Gold and Silver Update – w/e 20th April 2017

Gold and Silver Update – w/e 20th April 2017

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 23rd April 2017 and we are
providing our gold and silver weekly update for the week ending 20th April.
Gold fell in US dollar terms last week by $1 from $1285 to $1284 having hit a high of
$1,295 and a low of $1,277. In sterling terms gold finished the week at £1,002 that’s
down £24, and in Euros it closed at 1,197 Euros that’s down 14 Euros on the week.
Silver fell 62 cents from $18.55 to $17.93 having reached a high of $18.65 and a low
of $17.84. In sterling terms it closed at £14 that’s down 82 pence for the week and
in Euros it closed at 16.72 euros that’s down 0.76 euros.
The Gold to Silver Ratio rose from 69.27:1 to 71.61:1
The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 20,547 down 30 points on the day but up 94 points on the
week, and the NASDAQ closed at 5,910 down 6 points on the day but up 105 points on the
week. Brent Crude fell $3.93 cents to $51.96 and
US Light Crude fell $3.56 to $49.62 The dollar index stands at 99.97 that’s
down 0.54 on the week. Well last week proved disappointing for gold
and silver prices mainly because increasing political tensions subsided somewhat. We certainly
felt that gold would hit the $1300 level but it could only manage $1295. In addition, rumours
took hold mid-week that a large far eastern fund was selling gold which caused prices
to fall, only to recover again ahead of the 1st round of the French Presidential Election
which is being held today. This coming week we shall know the result
of these elections together with President Trump’s tax reform plan which is expected
to be announced on Wednesday. If both are favourable, then gold prices may indeed fall
back as stock markets continue to rise. However if they disappoint, then the opposite will
occur. In sterling terms, gold prices weakened considerably,
as the pound strengthened against the dollar and a basket of currencies, as the British
Prime Minister announced the calling of a General Election, which she is expected to
win quite handsomely. Silver markets fell back but were supported
strongly around the $17.80 level. Again we expected a strengthening in price, however
once again, much of the political tension had in fact been reduced, though should not
be ignored. We are still very confident about silver prices, however again depending on
the French election results and President Trump’s tax plan, prices can move in either
direction short term. We are still confident however that gold will
breach the $1300 level and silver the $19 level but it may take a few weeks to do so.
Either way any fall in prices should be seen as a buying opportunity unless of course you
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  1. I can't help but think about the largest open interest in silver in history…and 600,000,000 ounces of physical silver in JP Morgan's vaults…and the largest amount of silver shorts in history.

    I may be wrong, but it looks to me as though they're only buying physical to cover their shorts "in case they're wrong", but the short game is for another drastic "paper pushdown" over the summer. It IS that time of year again, after all.

    Of course, since almost every country and every economy and every bank and every currency is teetering on the absolute razor's edge at this point, literally ANYTHING can happen at ANY time to completely throw ANYBODY'S projections to the four winds in a femtosecond, so….it all boils down to:

    "We'll see whahappens." d=^/

  2. 1. In the grand scheme of things, silver represents a "poor mans" real estate like option – it's a physical asset that generally increases with price slowly over many years. In the event of a true world war or major catastrophe that disrupts currencies, silver and gold will preserve your wealth FAR better and far superiorly to ANY investment in the paper term, and likely even real estate. However, if such an event were to take place, I fear billions of people would die from starvation rather quickly, as billions of people depend o a highly functioning global system of commerce to eat every day. It will be very ugly, very grim times for the human race when silver preserves wealth in such a way – as was WWII when it was occurring.
    2. So, what will prices do in the short term? I think it's damn near impossible to predict – but tensions and uncertainty continue to increase, seemingly linearly as time goes on. I cannot help but fear that at some point there will be a failure in the stock market, causing a loss of confidence in the stock market, as did occur in the 1970s.
    3. These are very complicated times in which we live, by far the most complicteed in human history, and as such it's very complicated to place one's money in such a way that it will persever wealth in the long term as no one has any idea what exactly in in store for us.
    4.La Pen seems to be victorious, and yet silver and gold futures are down and the markets seem bullish. What will it actually take for gold and silver to increase? Perhaps bitcoin is taking over? Bitcoin does seem to have performed very well.
    5. I think everyone, even very rich people are beginning to wonder what really is a safe investment, and how exactly to in fact protect their wealth. I don't think anyone REALLY knows at this point, to be totally frank. This level of uncertainty right up to the very wealthy seems, quite frankly, unprecedented.

  3. Learning  about  Silver  &  Gold  for  a  couple  of  years  now,  and  the  more  information  I  glean  from  this  channel,  the  more  I'm  inclined  to  think,  there  is  no  better  source  to  learn  from,  esp.  when  it  comes  to  You Tube.

  4. have you actually considered the fact that the stock market increase is due to the massive inflow of US Treasury Bonds that were liquidated by several Foreign Countries recently thats equivalent to this sudden abrupt upwards trend? I'm seeing that its the most likely outcome/cause as when the US TREASURY BONDS are sold/redeemed back by foreign governments…it cannot be exchanged for US$, but its exchangeable for Physical Assets e.g #GOLD & #SILVER…which so coincidentally saw the slam down. We both know that #GOLD & #SILVER, IS the Kryptonite for the USD. I'm seeing this as part of #MikeMaloney's #TheHiddenSecretsOfMoneyChp7 unveiling…your thoughts on this?

  5. So last year right at the turn of the year I forecast a 40% rise in Silver and a 20% rise in Gold both of which happened. Half way through the year I got giddy and said silver would hit low 20s and gold $1500 by years end. Obviously that was wrong. However if someone had bought on my prediction on Jan 01, 2016 and held on, which would have been likely with me forecasting even better returns then unlike MANY PEOPLE WATCHING SOME OF THESE CHANNELS they would still be ahead.

    I personally sold back when silver was at $23 but it was in the form of Jewelry and I got about 3 times its metal value so that doesn't really count. I did however convert a lot of that into actual junk silver and that was a mistake because obviously we haven't hit $23 since. But I have held so I haven't lost yet. And I don't intend to.

    So recently I was looking to grab some silver bars or junk silver on eBay and noticed established bullion sellers selling for 74 cents over spot on silver bars. I admit I almost jumped until I noticed a lot of them selling relatively cheap. Even Dimes were going for less over spot than they used to and Nickels were just about even with spot.

    My theory about buying silver, i'm not much interested in gold, my theory is like a game hunter who follows the scavengers and bullion selling on eBay is kind of like that. So I went and did a youtube look up of the usual suspects who are always saying silver is going up. You know the guys. But all of them are saying its going down because of the MASSIVE SHORTS placed on it. So massive it will have to be not just forced down but slammed down. I remembered awhile back when silver was around 48ish and I heard that JPMorgan had sold 100 times the silver they actually had. I said then people better get out because they need it to crash. And it did.

    So while I was wrong about the year's end last year I am still "too the good" as they say and here is my forecast based on what is being said about mining dropping off because of price. The massive amount of shorts. And even the Silver Bugs saying its coming down. As well as charts that show a seasonal dip between now and June.

    I'm going to wait. When June comes and if silver dips back into the $16 range that's when I'm buying back in. Even if it dips all the way back into the $15 area I think that is the bottom even with the price of oil dipping back to the $40s. Which I also forecast. I said oil cannot go back above $60 very long. Bunch of capped wells in the US waiting to reopen and lots of renewables out there and the electric car market still clawing its way forward, but I digress.

    So if we hit $16s in June I'm buying and then I am waiting for Trump to announce the next round of QE. and even some Bush style rebate checks. Why? Because he's an egomaniac with a string of losses and he already looks like a dope so about the only way to come out looking good now is to throw bread to the masses and go out looking like the Democrat he and Ivanka and Jared really are. And that will push the dollar down and Gold and Silver back up.

    That's my theory. Let's see what happens.

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