Gold and Silver Update w/e 8th July 2016 – illuminati silver

Gold and Silver Update w/e 8th July 2016 – illuminati silver

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 10th July 2016 and we are
providing our gold and silver update for the week ending 8th July.
Gold rose in US dollar terms last week by $24 from $1342 to $1366, having hit a high
of $1375 and a momentary low of $1316. In sterling terms gold finished the week at £1055
up £42 and in Euros it closed at 1237 Euros that’s up 31 Euros on the week.
Silver rose by 52 cents from $19.76 to $20.28 having reached a high of $21.12 and a low
of $19.10. In sterling terms it closed at £15.66 that’s up 76 pence for the week
and in Euros up 0.61 Euros at 18.35 Euros per ounce. The Gold to Silver Ratio fell slightly
from 67.5:1 to 67.3:1 The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 18,146 up
250 points on the day and up 197 points on the week, and the NASDAQ closed at 4956 that’s
up 32 for the day, and up 94 points on the week. Brent Crude was down $3.58 at $46.76
and US Light Crude was down $3.21 at $45.41. The dollar index stands at 96.30 that’s
up 0.65 on the week. From a technical analysis point of view, the
gold markets initially fell during the course of the day on Friday, but bounced off of the
$1340 level to form a bit of a hammer like candle. With this, it appears that the market
should continue to go higher in time. However we also have a shooting star on the weekly
charts that suggests perhaps we may need to pull back a little. Having said that, from
a fundamental point of view, gold gained 2.31% last week as global stress continued to keep
traders in risk off sentiment. Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has certainly
stirred the global markets and raised fears over economic stability. Economic concerns
and monetary stimulus expectations have reduced the probability of an interest rate hike by
the US Federal Reserve, and now there is zero chance of an interest rate hike in July, and
we are confident that one can count out August too.
The U.S. economy added 287,000 jobs in June according to the Labor Department, exceeding
economic and economist estimates of 165,000 jobs. The strong number helped ease concerns
over economic growth in the U.S. But as gold prices tumbled, bargain-hunters led investors
to jump back into the market, thereby supporting it solidly.
We expect this week for the gold price to fluctuate a little but see it gradually move
towards that $1400 level but fully accept that there are a number of resistance points
between its current price and $1400. Silver from a technical point of view found
support at the $19.25 level and formed a bit of a hammer. There now appears to be an absolute
floor at the $18 level, certainly short term, and $21 could be tested again after perhaps
a little consolidation. Whilst we are still bullish the precious metals
because of the BREXIT uncertainty and the possibility of a recession in the UK and Europe
we have also to balance the longer term effects of a recession on the demand for Industrial
metals such as silver. At the moment it is supported by investor demand and that bodes
well, however, looking into and on towards 2017 we have to keep our fingers crossed that
a recession does not deepen further, in which case the demand for silver will rise further.
Investors must also now bear in mind that silver at these levels is profitable for almost
all mining operations, and we should not be surprised to see closed seams being opened
back up and supply beginning to increase again – and it is for these reasons why we do
not share the view of some of the pumpers who claim silver is going back to $50 an ounce
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  1. Some feel that silver will move aggressively higher once the gold/silver ratio crosses 66:1. I'm excited to be long in physical silver and look forward to converting silver bullion to gold bullion as the ratio heads below 50:1.

  2. Fully agree.. The only thing giving me pause is the potential collapse of Deutsche Bank and some Italian banks.. Not fully convinced they will not fail

  3. Silver is manipulated by the COMEX and the LBMA folks.
    Buy crytocurrency. It is a true supply demand currency.

  4. I picked up a few more Sovereigns this week, and a small amount of junk silver last week. I think they will only be more expensive later in the year. I don't see interest rates going up in the near future. More likely we will see negative rates in the U.S.

  5. Gentlemen.. You totally ignored a PM that SOARed compard to both Gold and Silver.. that of Platinum. Again, like silver another industrial metal. Would such a rise truely point to a recover in the global economy? Please .. shed light on this forgotten metal!

  6. I expect lots of strong economic results from the US between now and the elections, to encourage voters to elect Hillary. Whether the results are real or fake doesn't matter: it will act as a bit of a brake on precious metals. But the way gold shook off the strong non-farm payroll numbers on 8 July shows that gold has plenty of momentum at the moment. After the elections, it will be ready for a stronger rise.

  7. so… how long do you think it takes to open a mine or to continue operations??? this will take several years before you start seeing considerable increase in mining.

  8. Thank you guys for your input on the future prices!

    But will the reopening mines manage to get on with it, and deliver to the markets, before the prices goes alot higher?

  9. Do you have any plans to complete your video series on "manipulation"?
    Also, can we get an update on you "Inner Circle" plans?

  10. Ha….not 50…but wouldn't be shocked if Silver hit $25.00 by late fall…early Winter…finally some excitement in the P.M.'s…will be interesting for sure! 🙂

  11. since China would hold the largest percentage of US dollars I would presume they will have the last say on how high these prices are going.

  12. It is not BREXIT reason, reason is bad economy and manipulation , 5 months ago you said silver will go to $12. Now you say will go to $50.

  13. I think silver will have an easier time of gaining upside. The .382 retracement for silver is $27.50, whereas gold has practically hit its .382 at around $1380. Also, ~$27.50 was historically an important support zone. I think it will at least hit this level in the coming months.

  14. Charlie that is true but who can predict the future that well? I can't invest in physical silver because there is a 20% in the UK.

  15. IS… yall have been soo quiet? SO of 70 comments … 28 ( mine plus 27 others) in direct response to my post about PLAT…

    I have a prediction… I am POSITIVE that silver will pull back from its current $20.17 (7/15/2016) to under $19.. probably $18.50 ish within two weeks. I seek IS to respond to my prediction.

  16. hey guys ive research the ùs coporarion and discoverd all citizens are fiction and birth certificates are collected for bonds !The crown owns our names and have made is all strawmen and we cant own anything . our names are made into coporations in all caps with millions of credit .private side public side . legalese from templebar associatios set up i.n fraud which is clever and fraud . The accounts are verifyable .

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