver one once coins will get you one gold coin.

  31. The only reason that China has had double digit growth is because a third of their economy comes from Construction. For the last 10 t0 20 years they have been building ghost cities. When they can not longer afford to build these cities, their economy will fold. They currently have over 40 million vacant housing units in these ghost cities. China cooked the books.

  32. I don't believe this at all. Silver is becoming rare, Unlike Gold, silver is being thrown away every day in landfills. It is being sold right now for less then it costs to manufacturer it Now is the time to buy for sure. Silver is used in so many things. This is creepy to me.

  33. Not quiet correct. I think we should buy gold because the fiat currencies might collapse. The hope is that we will ultimately return to the Gold Standard.

  34. Do you even know what a depression means? Deflation followed by inflation due to devaluation = PM to the moon in relationship to purchasing power.  Hyperdeflation and hyperinflation have the exact same outcome which is devaluation.  So the paper prices of silver and gold will go down in USD terms followed by a direct break from physical and paper markets.  Why are silver and gold paper contracts sold you ask? Because of margin calls forcing entities to sell assets that are the most liquid first.  Governments can not exist without inflation which is why all models are based on exponential growth and require a banking system to expand credit infinitely.  The fact that you believe in a Ponzi scheme will not make you immune to the effects of it.  Just look at Canadian food prices and you will understand the meaning of purchasing power.  Purchasing power equals the labor you are able to command at any given time per unit.  The fact you have a lot of thumbs up on this utterly pointless video tells me you have a seriously misinformed audience.  My grandfather lived through the great depression and he told me one thing I will never forget the golden rule; he who has the gold makes the rules.

  35. China dump the US treasuries and petrol dollar. That's why US and the banksters dump China's equities. See how Citic Securities carry out short trade for its overseas customers without money even crossing the border. This is the negative side effects of China's wanting to open its door to the west without getting ready all the necessary regulations in placed. Be warned.

  36. keep stacking!!! Silver is supercheap and currencies are not certain at all. Your paper can be worthless overnight. silver can never be!

  37. Its a rigged game people. Up and down like a see-saw and only benefitting the few.
    See historical price data on silver way back to 1972:

  38. a majority of their GDP is Chinas stimulus, which is basically money invested, and jobs created that are bullshit. Building cities, that no one can afford to live in, and vacant, is not real GDP, they're fucked

  39. Keep stacking.    China is set up and poised with its massively large and well educated population, and manufacturing capability to continue with growth rates a few hundred percent higher than the economies in the west, which are now mostly in decline,    If china's growth rate drops to 3%, then the US and EU would drop into deep negative ranges 3 to 5% negative.This video was hog wash, its good to see that no one fell for it.

  40. Mr Illuminati, China is signing trade deals and buying up the world with their money. We are making weapons and giving them to Muslim extremists with ours. Now tell me who is better served by their current actions?

  41. Lots of misinformation here…beware. China's and Japan's market is in virtual freefall, with the intermittent bounce. PM's have been climbing, LBMA and the COMEX are in serious trouble…they are throwing everything at keeping the PM prices down, even blatantly rigging the fix a few weeks back…they don't even try to hide things now. It's not working….the cracks have begun, the dam is springing many leaks. Deutche Bank is getting ready to go under….that's the domino that lights the fuse. Sell your PM's if you want….but you will regret it very soon.

  42. India silver import was a record in 2014, and then another record in 2015, nearly 1/3 of world silver production.  Ya, keep on yakking on india and china slowdown.

  43. The most important fact about silver, besides its price manipulation by criminals, is that it is mined at a ratio of about 15 ounces of silver to 1 ounce of gold, yet it is valued in the paper market at a ratio of 70 to 1. We can assert without fear of contradiction that this situation cannot last.

  44. look at the history. Don't be upset at the ones who are smart enough to prepare for anything. PM's have been used as currency for 6k years. We have only been off the Gold standard since 1973, we see how that has worked out for us look at the debt. In 1973 a oz. of Gold was roughly 30$ a OZ. in 1973 you could buy a mid range tailored mens suit. Fast Forward till today gold is $1251.00 per OZ. Guess what you can get for that today? You guessed it a Mid range tailored mens suit. PM's are 100 times safer than the stock market with the way things are going today. I mean how do you implement a world currency without the currencies and economy's collapsing? In 2011 our countries debt was 96% of the GDP. Guess who just crossed the 100% of GDP margin? Why is silver a smart bet. LOOK AROUND YOU…… what are you scrolling with what did you check 200 times today? what sits atop your desk at work? an electronic device!!! on top of anti bacterial and viral properties, silver is the base line for electrical conductivity.
    Ohh and someone commented about people waiting for it to hit 30$s per oz. it did shortly after the housing market crashed, it hit $42.00 per oz. you want to know why its not at $142.00 per oz. today? its called stimulus packages, and the exchange stabilization fund…………… look into it for yourself, quit believing everything that is forced in your head. Don't be lazy do some research

  45. April 19th 2016 China announced quietly that they have a new gold backed Yuan. There was only one article by CNBC. On the same day China has begun buying large amounts of silver and as a reaction the big banks followed suit and have also been buying large amounts of silver. Will there be a silver shortage instigated by China's new interest in silver? If there is a silver shortage what will happen to the derivative market?

  46. Infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible. The old "lilly pond" example is: "Suppose that you have a lilly pond and lillies that double their number each day. After two weeks the pond is one half full of pond lillies. How long will it take to fill the second one half?" The answer is one day! And, what happens on the next day? They DIE! We now have a world of 7 billion people who "want to live like Americans," even if they don't like us. (i.e. the Chinese) LOL world. (old geologist)

  47. Chinese economy slows down lol, the US economy is far far worse than the Chinese, the first quarter of the US economic growth is only 0.5%, super pathetic, just matter of the time the US economy will collapse and US dollar will drops dead, gold and silver will rise rise and rise.

  48. China's debt is growing, substantially. Gold helps solidify obligations. Is this a signal to the world that China is trying to overthrow the dollar, or minimize it's own economic collapse? Is this video an effort to raise suspicion of collusion, or to explain more underlying economic issues? Maybe it's only to inform gold and silver buyers about what is happening in China, but they probably already know that, right? When predictionist meet sensationalism all sorts of things arise. Good video..

  49. I might agree with you if like everyone and their dog was buying up silver. But because this has been going on so long, mainstream people have given up on silver. I would be more leary of BitCoin in 2018 because it is talked about nonstop!

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