Gold and Silver rise as Trump leads in ABC Poll

Gold and Silver rise as Trump leads in ABC Poll

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 1st November 2016 and we
are just very briefly highlighting the rise in gold and silver prices today. Since 00
GMT gold has risen by $15 and silver by 46 cents. It’s no coincidence that this occurs
shortly after the Washington Post announces that its latest poll – Post-ABC Tracking Poll:
shows Trump at 46, and Clinton at 45. If the other polls narrow as we mentioned
on Saturday, we can see some further rises in gold and silver prices this week. If the
opposite occurs, then some profit taking will result.
It’s also worth noting that the dollar index has also fallen by 0.7 to 97.73 again adding
to gold and silver strength. We thought you’d like to know.
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  1. Markets have prepared for a Hillary win thanks to CNN and the likes. The truth is that Trump has way more support. We should see a rally in November followed by a retracement in December and a nice high for May 2017.

  2. These poll results are funny. 46 and 45 with a +/- 3 error. I wonder if they are using the same company that Great Britain used to determine if Brexit would occur. Lol.

  3. Thanks, i missed out on the rise yesterday, so took the chance this morning and buyed 4000 ounce silver, I'm using Plus500 so some risk i there, when i saw FBI again have put presure on Clinton.

  4. Recession will be confirmed in 2017. Even the big banks are acknowledging it now. Therefore I see President Hillary announcing a $1 trillion+ stimulus package by the fall of 2017. Even if the Fed raises rates in December (which I think they will), will only be a "token". A 0.5% Fed funds rate…. LOL. As Alan Greenspan and even Illuminati Silver have said repeatedly, the US is in a steady decline. Plan accordingly…..

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