Gold and Silver Update w/e 23rd Sept 2016

Gold and Silver Update w/e 23rd Sept 2016

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 24th September 2016 and
we are providing our gold and silver update for the week ending 23rd September
Gold rose in US dollar terms last week by $27 from $1310 to $1337, having hit a high
of $1343 and a low of $1309. In sterling terms gold finished the week at £1031 up £24 and
in Euros it closed at 1191 Euros that’s up 17 Euros on the week.
Silver rose 90 cents from $18.79 to $19.69 having reached a high of $20.06 and a low
of $18.78. In sterling terms it closed at £15.18 that’s up 73 pence for the week
and in Euros it rose 0.69 Euros to 17.53 Euros per ounce. The Gold to Silver Ratio fell from
69.7:1 to 67.9:1 The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 18261 down
131 points on the day but up 138 points on the week, and the NASDAQ closed at 5305 down
33 points on the day and up 61 points on the week. Brent Crude was up just 12 cents at
$45.89 and US Light Crude was up $1.43 at $44.48. The dollar index stands at 95.47 that’s
down 0.8 on the week. Gold prices edged higher from Wednesday on
last week following the Federal Reserve’s decision not to raise rates which eased yields
and weakened the dollar thus the fall in the dollar index.
Momentum on gold prices has turned positive as the MACD (moving average convergence divergence)
index generated a buy signal. For those who follow technical analysis, the index moved
from negative to positive territory confirming the buy signal.
Silver moved more or less in line with gold last week, but found resistance just above
the $20 level. We expect a slight rise, then a sideways movement for a while until it breaks
definitively above that $20 level. However, should there be a pull back again below $19
then one should consider it an attractive buying opportunity.
With the FED now admitting that there is only room for one rate rise this year, we suspect
that it may occur in November, or more likely in December and then we are looking at a rise
at best of just 0.25%. This is indeed positive for gold and silver and with the other issues
such as the US Elections due in just under 2 months, we shall almost certainly see prices
higher than they are now. Our gold price analysis for the end of this year will be published
tomorrow, please look out for it. We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. if the fed raises the rate in dec will it make the dollar stronger?  if so will that silver prices lower because of a stronger dollar?  Thanks

  2. great to hear this reports more often again, welcome back, you were missed.. hope all are still healthy, wealthy and wise. thank you for your efforts and good advice… everything in moderation being your best…. thanks again

  3. Thanks again. Gold is approaching the end of a triangle formed by the long term downtrend from 2011 and the latest uptrend since the beginning of the year, a move in either direction is imminent. My money is on a last leg higher (fifth) which will be the final break of the long term downtrend. I have had my doubts throughout this rally, believing it to be too similar in structure to the early 1980's rally that ended in decades of stagnation in gold, but I think the environment today points more to the upside taking everything together, so I have placed my bets to the upside. If we see a break of the final long term downtrend, at that point I will join the bulls in proclaiming the market has turned. I think early October we will have our answer, but who knows 🙂

  4. the outlook for both gold and silver would be amazing…has anyone ACTUALLY NOTICED the new "Parameter" that was added to the ? the Commodities pricing section isn't reflecting to what the Open market prices by 7x for Gold and Silver by 47X based on current Spot prices. anyone of your "retired expert" panels be able to explain this? I'm strongly suspecting that it is part of the "USDEBTCLOCK" justification to balance out their assets vs liabilities. A construtive response would be appreciated.

  5. I have studied the blue book values on gold and silver since the year I was born, 1974. It tells that by the year 2040, gold will be $5,000/oz and silver will be $100/oz. The metals on average go up about 7% year over year. That is how I get to those prediction values.

  6. Nice explanation! Gold and silver are heavily promoted by many traders. Some convincing Some not really. As far as i know, from 1992 to 2012

    – Gold has risen 450%

    – Silver has increased more than 600%.
    They are the safe heaven to protect our asset. But desperate governments could confiscate them like they did in the past

    There is an asset that is forgotten by most of investors. It has risen insanely 1005% from 1992 to 2012. It is less likely confiscated by the Government. You have to check it out before the golden opportunity is over. Thumb up if you want to know about it !

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