Gold and Silver weekly Update – w/e 10th August 2018

Gold and Silver weekly Update – w/e 10th August 2018

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 11th August 2018 and we
are providing our gold and silver weekly update for the week ending 10th August.
Gold fell $2 last week from to $1,213 to $1,211 having hit a high of $1,217 and a low of $1,206.
In sterling terms gold finished the week up £14 at £948 and in Euros it closed at 1,061
Euros up 12 euros. Silver fell 11 cents from $15.42 to $15.31
having hit a high of $15.51 and a low of $15.26. In sterling terms, it closed at £11.99 that’s
up 13 pence and in Euros it closed at 13.42 euros that’s up 0.09 euros on the week.
The Gold to Silver Ratio rose from 78.66:1 to 79.10:1
The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 25,313 down 196 points on the day and down 149 points
on the week; and the NASDAQ closed at 7,839 down 52 points on the day and up 27 points
on the week. Brent Crude fell 40 cents from $73.21 to $72.81
and US Light Crude fell 81 cents from $68.49 to $67.63
The dollar index stands at 96.35 that’s up 1.19 on the week.
Gold markets bounced last week within a narrow range. It initially rose, then fell back,
then rose, fell, rose, fell, rose, fell rose and fell again in the last few hours on Friday.
The $1200 floor seems to be holding but we believe it is only a matter of a short time
before it will be breached. However, in sterling and Euro terms gold strengthened, especially
as both the Euro and the pound fell against the dollar. Now let’s look at this for just
a moment. Do you remember all of those so-called guru’s
who have repeatedly said that the US dollar was either about to collapse or will be the
first currency to collapse? Well this week has shown us exactly what we have been postulating
since the start of our channel. We are all no doubt aware of the currency
crisis in Turkey with the Turkish lira falling last week and then finally experiencing an
18% fall at one point on Friday – the biggest one day fall since a 2001 crisis in Turkey.
Where did most of that money go – yes, the US Dollar. Likewise, we saw stock-markets
around the world react adversely, and where did that money go – yes partially into the
US dollar leaving the US dollar up at least 1 full index point on the previous week.
This has been duplicated many times over the years, but last week was an excellent example
to all those who still believe that the US dollar will be the first to collapse, to see
in real time, yes real life, that when other currencies fall, it is to the US dollar the
world runs. Even with Turkish President Erdogan telling his people to sell US dollars and
their gold, yes and their gold, and buy the Turkish lira to support their currency, it
made little difference. Now despite moderately good trade figures
in the UK and Europe, against the US dollar even their currencies fell, proving to the
world that even though we all know that fiat currency is ultimately worthless, the US dollar
is one of the best of a bad bunch. Now back to gold, its price fell, frankly
because of the dollar strength. There was no real evidence of a gold sell off, its just
that as gold is priced in dollars, it suffered only gently because of its rise. This coming
week, we may very well see gold prices strengthen a little, as the dollar values corrects itself
– unless the Turkish crisis worsens even further. However, we maintain, that gold’s
overall direction will still be down for a couple of months only then to recover towards
the end of the year – as we predicted in our last 2 videos on gold price prediction
for 2018. The silver charts last week were almost identical
to gold. The two are moving in unison at the moment, simply because there is not much going
on to differentiate them. Again like gold, silver is maintaining a relatively tight framework
between $15.25 – $15.50 but as we stated in our videos on our silver price prediction
a few days ago, we can see silver fall below $15 again before it then ends up at the end
of the year a little higher. We have listed our silver and gold prediction
videos at the top of the notes below this video.
So what is likely to affect prices this coming week? Well on:
• Monday we have the survey of consumer expectations for July
• Wednesday Retail sales figures for July, Industrial production for July and the Home
builder’s index for August plus other less important economic reports – so a busy day
and one to watch • Thursday we have housing starts for July
• Friday the Consumer sentiment for August. So next week we shall see whether the situation
in Turkey worsens, and whether any contagion occurs as some western banks have a degree
of exposure there. We shall also see how the North Korean situation plays out and further
issues concerning Iran. On the domestic political front our next favourite
senior candidate for indictment, Roger Stone, has a number of his close friends and allies
subpoenaed; with Kristin Davis the (Madame from Manhattan) having already given evidence,
Randy Credico, Roger Stones WikiLeaks back channel, having been subpoenaed and will give
evidence shortly – quite possibly this week – and Andrew Miller a former associate of
Roger’s was also subpoenaed – failed to turn up, has now been held in contempt, and
has legally challenged the basis upon which the Investigation has been founded. We have
said for a few weeks now that Roger is the next big fish, and we believe Trump Junior
will be the one after that. If we are right, then clearly markets may become a little unnerved
as to how the President will then react – however whilst we believe that Roger Stone will be
indicted before the election we suspect the President’s son will be indicted after the
election. All adding to the myriad of economic, geopolitical
and local political influences that affect gold and silver prices and frankly all markets
in general. We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. I was recently impressed by the comparison of the world's fiat currencies to a pile of dirty laundry. Although all items are heavily soiled, the U.S. dollar is the cleanest shirt in the washroom bin.

  2. You said you suspect Trump JR to be indited after the election. Could you elaborate as to what makes you feel this way? I find that position interesting. Thank you.

  3. Excellent Gold and Silver analysis as usual. I would not bet the farm on Mueller taking down Trump Jr. on much of anything. The evidence clearly points to the entire Russia narrative being a made up lie. Even the Manafort trial there is ZERO Russian collusion. Mueller team trying to get him over tax evasion which is a far cry from any Russiagate. The real crime is that the Obama administration used the CIA/FBI to spy on a political opponent. Watch for that to become the real crime. Main street media ignoring it.

  4. we have 9 big fat red candles on the silver chart. at some point we will need to see a retracement. i think we will see $15.00 first. should be support at that level. also the dollar has broken above the double top looks poised to move higher.

  5. Jane we thought Clinton was. A terrible candidate but Trump won the election. No-one particularly cares about Clinton any more but they do care about someone who has the reins of power so there is no surprise that he is being investigated. Frankly we would have preferred 2 other more ‘clean’ candidates represent both parties but it does appear that the US has difficulty in finding honest people to stand.

  6. It ROSE, FELL, ROSE, FELL, ROSE, FELL…. 🤣 This is the first time I heard you go like this Illuminati Silver… Awesome updates and always look forward to your videos.. Keep them coming!! 👍🏻

  7. We should shouldn’t we? It happened so quickly we didn’t notice – it languished around 9000 for so long we had almost resigned ourselves to the fact we had peaked. We shall do something this week

  8. American's are so naive and have amnesia. The so-called strong economy is not of Trump's doing…he is reaping the benefits of Obama's recovery (and the Fed's low interest rates), which is still going on. Yes, he did improve it a little with the tax cuts, but, the business tax cuts went right into stock buybacks, over $1 trillion (even Goldman Sachs is saying this). There is going to be a hefty price to pay for these unpaid tax cuts down the line. How about the media now finally admitting that home affordability is at a decade low. Can you say BUBBLE! How about the current stock market bull run, the 2nd longest on record, stock valuations at all time highs. But, Trump and the Republicans will do all that is necessary to keep this bubble afloat until after the midterms.

  9. Great video as always.
    I watch every week
    I always will….
    To believe in trump Russia collusion
    And trump Jr being arrested is to believe in CNN deletions and fantasy. Your not reading or seeing reality if you drink that koolaid.
    I understand that there are powerful forces in our government who are willing to fabricate the aforementioned collusion narrative and unfairly prosecute trump and that that may spook markets. But to base any hard assets based on that seams to be quackery to me.
    Just one mans opinion

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