Gold and Silver Update – week ending 7th January 2016

Gold and Silver Update – week ending 7th January 2016

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 10th January 2016 and we are
providing a brief gold and silver roundup for last week.
Gold rose in US dollar terms last week by $43 from $1061 to $1104 a rise of some 4%
while silver also rose but only by 12 cents from $13.82 – $13.94 some 0.9%. Both gold
and silver had risen higher than these levels with silver advancing impressively up to the
$14.35 level only to fall back again below $14. The (GSR) Gold to Silver Ratio strengthened
from 76.8:1 to 79:1. The rise of both metals were caused by a mix of fresh physical and
paper buying, investment monies moving out of stock-markets and partially into gold,
geopolitical tensions, not least being Syria, and the more headlined dispute between Saudi
Arabia and Iran. However poor Chinese Manufacturing data backed up with another Yuan devaluation
not only capped these rises, but in the case of silver aided significantly in its price
reversal. Stockmarkets around the world have fallen, with Trading being frozen on both
the Shanghai and the Shenzhen stock exchanges on Monday and Thursday after stocks plunged
by more than 7 percent as a result of tensions after North Korea’s nuclear test and the spat
between the Arab world and Iran, coming amid further data showing that Chinese economy
is slowing down. For the coming week we can see some further
slight strengthening in both gold and silver short term, especially as traditionally January
is positive for precious metals and the entry of the Chinese New year shortly being upon
us. This is nevertheless tempered by any potential rise in the dollar which may occur over the
next couple of weeks as a result of equity funds moving into US Treasuries and Bonds.
We still foresee over the coming months further weakness in silver especially, and some weakness,
but slightly less as a percentage in gold. We shall be producing a medium term forecast
by the end of this week. We hope you have found this video interesting
and informative and if so, please give it a thumb up and share it on twitter. Also kindly
visit our website regularly at Disclaimer: Illuminati Silver owners come from a background
of Banking, International Wealth Management and Economics. Having now retired from these
worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.


  1. I can't believe how important now until March is in my opinion. Great video and update… No fancy stuff just hard facts. But the facts are only based on the opinion of market moves because of news… The question is….is all news based on fact or bias towards a agenda to promote or hide truth in facts. It's deep… But so is the fraud and manipulation. Or I am wrong? Take it easy guys.

  2. Thought I was an idiot for holding gold, until the Canadian dollar crashed and now golds sitting around 1600/ounce!! If only I had bought more gold rather than silver.

  3. Video suggestion-you mention January is a strong month for metal purchases, with all other factors being the same, how would the other months perform in comparison? That might be an interesting video. Thanks for posting, be well

  4. NEWS FLASH!!! Physical Demand for Gold and Silver has been off the charts the past few years and people who ignore the manipulation by the largest bullion banks and concentrate on the paper price will get what they deserve. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!!

  5. @Illuminati Silver, can you please tell me what's a better buy, if you can't afford much and you are in a very tight budget? Gold or Silver?

    I can only afford $150-$200 a month.

    Should I save up for gold?
    Buy a little silver at a time as I can?
    Or save a lump sum and wait for silver to drop another
    $2-$3 and then buy?

    One more question if you don't mind, with that much little spending money that I have ,should I buy as much as silver money can buy? or should I buy mix ( kookaburra – Lunar – Kuala – American Silver Eagles – Bars & rounds) ?

    thank you in advance sir.

  6. they are mining 10x silver compared to gold. If economy stalls or starts to fall so does the usage of silver in industry and supply will skyrocket. So gold is better investment if we go into recession.

  7. Looks like silver will not be able to hold onto $14 a oz…for any length of time in 2016. …and gold will be in the same dilemma with the $1100 mark . DOW is down again today…worst start in the history of the market..and metals are still underperforming. I see this as very bad news for metals in 2016….no bull run for metals in sight.

  8. 2017 – 2044…..may be the start of the 27 year harvest…which means it will be the era of " THE END OF PLENTY" . big changes coming in this historic time period. people will either adapt, or die.

  9. I grew up in the Middle East, where gold is god's money and fiat is mans. Arabs never give gifts of fiat currency, only gold. Our maid converted part of her wages each month into gold. She had quite a bag full! Gold is portable wealth, exchangeable globally and good for a secure loan!

  10. As a new viewer I just wanted to say,Thank you, illuminati silver for another great video that is straight to the point. I subscribed and continue to share with my coworkers and friends.

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