Gold chicken wings

Gold chicken wings

– Well, hello, everyone. It’s Barry here, welcome
to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. I hope you’re swell. Swell! I hope you’re good. Now, last couple of weeks, I’ve had a flurry of messages, requests, please do this, Barry, about this thousand
dollar chicken wing thing that’s going on in a
restaurant over in America. I don’t know it too much. I’m doing my own spin on
it, basically, in short. Because if you guys like
the clear recipes that much, why the heck do I not do gold ones? I like gold! Hm, that’s a caper. Remember that? Okay. This restaurant sells these
chicken wings for $1000. Even Casey Neistat’s done
a taste, I think, of them but it comes with a bottle of champagne. So the actual chicken wings themselves I think they’re about $30 or $40 which is, you know, not too bad, really, and they are actually
24 karat gold as well. Now I’ve done my best to try and bodge sourcing some bits to try and at least replicate it a little bit. I don’t know if it’s 24 karat gold. I bought these packs of
edible gold flakes on Amazon and they look pretty gold. You know, I feel like… Let’s make it rain. For me it’s kind of
like the first jewellery you ever buy a girlfriend and, uh, for Mrs. Barry it was
probably like a ring. It was probably like 2
karats, not even 24 karats. In fact it was probably 2 karats. I’ve already done one
step which I’ll show you but I think I did strike gold, if you’ll excuse the pun. In the video I saw, they
had this gold butter which we’ll pretend is this right now, and then they flavoured it with buffalo sauce and honey as well. So that’s exactly what we will do. We will do that actual concept. I just don’t know if that’s going to work or congeal or stuff, but really
we’re gonna want to coat it. So really this recipe is
split into several steps and I’ve already done
the first bit last night. These are chicken wings marinated
in buttermilk over night. So do you remember we did a video recently where I soaked chicken in buttermilk? We realised that the acids in
there helped break it down, helped make it (squeak) soft — Don’t know if you heard that. You alright, mate? That was pug burp or cough. The acids in buttermilk, for some reason they break down the chicken,
make it super soft and tender. Now the next step they do, as I look at the gold
sachets on the floor, is that they rub the
chicken in a flavouring and you guys know I love paprika so we’re going to use
paprika and garlic powder. Why am I walking away from the kitchen? We’re doing a cooking video. We’re going to put that in the chicken. We’re going to do a little rub on it and we’re just going to bake these. We’re not going to fry them. Just getting my chicken out of my bowl just to show you, I mean
I washed my hands anyway, but this should be, oh, so soft. Chicken! But yeah, I’ll get these out
and this is going to be my rub. So very simply, smoked paprika. I love paprika. And onion granules, which I also like. You could use garlic
granules as well if you want. Ooh, should I add those as well? Yeah, let’s do it. Ooh, spice rack. We’ll do some onion salt. I’ve washed off most of the buttermilk and what I’m doing is
taking each chicken piece and actually pat drying it and sticking it into a big ol’ bowl. Because we’re going for like a dry rub we do want to get as much moisture out of these as we can. It’s a bit of a kitchen towel like that. And it’s really weird,
these chicken pieces do actually feel soft from that overnight marinade in the buttermilk so really do do it if you want. It’s not essential, but you
will tell the difference. I have no idea if this
recipe is going to work but I think that’s half the fun, right? That chicken looks way too naked now. Let’s do something about that. So there’s no method here to my madness, and it is madness, we’re going to go for like I guess an approximate tablespoon
of smoked paprika. We’ll add on like half
a teaspoon of onion salt and about a tablespoon of
the garlic granules as well. Hey! Like a workout, alright! Yeah, I might regret
putting you guys up there. 24 karat chicken. Huh? Alright, so this is a baking tray with a silpat on it
that is very well used. I love it, this is one
of the best things ever. Obviously you just put
down some baking parchment if you wish, or if
you’re feeling dangerous just put it straight on the tray. So we’ve got our shaked up chicken there. We’re going to stick it down. I should have preheated
my oven by now but hey ho. So that is on the tray there, fairly spread apart quite nicely. Why do I want to put more paprika on? Is this going to work? Oh. Ugh, oh, I’m going to rub
a bit more in, why not? Alright, that is proper laced in, that. Let me get my oven on. Some of you have already spotted that the oven that I’ve got there is the same as the one
that I had in my old house. That is because I blooming loved it, it is the best oven I ever had. This is now the best
kitchen I’ve ever had. We’re in a good place. I actually love that oven so much that I got a second one in
case it ever breaks down and also we can cook a lot. We do cook a lot. I’ve preheated to 190 C on a fan which is normally 170 C without a fan. See you in a bit. Alright. It’s been 20 minutes. Oh, that smells amazing. Oh my gosh, they’re still
cooking on the tray. They smell so good. I think we should make a deal if this gold thing doesn’t work, that little bottle over there, that we’ll just leave
the recipe like that. Alright. Okay, cocoa butter colouring. Gold! Look how firm and congealed that is. I mean, that is not moving at all. So, remove lid. It’s got a little sort of
teetee kind of top on it. Microwave on full power. Replace the lid and shake. But it doesn’t say for how
long to microwave it for. (beep) We’ll try 30 seconds. (buzzes) Ugh, what the –! What was that? (beeps) (buzzes) Uh, I think I need a new microwave. Anyhow, still really, really solid. I’m scared to put it back
in there, oh my gosh. (beeps) Alright, that was better. Still going to turn it
off each time though. Lid on. Ooh! Alright, that feels warmer now. (liquid sloshing) I’m putting it by the mic, look. (liquid sloshing) You hear that? I think it’s ready, oh ho ho ho. Pan. Oh my gosh, look at that. Oh, I’m going to get the whole bottle out because once I keep it
warm, that’s alright, right? It’s kind of separated but
wow, that looks awesome. Ugh! (laughs) Alright, that’ll do, that’s everything I got out of that bottle. Gonna squirt in about
a tablespoon of honey and about a tablespoon of buffalo sauce. We’ve got to keep it warm. Looks kind of like an egg, doesn’t it? So we’re driving that
buffalo flavoured sauce, it’s joining it, amazing. That’s simmering quite quickly and I don’t think I want to do that so I’m going to bring it down
to a really steady low heat. Just brought my chicken pieces into shot and we’re going to put
them in a few batches. I mean that looks amazing. (laughs) I can smell the hot sauce, though, great. And then I’m just gonna cover, oh look, it’s going gold! They have actually gone gold,
I can’t believe it, yes! I’ve just added a few more in and I’ll leave the other ones because I quite fancy
having them on their own. But I’m just turning it over and it’s completely gold dusting it. I’m feeling quite confident now. Remember, we’ve still got this. As it’s cooling down, the
gold is sinking to the bottom and the red sauce is coming to the top but these are gold crusted chicken bits. Let’s flake them up. But I am excited about this now. If this works, okay, that’s if, we will do more gold recipes. I like the idea of just
doing a very simple gold peanut butter cup. Guys, it’s gold chicken! Does that not excite you? It’s gold chicken! Get that in there. (laughs) What are we doing? Alright, nice little bed. I think, I’ve got about five packs, I’ll put another one down. I just want to show you
this separation again. Look, if I push that away,
can you see all the gold? How it’s gone to the bottom now? Ooh. Shake off some of that excess. Stick it into the gold leaf. Alright, I’ll now get another pack. (laughs) This is so cool. And then we just shake it. Oh my gosh, it’s working. It is actually working. It’s sealing it, yes! I’m shaking it more and
more just so it flattens it but I’m just going to change the focus. Do you see that? Oh my gosh. I’ve got enough, I’m going
to put the rest of them in. Just got to shake that excess off. Don’t want it too wet. (laughs) Yeah, you see? It’s firming up and
going smooth right on it. I think we’re about
ready to serve these up. Ladies and gents, I give to you (laughs) homemade golden chicken wings. They smell amazing. I’m slightly concerned about eating gold, I always have been, but we’ve done it. Here we go. (laughs) Oh yes. (laughs) Oh my gosh, that is amazing! Have I got a little bit on my face? (laughs) Mm! This is the weirdest
tasting thing I’ve ever had. The texture with the gold leaf on it, it’s different. Just tastes like eating paper but the flavour underneath that, I remember we’ve rammed so much in there, it’s gorgeous. Nice hotness to it as well
with the buffalo sauce. I cannot believe we’ve made that work. I was kind of just winging
it, excuse the pun. Well, hey, sorry, a
bit of foul play there. Uh, just kind of made it up was went along and it has worked. I don’t know if it’s worth
it other than sort of maybe doing some sort of
crazy party food like that because on their own on
the tray like they are would be just as nice. One thing I will say, it
has whetted my appetite to do some more, just
like the clear recipes, so if you have any more
ideas for gold recipes do let me know down below. If you’ve got any more clear recipes idea, keep them coming, although
transparent pizza, everyone’s requesting that. I don’t even know if I can even do that. I have an idea though. But as as always, thank
you so much for watching. Remember to press the subscribe button and hit the bell to make sure you’re notified of all new uploads. For sneak peeks, follow me on social media at My Virgin Kitchen. I’ve been doing loads of
Instagram stories about this. You’d know about it before anyone else. And of course send me a picture if you try any of the recipes. Loads of you guys have been doing that on Twitter at the moment,
I absolutely love it. So thank you so much guys, good luck. I love gold! (laughs)


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