Gold and Silver Update w/e 24th March 2016 – by illuminati silver

Gold and Silver Update w/e 24th March 2016 – by illuminati silver

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 26th March 2016 and we are
providing our gold and silver update for week ending 24th March as the UK and US markets
were closed on 25th and re-open again on Tuesday 29th.
Gold fell in US dollar terms last week by $39 from $1255 to $1216 having been as high
as $1257 and as low as $1214. In sterling terms gold fell by £6 and in Euro’s it
fell by 24 Euros. Silver fell by 64 cents from $15.81 – $15.17
having reached a high of $15.98 and closing at its low of $15.17. In sterling terms it
fell 18 pence, and in Euros it fell by 0.44 Euros. The Gold to Silver Ratio rose from
79.4:1 to 80.2:1. The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 17,515 up
13 points on the day and down some 87 points on the week, and the NASDAQ closed at 4,773
up 5 for the day and down some 22 points on the week. Brent Crude was almost $1 down on
the week at $40.44 and US Light Crude was slightly up by 2 cents at $39.46. The dollar
index stands at 96.27 up 1.19 on the week and more than making up for last week’s
fall. Gold fell on Thursday bouncing around the
$1220 level and a number of technical analysts believe that it’s strongly supported at
the $1200 level and may well rise next week up as far as $1280. However we feel there
may indeed be consolidation at these levels as a battle between global economic concerns
and the strengthening dollar, as the FED continues to radiate hawkish tones, will continue.
Triland Metals a London-based broker and market maker, specialising in the trading of non-ferrous
metals futures said “Heavy equity prices didn’t seem to lend a spark to gold which
is telling enough,”….. It seems that gold hasn’t quite got the shine at the moment
that it did a few weeks ago and prices continue to slip modestly for now…….. “Deeper
retracement targets lay around $1,145 where the real test of the dip buying strength will
happen.” However Commerzbank holds a different opinion:
“We are therefore assuming that the decline in prices happened via the futures market.
At 337,000 contracts, the trading volume of gold was above average…… “We do not
envisage gold continuing to fall for any length of time, as the current price level will no
doubt make the metal an attractive buy”. At present we see silver continuing to move
in line with gold. One has to consider however, that should there actually be an improvement
in economic growth then this is likely to be bullish for silver. We remain unconvinced
at present and therefore do not see silver prices moving ahead of gold in terms of percentage.
One other aspect to note is that in the US, Inflation data spiked to 3% in February to
a post Lehman high. Housing, insurance, clothes, restaurants and medical bills are all rising.
It appears as though the endless rounds of money printing are finally working their way
through the system. If this is the case, then the FED’s response will eventually be to
raise interest rates which will be bearish for gold and silver.
Meanwhile we continue with our normal position: that should you be underweight in metals in
your portfolio, then you should at least consider purchasing on dips. For those who are living
in countries other than the US which are adopting negative interest rates and feel that rates
may go even lower, should bear in mind that the acquiring of gold and silver should be
considered as a hedge. We still see gold and silver falling from current levels in the
course of the coming months. We hope you have found this video interesting
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daily at Disclaimer: Illuminati Silver owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. Well, your viewpoints definitely fit into my budget better, as I'm currently holding off buying anything until the FOURTH Privateer comes to Canada…THE KRAKEN!!! d=O)

    PS: I haven't seen any black swans, either…but I do have a new pair of ducks in the pool since the 15th. Fairly sure they're not related…hoping, anyway… d=^o

  2. I don't know what to think . Its going up for the short term but falling over the long haul confused …….should I buy or wait? ?????

  3. It's a good time to buy in small amounts in on dips to be safe. If PMs tank again, it might be a better time to purchase larger amounts also on dips. Always buy on dips, and buy for the long run. That's my 2 cents.
    Drew from America

  4. As a long term buyer (15 years), this range bound metal is no bother. If we go lower then even better, this not a market for flippers or people lookin to make a quick buck. I heard a story of one couple who were in heavy debt and borrowed more to buy silver, hoping to make enough to clear what they owed. It did not work out well. I see many youtubers investing in semi numismatic or straight out numismatic plays, if you have the time and ability to turn these around that is great. If we consider a moment of economic crisis those rare coins will be hard to move fast because at the end of the day when they enter the crucible and melt down then they are just silver prone to the spot price at that time.

  5. Thank you IS. You gentlemen are so refreshing. You analyze the data. You do not say in every video that we are at the black swan event and you better have your metals to barter. I comnented on one of Schiff's videos that he would have lost his clients so much money by pumping metals all of the time, even in times of QE and the easiest stock market gains in recent memory. I took advantage of those easy gains through July of last year then put my money in cash and started my physical pm portfolio. I believe the market has some short term gains right now, but there is a big risk. A single margin call or a lack of intervention from the Fed when the market has this violatility is too much risk that I want to take. So I will stay with cash and hoping for a price decline in metals to at least double my physical pm storage. Your forecasts allow me to prepare for timing and strategies. Timing is everything. Thank you.

  6. Please stop with the "w w w dot" it's so 90's. Nobody really writes the w w w dot in the browser nowadays anyway. Thanks for this metals market analysis channel.

  7. This is rather confusing. Inflation in the US is the highest it has been since 2008/2009, and yet precious metals got crushed last week. In a normal market, precious metals would have risen due to inflation concerns. But, as we all know, the market is anything but normal. Cabadejo is 100% correct in that the price is "manipulated" via COMEX. It's just paper contracts traded on a daily basis…nothing to do with actual physical supply and demand. The coin shop here where I live told me this week that silver bars and coins have been flying out of his store. IF Illuminati Silver is correct and Silver falls to $12, I can guarantee that the US mint will once again "suspend" Silver Eagle sales.

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