Gold and Silver Update w/e 11th Nov 2016

Gold and Silver Update w/e 11th Nov 2016

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 12th November 2016 and we
are providing our gold and silver weekly update for the week ending 11th November.
Gold fell in US dollar terms last week by $81 from $1304 to $1223, having hit a high
of $1336 and a low of $1221. In sterling terms gold finished the week at £970 that’s down
£71, and in Euros it closed at 1127 Euros that’s down 45 Euros on the week.
Silver fell $1.18 from $18.43 to $17.25 having reached a high of $19.01 and a low of $17.22.
In sterling terms it closed at £13.68 that’s down £1.04 for the week and in Euros it closed
at 15.91 euros that’s down 0.66 Euros. The Gold to Silver Ratio rose slightly from
70.75:1 to 70.90:1 The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 18,847 up
39 points on the day and up 959 points on the week, and the NASDAQ closed at 5237 up
28 points on the day and up 191 points on the week. Brent Crude was down $0.83 at $44.75
and US Light Crude was down $0.66 cents at $43.41. The dollar index stands at 99.06 that’s
up 1.87 on the week. Gold markets were mainly down last week until
Wednesday morning UK time when they peaked some $20 from the start of the week and then
consistently fell back with a significant fall on Friday.
From a technical point of view the very negative candle which formed signifies that perhaps
the attitude of the market has changed, and at this point markets are going to try to
reach down to the $1200 handle. This is an area that has a lot of support and we believe
that the dollar performance will have the main effect as to what happens from there..
Silver initially dipped and then rose, peaking some 58 cents above the previous week’s
close and then remaining quite sturdy until its significant fall on Friday.
Our video last week correctly stated that if Trump wins, gold will push well through
the $1300 and quite possibly get close to $1400 and silver through the $19 level possibly
rising to $20. We also said that If Hillary wins gold would fall back to the $1200 level
and silver back into $17 territory. Interestingly, on the election announcement,
gold and silver did move in the direction predicted and quite close to our envisaged
highs, then only to fall back to levels as we predicted for a Clinton win. This was unexpected,
as was Trump’s rather meek and mild Victory speech, which settled equity and currency
market concerns, causing both a significant rise in stock market indices and the value
of the dollar. The markets seem to like Trump’s plan on
reducing personal and corporate taxes, and reducing legislative burdens on business.
Something we observed and perhaps should have made more of is the number of City establishment
figures Trump was beginning to surround himself with, suggesting that perhaps the markets
had no reason to be spooked by his victory. How long this euphoria will last no-one truly
knows, however the value of the dollar currently is surging and will have a significant impact
on precious metal prices, which we suspect have a little further to fall. So to those
who felt gold was going to jump to $2000 and silver to $50 we have repeatedly said it’s
not going to happen for some time yet. What we can say is that traditionally we are entering
the weaker period for gold and silver prices and it is quite possible that any further
falls can one day be looked upon as yet another opportunity for those of us who believe in
precious metals long term to make additional purchases at cheap prices.
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  1. I've often wondered. If the physical gold to silver ratio is 1 ounce of gold for every 10 ounces of silver, and the price of gold to silver is more like 1 ounce of gold to every 70 ounces of silver, couldn't that mean that gold is extremely overvalued compared to silver?

  2. How much longer can the Wall Street honeymoon with Trump last? A stock correction is overdue, and that should cause a spike in gold and silver. The bond market is pricing in too many rate hikes.

  3. what is the chance for Fed to raise the rate in Dec? If it happens, the dollar will be pumped up even more, than GOLD and all other currencies will push down more?

  4. lost all yesterday, i think i'm finished with plus500. and will go back to buy physical silver or gold. But thanks for the update.

  5. according to zerohedge, 10 billion dollars worth of gold futures contracts were dumped soon after the equities market opened, on a bond holiday, Friday… a mystery person…..very interesting indeed….

  6. Since I buy and hold, I don't buy steadily over time. I use the rule of 15s and 20s. (Not a rule, really, I made it up.) If gold is under $1500 or silver is under $15 I'm looking to buy. The more it drops, the more I buy. If prices top $2000 or $20, respectively, I'm looking to sell. Not a hard and fast rule, mind you, just a guide. One thing I will buy steadily are semi-numismatic; i.e. Lunars, Pandas, and such. But most of my holdings are in bullion.

  7. When the metals didn't shoot up, and stocks didn't drop like a criminal politician, I figured there'd be a drop on the horizon, but I didn't expect a buck for silver! Luckily, I'm cool widdit. Time to set a few more ounces into that hole in the ground… d=O)

  8. did you see when Hillary Clinton brought Jay-Z, Beyonce and other Illuminati devil worshippers for support?
    it didn't work! lol

    I guess those blood thirsty sacrifices are not more powerful than God's will

  9. almost every price movements "charts " are backtesting while they change direction,Even on big scales they do so on weekley and monthly charts thats quite normal.
    Trump will follow the path of spending big QE money too as he announced .
    "The Donald " Gold and Silver up trade will come

  10. Gold futures contracts worth $10 billion dumped on Friday morning. That is equivalent to almost a year's worth of mining supply. Yes Illuminati Silver, you are SO RIGHT, no rigging here going on. Please, you people are retired bullion banksters. You're part of the swamp Trump refers to.

  11. To answer Drew's question below about the gold/silver ratio, a topic that comes up often and which is quite confusing for some people specially if you consider all the misinformation out there on the web.

    There is no 10 times more silver in the earth crust like some people are parroting on internet but more likely 20 times more…
    Every year, the world mines produce (only) 8 times more silver than gold …
    You don't need to be a genious to understand that, going forward, gold DEPLETION will accelerate meaning that if you want to use the concept of "running out" , well, in the coming decades we will run out of gold much sooner than silver !

    For gold , the deepest mine now reaches 4 km (or 12,000 feet deep)
    For silver, the deepest mine reaches 1 km (or some 3,000 feet deep)
    So we are already mining much deeper for gold than for silver.

    In the future gold should therefore carry a bigger premium compare to silver.
    In the coming decades the G/S ratio will more likely increase and go above 100 instead of decreasing and going to 20.

    Hope this help to clarify the GSR subject a bit.

  12. Thanks for the steady no nonsense info ! I have to say nothing really has changed yet ,and there is all this optimism …. unfounded ? speculative you say? my friend from college called me ,this is what he said ……. "The last time republicans controlled all three power houses,we had the great depression ,as well as three or four lesser but devastating ,down turns" he said buckle up ! we are in for a ride ,probably like nothing we've ever seen ! Thanks….. 7k?

  13. Trump's economic rhetoric will be extremely bearish for gold and silver and for quite a while I fear. The PM miners are getting murdered. This may be the beginning of a bear market even though I know economic fundamentals are horrendous. Shorting PMs and Mining ETFs is the best strategy right now in my view.

  14. U piker $2000 for gold –check around we are going to $10000 just but a little more to average down your investment; once done and if it fall more just buy more—where the hell am i supposed to get the money to keep doing this if it keeps falling and I cannot sell at a profit to buy more—-I think I missed one of their reports.
    Dent just announced the market will fall by 2017 or 2018 or it could be sooner. Why can't you people predictions like this? Huh? Oh well off now to buy more gold / silver in case it goes up next week

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