Gold At River Banks!

Gold At River Banks!

HELLO HUNTERS The water level is pretty low… I’m back at the river Rhine. I made this hunt late September 2016. Let’s go! First target. My orange pinpointer was still “there” at that time.. This is a deep one… I spent several minutes digging… I couldn’t reach it with my hand. I have to move on. I can’t waste all of my energy at the beginning (even if it’s a treasure ;). And no – I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a shovel. The beginning was very difficult. Coke. And something else. Let’s clean it. Interesting… Hmm… what could it be… I will show you pictures at the end. Aluminum. This portion is usually covered with water. But the amount of trash and iron is very high. Looks like a buckle. What is that!? An animal! Unbelievable. I have to stroke it. It’s like a small cat. I think, I skip this target, he is probably scared. An old lid? It says “Knirps”. No it’s not a tiger. Just a piece of aluminum. I don’t like this signal. Hmm… Aluminum again. A tube. Coke. This is an old watchtower (14th century). And this must be “modern”. Trash. Leave me alone! I was lucky. It’s already out. Metal detecting is dangerous. Pull tab. Not again! Another animal. I will be careful. I think it was another piece of aluminum. It was time to change the “spot”. I was wondering, if I could break this concrete with my fist. No. I would have to concentrate ;). This really is a great spot to hunt, even with all this garbage lying around. A lead sinker. I had to move further. Where should I look. Garbage. I don’t know. Round iron? Nothing. Square something? Gold! Let’s see if there is any markings. Date – year: 56 333 – 8K But still… A small miracle. I’m very excited about this find. Am I doing underwater metal detecting now? I use my “special” Deus setup (I will put a link to it in the description). Sounds like bottle cap. It is one. Part from an oil lamp? (unfortunately I can’t find the link to a PDF, a viewer once send me…) Some sort of buckle. Silver! I think it says: “den Kameraden…” (“for the comrades…”?) I will show you a better picture at the end. I believe it is an aluminum button. Heavily corroded. Unfortunately not the barrel of a gun ;). I try to avoid bigger targets. A pull tab. I would call it “cherry picking” at this stage. It’s a cogwheel. Time to go. It’s a good opportunity to clean the Deus. It is usually getting clean when it’s raining. Like new. Wow, now I could detect in a park. Some of the trash. The “good” stuff. Any ideas? Hmm… Gold ring. 333 – 8K Probably a wedding band.


  1. So hyped…

  2. I know how you feel sometimes you find at target and you spend 10 or 15 minutes digging for it and just as you’re an inch away you end up giving up because it’s wasted too much of your time and battery power LOL I’ve been there good job

  3. whats the best metal detector for waterproof and good readings thats the cheapest for starters to see if u wana even do this cuz ik its more fun then finding but it looks fun to me so i would wana try thanks for any recomendations

  4. والله جذب 😂😂😂😂وانتم بعد بكيفكم همه. ايحطهن ونوب يسوان
    مقالت وانتم طلعو الكوليس (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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  7. Lots of effort my friend.are you only busy doing this
    Sorry,i dont want to hurt you by asking this.just asking as i am a jobless.need patience for this kind of work .all the best

  8. Why you left the shave blade in the river, you need to pick up all the metal trash. I hope you learned something that day.

  9. Imagine you could go back to the moment the ring was lost. How did it end up there? Who was the person carrying it? Awesome find.

  10. My question is the guy who gave me a sample whose a metal iron about 1.4m depth for a 20cmby30cm iron. He said if it was gold it was going to be much deeper coz gold has much response to a detector than iron. Is it true sir

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  12. Medaldetector24 I can explain the manican head you found! Du bist in deutchland? I denke I wießen der mench that did that! Bitter contact mir asap! 017093872854

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