Gold and Silver Manipulation

Gold and Silver Manipulation

Hello, this is Scott…
And this is a special Hyper Report for April 1st 2012 Althougth the Treasurer of the State of South
Carolina does not believe that state funds should be
invested in gold and silver, there are statements that
are most enlightening. The offical report states that there has been
naked short selling causing artificial price supression of gold
and silver by JP Morgan,
HSBC, the London Bullion Market Association,
and the Federal Reserve. This is important for three different reasons. 1. For years, there have been a multitude
of complaints about the the manipulation of the price of gold and silver
and the government has not made any form of corrective action. 2. The Federal Government, because of discriminiation,
cannot simply cherry pick when and how to enforce laws.
Meaning they would be descriminating against a party if they start enforcing, or making,
laws to this end. 3. The 10th ammendment reserves rights, not
stated in the U.S. Consitution, to the states or to the people. By these reasons, and others that can be brought
up, the U.S. Federal government has essentially
nullified itself concerning precious metals now
and hence forth. This means, that any possible nationalization,
or confiscation of gold and silver, would be illegal,
because the goverment would have discriminated in favor of the banks against the people. At this point, the people now have the right,
not to surrender their wealth in physical gold and silver,
to the U.S. Governemnt; therefore, keep stacking. Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating
economic and social unrest. Good Day


  1. Its held in the COMEX system (not so bright)
    They UoT just avoided rolling over the front month futures contract each month.

  2. The weather has been insane…Lots of chemtrailing and weather anywhere from 30 degrees F to 80 degrees F in a matter of a couple days…rain and snow… I am here…lurking…My BF and I had a ritual of watching you, TFMR, SGTBull, Keiser and other news on youtube together…usually from his account…so I don't comment as him…Sometimes I watch youtube from my TV via a device…no option to comment… 🙂 I almost never miss a report…Hope you and your are well. Thanks!

  3. I'm loving these videos, it's like watching Charlie Brown on speed. And slightly more educational than philospohical.

  4. A bit naive don't you think? 1. We would still have to be a nation of laws for laws to mean anything. 2. Anybody who doesn't understand that these many recent blatantly illegal acts are only going to continue & escalate will still be giving up their gold & silver literally at the point of a govt. gun on their families. 3. It is kinda cute that you are so outraged about how these laws are being ignored but we are way way past that now. Some states won't go fema plan, move if you haven't yet.

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