Gold and Silver weekly Update – w/e 24th August 2018

Gold and Silver weekly Update – w/e 24th August 2018

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 25th August 2018 and we
are providing our gold and silver weekly update for the week ending 24th August.
Now before we move into our update we would like to draw our listeners attention to a
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in the description column.. Yes if you purchase it through our link we will get a small commission
from Amazon to support our channel, small being the operative word, but we genuinely
believe you will not be disappointed. – US – UK Gold rose $21 last week from to $1,184 to
$1,205 having hit a high of $1,208 and a low of $1,183. In sterling terms gold finished
the week up £9 at £938 and in Euros it closed at 1,037 Euros up 2 euros on the week.
Silver rose 2 cents from $14.80 to $14.82 having hit a high of $14.88 and a low of $14.49.
In sterling terms, it closed at £11.53 that’s down 7 pence and in Euros it closed at 12.75
euros that’s down 0.19 euros. The Gold to Silver Ratio rose from 80:1 to
81.3:1. The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 25,790 up
132 points on the day and up 121 points on the week; and the NASDAQ closed at 7,945 up
67 points on the day and up 129 points on the week.
Brent Crude rose almost $4 from $71.83 to $75.82 and US Light Crude rose $3.03 from
$65.69 to $68.72 The dollar index stands at 95.14 that’s
down 0.96 on the week. Well on our last weekly round up we ended
the video by saying: “So, what will happen to gold and silver
prices this week? Frankly we do not know as it could go in either direction. There is
the prospect for a small improvement, but International developments will have an impact
on the dollar in either direction.” We received a little criticism for this comment
but the week that has just gone by gives us a perfect example as to why we said this.
Initially gold rose, as we suggested, then it fell and then rose abruptly on Friday.
We also pointed out that Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s speech in Jackson Hole Wyoming
would be extremely important, and so it proved. Having an idea on what was going to be said,
and knowing the potential reaction put us in a quandary as we could see prices going
down and then possibly reversing which is what has happened – remember we follow international
banking extremely closely and not just rely on newspaper headlines for our information.
Now we shall be producing a video on this subject either tomorrow or Monday, as we believe
it’s an extremely important guide to the FED’s thinking and its effect on the US
Dollar and interest rates. Jerome Powell stated that ‘he expects a slow but steady diet
of interest rate increases to continue as the central bank looks to find the right recipe
between promoting growth and controlling excesses.” He expressed confidence in the US economy
and did not foresee inflation getting out of hand. He also added, and this is what caused
some of the change of heart: “there are risk factors abroad and at home
that, in time, could demand a different policy response”.
St Louis Fed President James Bullard added fuel to the fire by more or less calling for
no further rate hikes this year, and combined we saw the US Dollar index fall and a consequent
rise in gold and silver prices. It was quite amusing to watch both professionals
and amateur’s response this past week. We witnessed a number of You Tube Channels stating
OMG Gold is going to fall to $1,000 and silver to $10 and we saw technical traders stating,
‘sell on any rally as prices are falling’. What happened yesterday – the same You Tubers
are saying this is a turn-around, we have hit the bottom good times are ahead and a
number of technical wizards are saying ‘positive momentum is accelerating’ look now for $1300
gold – all in the space of one day after one speech. No wonder people lose money in
this marketplace. We shall give our thoughts shortly.
With regards to silver, yes it too rallied on Friday along with gold, but not to such
a great extent providing another rise in the gold to silver ratio. Now technical analysts
are calling for $17 silver when earlier in the week they were calling for $14.
So, what is likely to happen to gold and silver prices this week? Well firstly let’s just
re-inforce what we have said previously. Gold below $1200 represents good value for money
as does silver below $15. With the exception of a few choice coins, we still won’t be
purchasing at these levels. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t. Our portfolio
is already well diversified with gold and silver at its optimum range, so any additional
purchases for us will be made on an excellent value basis as opposed on a diversification
basis, as we are already there. We want to see gold enter $1100 territory and silver
in the very early $14 or late $13 arena before we allocate additional monies of any worth.
That said, and please forgive us for repeating ourselves, the 2 main impacts now will be
the rise or fall of the US Dollar and the actions of President Trump. Politically President
Trump had a very bad week last week with his former campaign manager Paul Manafort being
found guilty on 8 counts; Michael Cohen pleading guilty on 8 counts also, 2 of which were campaign
finance violations in which he accused the President of Directing and also the Trump
Foundation being investigated implicating the President and his 3 eldest children – not
to mention a host of other Trump friends, employees and associates who have been given
immunity and provided evidence to the Mueller enquiry. Faced with this pressure his reactions
could have an important impact on the value of the dollar. He could fire Sessions, Rosenstein
or Mueller and cause a Constitutional Crisis; he could cause a military infraction in order
to strengthen his position as a ‘no nonsense President’ or he could increase the trade
war by strengthening sanctions in order to deflect attention from his troubles, or, he
could do none of these. This is the unknown variable.
So, in view of Jerome’s comments Friday, and the political uncertainty, the next week
or so will bring, we are expecting precious metal prices to strengthen next week. However,
we are not convinced as yet that their prices have hit the bottom and our analysis suggests
that this rise will be temporary perhaps a week or two and then a further decline towards
mid – late September. If, however, the President does commit any of the actions we mention
above, and especially one of the first two, then frankly all bets are off and higher prices
will undoubtedly ensue. We hope you have found this video interesting
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Illuminati Silver owners come from a background of Banking, International Wealth Management
and Economics. Having now retired from these worlds we are not qualified to give investment
advice. Therefore, this and other productions must not be deemed to be giving such advice
and merely represent the personal views of its owners.


  1. You still exist? Someone showed me a recent video of yours. So they're still trying to get people to stack useless gold and silver bullion?

  2. Every political party is dirty. No doubt! I've been buying 3-5 oz of PM's per month for 4 yrs. mostly silver as it is all I can afford. Kinda dollar cost averaging

  3. Still waiting to hear about the RUSSIAN collusion with Trump? Nothing but political motivation. Now shifting away from Russia to campaign finance issues and bimbo payments. You know things are bad when Mueller brings out the legitimate press (The National Enquirer) to help. Maybe The Star magazine next week will say Melania trades sex for money. Bombshell!
    *UPDATE- you cannot prosecute a sitting President for a crime committed BEFORE he became President.

  4. Bravo, I put a video out last week towards the end saying " I will not comment on the Bull or Bear market, as too many people are giving their opinions." I also stated that everyone should do their own research into the markets before comitting and investing. I too am under the impression that neither Gold or Silver have reached the bottom. But I still buy with my 20 year plan. Thank you again for the great video.

  5. and i thought im only one had been in optimum diversification basis as of current and looking further for value added basis with excellent lower silver prices. haaaa

  6. Gold moves in cycles regardless. It normally peaks in September and starts its gradual decline in October, and falls hard in November and first half of December. And starts going back up in the 2nd half of December and shoots up violently in January. These cycles are normally respected by majority of commodity traders. Not sure if this year it will be any different.

  7. If ur long term on silver and gold minor fluctuations in the prices doesn’t matter, i buy every paycheck until I reach my total oz goal in silver and gold. Thank you for the video it is well said and thoughtful.

  8. +Illuminati Silver I really appreciate your analysis and listen to it carefully. I know you are gold and silver, but would you spend some time giving us your thoughts about cryptocurrencies and then cryptocurrencies in relationship to fiat currency and finally cryptocurrencies in relationship to gold and silver.Thanks..

  9. I really wonder where you get you info , seems like you want Trump to fail . I never hear what a Evil person HRC is from you guys ! Thats a clue to your Agenda ,I just noticed nothing you have said politically ever comes close to your metals prowess . Stick to metals as you have failed spectacularly , in the political arena !

  10. I got that book Via your link, I am also currently halfway though "The Creature of Jykell island" what are your thoughts on this book?

  11. Dollar cost averaging is a term for shit that silver coin cost alot more than this one.😂😄😃😁😀😅😉

  12. The Gold and Silver rally on Friday and future rallies are only dead cat bounces. The real rallies in gold and Silver will be after the November Elections in the United States. Stay loose and keep stacking lower prices are still ahead. Out.

  13. Another great video. To me this is the best channel to view for the influences affecting gold and silver. No one has a crystal ball so the best anyone can do is get the best facts to be had and make a measured analysis. We can't say life is boring.

  14. 07:14 I completely agree. While prices may fall, they have far more upside over the next 10 years. Make wise purchases and diversify.


  16. Thanks again for the informative videos. The opinions offered here are clearly based on careful analysis, which is also much appreciated. I wish you great success with the inner sanctum initiative.

  17. Thanks. I always appreciate a balanced opinion on this subject as you deliver. As do you, I also watch many YT channels to look at both sides of the 'coin', so to speak, and many are unduly prejudiced to one extreme or the other, from overly optimistic to overly pessimistic and some flip-flopping between the two. I am a trader myself and my own technically projected bottom hasn't been reached yet, which I tend to presume would be reached, if at all, in a somewhat dramatic move (and a rather short-lived one at that) to give a high value entry for the smart money and rally the price, which frankly I haven't seen yet. Your analyses provide some, albeit unintended confirmation that such a move may yet be lurking in the woods and that traders and any other interested parties should not be over-zealous and draw conclusions from a Friday session price move alone. This is especially true in the cases of gold and silver, where their prices have been known to break multiple resistance zones within a short space of time and yet immediate resistance levels were still holding at the close of last week's session.

    Dollar weakness alone is not enough to rally the metals convincingly, at least not to the degree that most speculators on YT are expecting – the metals themselves also need to be bought and I'm not convinced that this has happened on any significant scale yet, suggesting to me that net short positioning in the PM futures market still prevails. While the metals are being bought, dollar strength or weakness is to a large degree inconsequential to a consequential rally. While it does make investment sense to buy up cheap PM with strong dollars, let's not forget that quantitative tightening is still continuing, for now, and the deflationary effect on the money supply will still be placing downward pressure on the gold and silver prices in the foreseeable future. A stronger dollar may still be coming whether anybody wants it or not and mere words from the Fed chairman are not enough to change that.

    I believe the most opportune moment for the smart money to enter long on PM would be at the apex of dollar strength vs. the apex of PM weakness. To be purely speculative here; were the Fed to announce another round of monetary easing to throw a lifebuoy to EMs and stave off a contagion of collapse, for example, such a black swan would signal the arrival and subsequent rapid departure from those apices as the dollar sells off and investors hedge their dollar value. This is purely speculation, however, since such a move has neither been suggested nor announced at this point.

    This is my comparatively simplistic analysis and I realise that there are many other fundamental factors to consider, which you cover most thoroughly in your vlogs. Thank you for a most broadly informative and unbiased channel.

  18. I'm thinking that there will be further falls in golf and silver. I buy at the low point the other week but am now holding off to see what happens. I think the wait will be worth it, if not then I will still be able to buy at good prices

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