Gold and Silver Price Manipulation – Part 6 of 11 – by illuminati Silver

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation –  Part 6 of 11 –  by illuminati Silver

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 9th February 2016 and we
are addressing the issue of Gold and Silver price manipulation. In parts 1 -3 we highlighted
the main advocates who have accused Governments and Central Banks of such manipulation. In
videos 4 and 5 we highlighted some of the main forms of alleged manipulation including
naked shorting and manipulation of the London Fixes; and today we are briefly covering OTC
or Over the Counter Derivatives and High Frequency Trading.
Now before we discuss how OTC derivatives are allegedly used to suppress the price of
gold and silver, we should firstly define what an OTC derivative is:
‘Over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives are contracts that are traded (and privately negotiated)
directly between two parties, without going through an exchange or other intermediary.
Products such as swaps, forward rate agreements, exotic options – and other exotic derivatives
– are almost always traded in this way.’ So, OTC derivatives are privately structured
contracts created essentially by large banks. They are a paper, or derivative, form of an
underlying financial instrument or commodity. Little is known about them outside of those
who operate such systems and the CFTC do not regulate them.
The absence of regulation means that information is not available that would indicate the purposes
for which the banks use these derivatives. According to Dr Paul Craig Roberts, ‘when
JPMorgan was investigated for its short silver position on Comex, the bank convinced the
CFTC that its short position on Comex was a hedge against a long position via OTC derivatives.
In other words, JPMorgan used its OTC derivatives to shield its attack on the silver price in
the futures market.’ In an article written on his website on 8th
July 2015 he states “During 2015 the attack on bullion prices has intensified, driving
the prices lower than they have been for years. During the first quarter of this year there
was a huge upward spike in the quantity of precious metal derivatives. If these were
long positions hedging the banks’ Comex shorts, why did the price of gold and silver
decline?” He goes on to add “The circumstantial evidence
is that the unregulated OTC derivatives in gold and silver are not really hedges to short
positions in Comex, but are themselves structured as an additional attack on precious metal
prices. If this supposition is correct, it indicates that seven years of bailing out
the big banks that control the Federal Reserve and US Treasury at the expense of the US economy,
has threatened the US dollar to the extent, that the dollar must be protected at all cost,
including US regulatory tolerance of illegal activity to suppress gold and silver prices.”
Another alleged form of manipulation is that called the HFT or High Frequency Trading Wash.
High Frequency Trading or HFT is a program trading platform that uses powerful computers
to transact a large number of orders at very fast speeds. It uses complex algorithms to
analyse multiple markets and execute orders based on market conditions. Typically, the
traders with the fastest execution speeds will be more profitable than traders with
slower execution speeds. U.S. regulators have, over the past few years,
carried out a number of investigations to look into whether high-frequency traders are
routinely distorting stock and futures markets by illegally acting as buyer and seller in
the same transactions. Such transactions, known as wash trades, are
banned by U.S. law because they can feed false information into the market and be used to
manipulate prices. Intentionally taking both sides of a trade can minimize financial risk
for the trading firm while potentially creating a false impression of higher volume in the
market. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is
focused on suspected wash trades by high-speed firms in futures contracts tied to the value
of crude oil, precious metals, agricultural commodities and the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock
index, among other underlying instruments. The accusations here have been that such trade,
increasing perceived volume have successfully manipulated the gold and silver market by
creating false impressions about trade levels, especially when in a downward trajectory.
So in summary, it is generally alleged that gold and silver prices are forced artificially
low to create the illusion that metals have little value… and the volatility scares
off new buyers. The U.S. government and its allies on Wall Street play this dangerous
game to engineer artificial confidence in the dollar.
Bullion banks are government’s complicit brokers, and do this by selling their mix of real physical
and pretend paper gold and silver through contracted futures, options, and exchange
traded funds. With manipulations of the London Fix, OTC derivatives and HFT washes, these
bodies have a number of sophisticated systems to ensure that gold and silver prices are
held down for as long as is humanly possible. Our next 2 videos will highlight some of those
who believe that manipulation does not occur in the bullion market and their arguments
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  1. i seen a 1 0z james math silver bar on a Canadian Police Auction website go for $78.00 …with 27 bids on sunday night….certainly a frenzy buy attitude up there….had to have a canadian address to bid/buy

  2. Ya, well, Its all about to come crashing down. And why yes, i did find this video interesting and informative, as well as fortify my thoughts.

  3. egghead hackers build programs to jump queue of other program in trafic waiting to trade. the speeds that some of these trades is quite remarkable . micro seconds or less

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