Gold and Silver Update – October 2015 – by Illuminati Silver

Gold and Silver Update – October 2015 – by Illuminati Silver

Welcome to illuminati Silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 12th October 2015 and we are
issuing this video to update you on the current state of the gold and silver markets and our
view for the weeks and months ahead. Well at the time of production, gold currently
stands at $1162 up a little over 5% on a month ago, and silver stands at $15.85 up a little
over 9% on a month ago. Now before we become too excited by this,
we have to place it into perspective. Comparing like with like, over the past 12 months, gold
has fallen some 5.14% and silver has fallen by 8.33% in dollar terms. We mention this,
because some commentators are stating that for 2015 gold and silver prices are higher.
Now whilst this is true, it’s somewhat sleight of hand. The reason being is that we are currently
in the two months where traditionally gold and silver prices are at, or near, their highest,
partly because of the ‘Indian Love Trade and jewellery trade, partly because of the
disappointing jobs reports, partly because the FED’s failure to raise interest rates
and partly due to the military involvement of Russia in Syria and some of the consequences
which may develop as a result. Now in fairness, and to be transparent, we
predicted back in March of this year that gold was going to fall close to $1000 and
silver was going to go lower into the early $14 territory and below and possibly as low
as $12 by the end of the year or early into the new year. It was certainly heading that
way with gold having reached $1082 on 24th July and silver reaching a low of $14.16 on
26th August. Our assessment was based upon current supply and demand credentials, a reduction
in World Trade and the possible need for the US to raise interest rates in September – which
they failed to do. Peter Schiff was never convinced that interest rates would rise,
however, we felt that by doing so, albeit by a small amount, the FED would have maintained
the strength of the dollar and to some extent, prick the Stock Market asset bubble, which
virtually all commentators agree has risen too high, too quickly, and is unhealthy medium
term. This did not come to pass, and having seen
the jobs report a little over a week ago, we can understand why the FED failed to raise
rates, and even Bloomberg are now predicting no rate hike until 2016.
So what does all this mean for gold and silver today?
Firstly, we have to say, we are still more bullish for gold than silver in the short
to medium term. The reason is simply that while World Economic growth slows, and bear
in mind that the IMF have downgraded growth again for the coming year, silver will be
adversely affected because of diminishing industrial demand. To counter this, there
is likely to be a movement towards gold by the Central Banks and larger investors, as
it is seen as a monetary metal, and silver’s close relationship to gold will also witness
an increase in demand for silver as a result. The key question is, will Industrial demand
fall more or less than investor demand rises for silver? This is difficult to quantify.
However, bear with us for a moment. Secondly, Russian and US military actions
in Syria are creating political tensions. With much of the Western World embarked on
an ‘anti-Russian’ course, we shall certainly see a ‘flexing of political and military
muscles’ by these two contenders, which will create an air of instability, and the
one aspect investors do not like (unless of course they are day trading) is uncertainty,
and they may very well move towards gold as a hedge.
Thirdly, we must still not forget that we are in the season for high gold and silver
demand. Gold tends to do well in September because it’s the run-up to several events
that can drive up gold consumption. Jewellery makers start to stock gold ahead
of October’s Diwali, one of India’s most important religious festivals. September also
kicks off the post-monsoon wedding season in India.
Jewellery makers also stock gold in September ahead of the holy month of Ramzan in Muslim
countries such as the United Arab Emirates. In addition, this year the Retail squeeze
on a number of silver products, coupled with a rising of premiums, also kept the pressure
up on maintaining higher gold and silver prices. This may very well subside by the end of October
and early November. There is already evidence of more products being made available to the
dealers by the Mint’s which will, we believe, inevitably reduce this upward pressure.
Fourthly, we still cannot help but feel that the US jobs report which had such a profound
influence on the markets and precious metals, may have been a case of ‘getting out all
of the bad news at once, and perhaps exaggerating it’. In other words, overstate the downward
jobs figures; only possibly to revise them upwards next month and perhaps show a slight
improvement for the current month, thereby ‘bringing back’ the possibility that rates
may indeed be raised before the end of the year, or early into next year. This will then
serve to stabilize the dollar yet again, without actually having to go through the pain of
raising rates. Fifthly, technical traders also have a hand
in this. Whereas we have seen their power upon influencing prices on the way down, with
gold and silver having reached or breached their 200 day moving average, this could indeed
have a bullish effect on both metals and the way in which it is traded.
So what is our conclusion from these varying factors? On balance, whilst we were initially
surprised that silver passed through the $16 level, we cannot help but wonder on reflection;
with appalling jobs figures, the non-raising of interest rates, problems with Russia including
its involvement with Syria, with September and October traditionally being the months
of higher precious metal prices, and a retail silver shortage, why we haven’t seen even
higher prices for both metals? Now some may argue we shall and soon. We are however still
reticent and are not ready at this stage to say the bear market has turned the corner,
not yet. If you take a look at the 1 year, 3 year and 5 year charts, the trend is still
down. There are still high levels of product being mined, the envisaged mine closures have
not occurred, and industrial demand, we forecast, will be lower for the year compared with last
year. We believe that we may very well see some consolidation at these levels for a few
weeks certainly, and then, unless the geopolitical situation ‘gets out of hand’ the downward
trend may indeed continue. If however, gold breaches the $1250 level and silver the $18
level, then we may very well change our position, but even the rises of recent weeks, though
a little exciting, are still insufficient to stir the illuminati blood.
We hope you have found this video helpful and informative, and would appreciate it if
you would give us a thumb up or down, comment and if you haven’t already done so subscribe. Disclaimer: Silver Illuminati owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. IS I have noticed all of a sudden there are more silver rounds available and other products just as the price has gone north as well as the premiums my gut feeling is it will go back down but Im not an expert just a hunch even pt has gone up in this little rise…… thanks as always

  2. well from your stated background in banking you should know fractional reserve banking is a soft way of saying money from nothing

    so if the make money from nothing then even one billionth of one percent is usery

    you seem to state you are OK with this criminal activity

    of the the reperposed FEMA camp for you

  3. firmly standing next to the bear on this one. great video. for it to struggle to get into the $16 after watching the chart extensively with anticipation i can safely say the bear is strong and seeing $16.08 was a shock for me not knowing the current factors you just said and i agree in turn with why is it not higher. (good news for the long term investor)

  4. I read that the Goverments around the world were about ready to push hard for more Solar energy production, as in Solar panels, if this so, it could replace the lost use of silver suffered by the change in photography picture development.

  5. Fed will not raise rates again until after the next financial crisis. In fact, schiff has the most plausible next steps. QE4 of some kind. More talk about helicopter money coming.

    Jobs is only the beginning. Worse news into the end of year. If they were planning to game the marker, they wouldn't have revised lower the previous months without making a big deal of it. The revision was silent without comment.

    Both metals will be higher by year end.

  6. In past videos you said silver is typically at its lowest in the fall months. Now you are saying it is typically at it highest.

  7. I have to admit error.  I was confident that gold and silver would be lower by years end, but so far there has been some strength/ stability .  Theres still 10 weeks left in 2015 , so its possible a downtrend will ensue….but for the last several weeks, metals have looked good .

  8. I am shocked at how deflation has taken over , and yet metals have shown some strength in the last few weeks.  I live in a farming area…and a few years ago,  a bale of hay sold for $70…that same bale of hay is selling for $20 today.  Oil is down, natural gas is  down ,  iron is down ,etc.  If gold/silver ends higher by years end { then current prices]  , then my opinions on metals prices were completely wrong.

  9. I also have to wonder, how much longer people will be willing to pay $4 over spot price, for 1 oz silver eagles/ maples. At $16 per oz..that's a 25% premium, which is outrageous.

  10. In the jewelry world, at least what my wife tells me , silver is very in vogue as far as jewelry is concerned. I checked it out and Tiffany says it will be expanding it's silver collection over gold this upcoming year. Now will that create a increase in silver prices ? I doubt it unless this becomes a future long term trend in jewelry but who knows.

  11. there is a mixture of blood and oil in the water.. Russia, Iran and China are maneuvering.. North Korea will enter the theater at some time.. EU is moving away from the US.. Russia and China will collapse the petrodollar WW3 is coming.

  12. Thank you for making these video's.  Good food for thought here….burnt out on all the billionaire investors claiming the stock market and the dollar is going to crash and silver is going to the moon.  Here we just get the facts and current climate…..very nice !!

  13. Very well said!!! Thank you for the presentation of truth. I wish you spoke a little quicker. It does become hard to listen to the slow speaking commentary.

  14. Illuminati AG some food for thought… Currently the Swedish Riksbank has begun to offer negative interest rates.  Since Sweden is swiftly becoming a cashless society and that makes it hard to hide Kroner under one's mattress do you see a move towards hoarding neo-Viking caches of treasure or will the Swedish State move against such as did FDR so long ago?

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