Gold and Silver Update – w/e 10th February 2017

Gold and Silver Update – w/e 10th February 2017

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 11th February 2017 and we
are providing our gold and silver weekly update for the week ending 10th Feb.
Gold rose in US dollar terms last week by $14 from $1219 to $1234 having hit a high
of $1243 and a low of $1219. In sterling terms gold finished the week at £988 that’s up
£11, and in Euros it closed at 1159 Euros that’s up 29 Euros on the week.
Silver rose by 45 cents from $17.50 to $17.95 having reached a high of $18 and a low of
$17.47. In sterling terms it closed at £14.38 that’s up 36 pence for the week and in Euros
it closed at 16.87 euros that’s up 0.65 Euros.
The Gold to Silver Ratio fell from 69.66:1 to 68.75:1
The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 20269 up 96 points on the day and up 198 points on
the week, and the NASDAQ closed at 5734 up 19 points on the day and up 68 points on the
week. Brent Crude was down 11 cents at $56.70 and
US Light Crude was up 3 cents at $53.86 The dollar index stands at 100.80 that’s
up 0.93 on the week. Gold remained in positive territory all week
despite one or two comments suggesting that the FED may raise rates in March. The stock
markets picked up when President Trump stated he was close to announcing a beneficial tax
plan and tensions were eased when he told the Chinese President that he would support
the “One China Policy” with regards to Taiwan.
This week there is a large amount of economic data expected, including Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s
testimony, and a key report on U.S. consumer inflation that is expected to come in at 0.3%.
Yellen could shake up the markets, depending on whether she comes out hawkish or dovish.
The key support area on the downside is around $1207 while resistance seems reasonably fixed
at $1261 its very likely that this coming week gold will bounce between support and
resistance. Silver too has been strong and especially
on Friday afternoon when it jumped 30 cents setting itself up for further strength into
next week. For now, there is considerable support at the $17 level and we should certainly
see silver test $18 – $18.50 this week, though we believe there will be some resistance there
which should hold for a while – again though subject to what Janet Yellen says this week
about interest rates. What we caution here and this is extremely
important, information is reaching us that even the FED now wants to curb the dollar
strength. President Trump knows too well that a strong dollar harms exports, and his tax
cutting policies could well cause the dollar to fall and the FED may not raise rates to
protect it, though we still believe there will be two rate rises this year.
What has happened this week is that stock markets have gone up, the dollar has risen,
and gold and silver have also risen. Now we believe that Trump is good for the stock market
short term which would normally cause precious metal prices to fall – but for the moment,
it appears they are well supported simply because a large amount of uncertainty still
abounds and the likelihood that President Trump will embark on economic policies that
may very well cause the dollar to fall – not drastically, but sufficient to underpin precious
metal prices. So we are basically saying, subject to what
Janet Yellen says this week, that if you have silver to buy, then seriously consider doing
so on dips as at least for the next few months, prices are likely to remain firm and even
possibly rise up close to the $20 level. Circumstances are changing, and so must our recommendations. We hope you have found this video interesting
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of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
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  1. as it stands the gold usd ratio shows dollar weakness despite the figures. think about it gold is 1230ish at 100 dollar index where as dec year let's say 4th December for both gold was 1192 against 100usd index. showing a true relative value 11.9 oz per indice against 12.3 currently meaning a 3% devalue in the usd. interesting times ahead. what good is a reserve currency if it's relative value acts as if it's a floating currency against gold lol

  2. What dips? They've been paltry since December 23rd and have been followed by bounces to higher highs. A dip would be welcomed. As for the "federal" reserve, those demand-side LOSERS aren't in any hurry to raise rates, not even to hose the Donald.

  3. The silver charts, which i am concentrating on, show bearish divergence so i am expecting a bit of a pull back before the next push higher.

    There has been some large buyers of physical very active this week. Time is running out for the paper market. The cheap gold and silver is running out. Hopefully the algos and HFT's will knock price down a bit when auntie Janet starts yacking and then i can reload.

  4. Thank you, IS! Don't think there will be a hike in March, but likely in June, IF jobs and wages look good. I think any inflation we see in my area will be in Housing (through the roof right now), and food (virtually everywhere on the planet); but of course, not all inflation levels are reported. Expect food stuffs to rise strongly over the next couple of years, if not in a downright crisis. Can't urge people enough to buy some extra each time you go to the store.

  5. My main concern is that the GSR is stuck at right around 70 give or take a couple. I'm afraid the next leg might be up, when everyone thinks it should be down.

  6. There was a dip on Thursday down to the 17.70 level. $20 silver would be impressive, that would be a nearly 25% increase in the price of silver since the start of the year – probably would be mentioned on the mainstream news channels.

    I do recall perhaps 2 weeks ago when silver was $17.14 you said that silver has basically reached a new resistance level and that this may represent a good buying opportunity. I wish I had listened.

    I do recall Cabadejo being correct in predicting higher prices when levels were in the $16.50 range – should have listened to that one. A call option at the time would have been incredibly profitable at this juncture.

  7. mid febuary chaos begins to become a contagion as Italy finally skids to a stop. France will bail out too. the EUnis dead. Bank runs, forfietures, bankrupties, depression, real estate market correction 60%. credit dries up, b pf a gone, wells fargo gone . there is very little time left before the markets pop.

  8. Silver did break the $18 level as I predicted it would last week…this upcoming week i think will be sideways its not clear to me yet silver can hold that $18 mark just yet..although I would love to see it continue to rise and finally break the $20 mark asap and stay there

  9. Great Video… I spent quite a bit on charts last time (despite I don't like technical analysis and I'm greenhorn :P) and you've confirmed my expectations by this video. I think that in a little longer term, gold will go in the channel up to about 1300USD and then will be bigger correction…. of courser if there won't be any additional extraordinary reasons to shake the gold… times are quite interesting now, both in USA and EU

  10. what about the BOE and the £, with the £'s weakness do you see it strengthening up or do you see Carney weakening the £ again. plus what is your take on the £ against gold moving forward mid-term and long-term. one more question, with elections in Europe do you think the Euro will strengthen on the lead up to the German election?

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