Gold and Silver Update w/e 19th February 2016 – by illuminati silver

Gold and Silver Update w/e 19th February 2016 – by illuminati silver

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 20th February 2016 and we
are providing our gold and silver update for week ending 19th February.
Gold fell in US dollar terms last week by $9 from $1237 to $1228 having been as high
as $1238 and as low as $1192. In sterling terms it fell by just 41 pence and in Euro
terms it rose by nearly 4 Euros. Silver fell 45 cents from $15.76 – $15.31
having reached a high of $15.76 and a low of $15.15. In sterling terms it fell by 23
pence, and in Euros fell by 0.24 Euros. The Gold to Silver Ratio rose from 78.5:1 to 80.2:1
one of its highest levels for some considerable time.
Gold and silver fell quite considerably in the earlier part of last week, only to rebound
towards the latter half. Some analysts see this as positive, though encouraging jobs
data and inflation data from the US reignites the possibility of rate hikes soon – though
we very much doubt it at this stage. The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 16392 down
21 points on the day but up some 420 points on the week, and the Nasdaq closed at 4505
at level pegging for the day but up some 168 points on the week. Brent crude was 15 cents
up on the week at $33.01 and US Light Crude 28 cents up on the week at $29.64. The dollar
index stands at 96.6 up 0.66 on the week. So on Friday we saw an inflation report showing
that core inflation rose by 2.2% compared to the same period a year earlier, with the
Consumer price Index rising 0.3%, the most since 2011 and suggesting that interest rate
rises should not be ruled out for this year. Technical analysts are suggesting that gold
has support at the $1213 level and resistance at $1269 level while silver has support at
$15.20 and $15 levels. Interestingly gold backed ETF’s have risen so far this year
more than they fell last year. Tomorrow being Sunday 21st February we shall
be providing our gold and silver price forecast for 2016 and hope you will tune in to see
where we believe these markets are heading. We hope you have found this video interesting
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worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. Frankly, I think we've had our runup on au and ag, 1st quarter. We may have another going into mid spring, late spring. A small runup. With a fall in prices across the PM board from summer going into the fall and beyond. Given the inexorable downfall of the major markets ongoing, this practically assures the FORECAST.

    This next runup will be to pull in yet more long suckers, er investors into the game. For investment purposes, and what we are doing, is scalp current conditions and wait for the fall for further INVESTMENT into these asset classes. Why pay 1267, when you can get them for 950 by sitting on your hands for six months

  2. Why is the price so much higher on Chinese-minted coins, both silver and gold? Seems to me that they are not especially interested in selling^^

  3. no one knows . leave it at that. just be informed. do you still see 12-10 dollar silver ? i called the 13.80 bottom
    nothing adds up , they are giving it way.
    canada sold out or is this a chance for the people to grab it ? after all its the peoples gold in the first place.
    our law says you cant melt legal tender but that wont stop a dude in a back shop in india.
    we sold of a crap load of physical gold for debt bonds , canada no longer has any gold reserve to speak of , we are fucked

  4. I do not believe that anyone can call the direction that the metals will go in the short term. Too many potential black swans floating around and any one or group of them can strike suddenly. The only thing a small investor like me can do is stay on my toes, take some action now where i see weak spots in my  (investment) armour and be alert and ready to take more action at any time. My belief right now is either "DEUTCHE BANK" or the global credit markets might pop. If that bank goes, well then what happens with the $70 trillion in CDS outstanding? If the credit markets seize up then all hell breaks loose!! If these or other bad events come to pass, anyone holding real gold/silver will take a less punishing ride down the rabbit hole.

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