Gold and silver down – US Non Farm Payrolls surge to 271,000 jobs and unemployment falls to 5%

Gold and silver down – US Non Farm Payrolls surge to 271,000 jobs and unemployment falls to 5%

Welcome to illuminati silver we tell you the
truth about silver. Today is Friday 6th November 2015 and we are
going to cover today’s announcement of the US Non-Farm payroll/jobs Report.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that nonfarm payrolls grew 271,000 for the
month, and the headline unemployment rate declined to 5%. Economists polled by Reuters
expected the nonfarm payrolls report to show 180,000 new jobs added in October, with the
unemployment rate to hold steady at 5.1% A broader measure of unemployment that includes
those who have stopped looking as well as those working part time, for economic reasons,
declined to 9.8%, the first time it’s been below 10% since May 2008. The jobless rate
is now at a level many Fed officials view as consistent with full employment.
Professional and business services led sector gains with 78,000 new jobs last month. Administrative
and support services added the most of the group with 46,000 jobs. Health care grew by
45,000 workers, retail added 44,000 and restaurants and bars increased by 42,000.
Construction also added 31,000 workers, though the mining sector lost 5,000 jobs. Government
payrolls grew by 3,000. Growth in average hourly earnings jumped 9
cents, representing a monthly gain of 0.6 percent and an annualized increase of 2.5
percent. The average work week remained at 34.5 hours.
Market traders immediately began bracing for the possibility of a December rate hike.
Mark Hamrick, senior economic analyst at Said – “We can check off a number of good-news
boxes with this report. It’s hard to find any bad-news boxes to check off,” Shortly
after the report was issued, Chicago Federal Reserve President Charles Evans told CNBC
the much stronger-than-expected report is “very good news” and supports his 2016 economic
outlook of 2.5% growth. J.J. Kinahan, chief strategist for TD Ameritrade
said about interest rates “It looks like the market is telling you it’s fairly in the cards”……..One
thing we know about rate moves is once they move they move at a very quick pace.”
The U.S. dollar gained 1.4% against the euro as currency traders began pricing in higher
rates. Robert Craig, Private Client Investment Manager
at MB Capital in London said “In the short term, this is likely to trigger
increased volatility, but if rates edge up and the world doesn’t end, markets will start
gaining confidence,” ….. “For a while now, it has felt like the Fed has wanted to clear
the psychological hurdle of that first rate rise, and it’s now got that opportunity.”
So what has happened to Gold and silver as a result? Well at the time of producing this
video, Gold stands at $1089 that’s $53 down since the start of the week and silver stands
at $14.75 down some 79 cents on the week. We predicted some time ago that once October
was out of the way, we would see gold and silver continue its decline, though we were
a little more supportive of gold than silver because of the number of black swans swimming
around. Well this is exactly what has happened and further, there now becomes a real possibility
that rates may rise in December. Whether they do or they do not, the impression the markets
will have is that they will, and as a result, the dollar has strengthened and may continue
to do so, again as we forecast. The result is not good for either gold or silver at this
stage, though it could be argued that if the economy is genuinely improving, then silver
will become a little more robust. We still see gold falling below the $1080
level and move closer to the $1000 and silver; having already broken below $15 will certainly
test the early $14 level, in our view, and could quite possibly move into $13 territory
very soon. Next week will give us all an indication as to how the markets have digested this news
and as further economic statistics are revealed in the remaining weeks of this year, a very
firm trend for 2016 will become established. We hope you have found this video helpful
and informative, and would appreciate it if you would give it a thumb up, comment and
if you haven’t already done so please subscribe. Disclaimer: Silver Illuminati owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. A real improvement to me would for there to be a higher ratio of full-time to part-time jobs added. A great number of these jobs being added are part/time jobs and so, in reality, if we were to calculate these as legitimate full-time jobs, as would be the case in a normal healthier economy, the number of total jobs would be much lower than the report states itself. For example, if 100,000 part-time jobs are added, than that would roughly only equate to about 50,000 actual full-time jobs. Most Americans need full-time work to stay caught up with their bills and way of living in general, etc. There are still other fundamental areas that I am concerned about too. We should see what the upcoming quarter brings us and especially the Holiday season. This should help paint a better picture.

  2. Does this mean I shouldn't keep stackin? Silver the most undervalued asset in world history? So wait if you believe the Fed ,so where do you believe the over night Fed Fund Rate hike will be priced at? Real rates Vs Nominal Rates?
    Are we seeing quarter bases points this December? I don't think anyone at the Fed is talking 21% circa 1981 style rates.
    I am not sure stackers & the peter schiff bots have priced in G&S into the rate hike.
    it's just hard to tell with stacker's because they are very emotional what other indicators can we see , what GLD SLV Dow markets non commodities.

  3. I personally am skeptical regarding these numbers . Could this be something manipulated for the up coming election ? Stranger things have happened.

  4. Rates are going nowhere, the only weapon the Fed have left is the media statement that rates "will rise next month honest". I've heard the saying "fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you" but whats the saying for fool me for 9 years, year after year, month after month because that's what's been happening. How market still continue to move based on this deception is beyond me. Rates are never going up again and the day they do go up is when the central banks have decided the game is up and they want to hoover up the properties of mortgage defaulters for some hard assets rather than paper nothingness.

  5. With numbers like these we should be booming but thats not happening . So I guess China's been fixed so they can raise rates now. Last time they said they didn't raise rates because of China and it wasn't 48 hours later before they started the talk all over again about things going great and raising rates . Same thing again in 3…2 1 ? I wonder what excuse they'll come up with this time to not raise rates . What a clown show they are 🙂

  6. Personally I don't believe half of what the government says, I wonder what economist John Williams of shadow would say of this type of gov. propaganda you are referring to?

  7. This definitely flies contrary to Peter Shiff,  who states the world is in a pickle and there is nothing left but to run. The economy is doomed!! Very strange how it gold continues down when he thinks it should be in high demand. This is very contrary to the US economy which appears to be ready for its first rate high since 2008.

  8. This latest FED statement lends me to believe that Janet Yellen's father is in fact Geppetto the wood cutter!

    After so many years now of talking of raising rates, it would be interesting to see what a mere 25 basis point rate rise would do to a vastly over leveraged market? Before the real carnage starts though, I would expect the Dow to move to 20,000+ along with a rising dollar. Gold to retest the $1000 mark, more than likely between 1070 and 1040, with silver moving down to the low 14s or 13.80. Any lower, And we could see silver down to the high 12's and gold below 1000. Please note. These are only my personal thoughts.

    As for gold and silver I do believe they have more than their fair share of manipulation, via the paper market. I also believe that once this Ponzi scheme comes to an end, JP Morgan etc will then be in a position where they will have covered their short paper with physical metal and can then put all their efforts into manipulating prices back up.

  9. These numbers are not close to accurate. Substantial revisions are the norm rather than the exception. Look at the past months changes and you'll see a lot of downward movement. I don't know who tallies these numbers, but it appears he/she needs to change out their bong water. When they make revisions of up to 50,000 or more, you simply must question their methods and tactics. They are using sloppy and inaccurate surveying techniques. We do not get factual information, we get spin that has an agenda of some sort behind it. This 5% unemployment number sounds good on paper but in actuality, anybody with a brain knows they aren't counting those who have simply given up looking for work in a "quality job" jobless recovery. It's rather pathetic that Washington gives no weight to job quality. If 1,000 well paid middle managers get laid off and then 1,000 fast food workers get hired, the autistic powers that be in Washington will consider it to be a wash. LOL.

  10. When it comes to prospective interest rate rises, I continue to take the view that I'll believe it when I see it. The Fed will be under a lot of pressure not to rock the economic boat during a presidential election year. I think the Fed and the other central banks will only raise rates when inflation starts to rise, and even then the rate rises will probably lag behind inflation, leaving real interest rates of approximately zero or even negative. Against that background, I'll be happy to accumulate a little gold while the price is low.

  11. Most interesting thing about jobs numbers? Workers over 55 made up all of the gains! Workers between 25-54 actually lost jobs!

    I still believe the time to buy gold and long term bonds is immediately after the first rate hike. I believe an economic recession within 6 months of a rate hike is quite possible. The Fed has never raised rates into an earnings/revenue recession.

  12. There should also be a lot of seasonal hiring coming up through the end of the year. Hopefully this will continue downward pressure on PM prices so I can continue to grow my stack.

  13. What's truly absurd is the revisions downward or upward later on are completely meaningless, as the numbers are taken as fact when they come out. The markets react based on those numbers instead of the revisions. It seems rather pointless to have such a sloppy assessment system that gets changed by leaps and bounds after the fact. It's as if the actual numbers don't mean anything to anyone. It's all about spin and filters. The agenda behind those false appearances is rather scary to contemplate. Washington is a farce, yet there are so many incompetents there earning six figure salaries. They are being paid to fail. Where is the value?

  14. USD up and deflation will mean these metals will become super bargains, but not yet.  We are at the end of the cycle and the complete set of economic data in regards to growth or rate of change clearly shows deflation and decelerating growth.  If the Fed moves up, it won't be long after that where they will lower and then race even lower faster. That would be the time.  Except for swing trades, I'm going to watch these go down for now.Is the 271k true? I don't know.  Could be revised later to 180k.  Still lower high at this point.  I physically don't see businesses increasing wages desperately trying to hire the masses.  I don't see cranes all over erecting new businesses.  Maybe I'm in the wrong part of the country where this is going on. By the way, jobs are late in the cycle.With credit risks rising… that could lead to an event and change my general thought of the PM market.I don't see silver trading as an industrial metal.  Other than some 2011 data, the correlation is high although long-term decreasing.  Maybe that decreasing is due to global growth slowing and the industrial side of it, but it is predominately traded as a precious metal/currency/inflation expectation trade.  Correlation between 0.8-1.0

  15. Do you find it odd that the vast majority of jobs were for 55+, while the young workers actually declined? Also, labor force participation is at all time near lows.

    Do we really accept so many new construction workers 55+ makes sense?

    Do we really believe that manufacturing decline can justify a jobs report like this?

    Could this all be the illusion being created to justify the rate hike?

    Honestly, who in their right mind can believe any of these reports? The report is completely absurd.

  16. In this video, you posited that the dollar would strengthen and thus weaken gold. Which does make sense in normal markets. What is your position that the Central Banks collude to depress gold as a barometer of inflation (aka printing) and thus a strengthening of the dollar gives them the ability to reduce pouring money into that mechanism?
    Back to Plat… since it took a hit with a weakened economy and reduced demand due to diesel (VW) … Your view that silver would firm up with the economy… would that also hold for Plat? or will this be a very slow recovery for the other white metal?

  17. Does anybody remember the fed saying 6% unemployment would be the right labor market for a rate hike now we are at 5% and still nothing lol.

  18. I would bet many of these jobs are just part time Christmas season jobs. My gut feeling is we are going down a very bad road soon.

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