Gold Conspiracies Explained

Gold Conspiracies Explained

There are three major gold conspiracies. Conspiracy #1: The U.S. Government’s gold
reserves don’t exist. During World War One and Two, America acquired
gold from countries buying military supplies. The U.S. dollar then became the world reserve
currency, backed by gold reserves. Until the break from the Gold Standard in
1971, most countries of the world trusted that the
United States had the gold to back the currency. But the last actual audit of gold occurred
in 1953 when no outside experts were permitted and only 5% of the gold was tested. France was one country that did not trust
the U.S. Dollar was truly backed by gold, especially after the massive spending for
the war in Vietnam; that’s why they started redeeming their dollars for gold. In 1946 the U.S. had two thirds of the world’s
gold; but from 1959 to 1971 it lost 50% of this. At this point the government reported reserves
around 8 thousand metric tons where they still officially sit. However in 2012 when Germany asked for 300
tons of its own gold stored in the United States, after a year only 5 tons were given with 30
to 50 tons expected for 2014. This looks to miss their 2020 schedule by
a long shot. This was after the U.S. refused to let the
Germans come view their own gold at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Counterfeit gold bars have been found in the
U.S. and Europe and some claims that even bars tested in China
were found to have tungsten cores that originated from Fort Knox. Central banks use gold swaps and leases that
are believed to trade gold that doesn’t exist or that is owned by multiple entities at the
same time. This leads us to… Conspiracy #2: The World Gold Price is being
manipulated downward. Former Fed chair Alan Greenspan said the U.S.
would lease gold to keep down the price. Since 1999 central bankers have stated keeping
gold price down as a goal (Sir Eddie George, Bank of England September 1999) For most gold investors, the manipulation
of the price of precious metals is obvious. Almost everyone who buys physical gold and
silver believes that big banks and governments have a vested interest in keeping prices down
to support their fiat currencies. This manipulation hides true inflation that
historically would express itself in the gold price. Manipulation is done by rigging the market
with massive amounts of �paper� gold that doesn’t exist; throwing true supply and demand out of balance. At a CFTC hearing in 2010 it was confirmed
that paper contracts traded on the London bullion market represent 100 times or more the amount of
underlying physical asset available. Bullion banks are said to hold short positions
to hedge trades. In recent years a number of nations have been
scrambling to repatriate their gold holdings that were stored in other nations. Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Venezuela
and others have all started repatriating gold in the last five years. Furthermore, eastern countries like Russia,
China and India have been buying gold in record amounts. Could they be doing this because the gold
price is suppressed? Industrial metals like silver could see price
spike from a supply shortage if the price is really manipulated downward
the same way as gold. It is hard for prices to remain under market
value with record breaking physical deliveries to countries. But why are countries buying
record gold? Conspiracy #3: China plans to establish a
Gold backed currency China could use a new Gold Standard to supplant
the Dollar and United States’ power in the world. The U.S. had the world’s largest economy since
1872. It had a Gold standard until 1971. China has already reached par with the largest
economy. Many countries are worried about another financial
crisis, so it makes sense they’d be open to a sound
money global monetary system. The fact that China and similar nations have
been steadily increasing their gold holdings, some even believing they’ve been secretly
importing more gold than it has officially announced, gives some evidence to this possibility. China is leading a group of emerging countries
called the BRICS to start a new development bank to rival the IMF. Their arrangement with fellow nations Brazil,
Russia, India and South Africa have begun annual meetings just a few years ago. Having witness and been victim to the 2008
financial collapse caused by the American world hegemony, the newest superpower is surely striving to
work out a new system not subject to U.S. influence and risks. In the last five years China has greatly ramped
up its increase of gold reserves. The country is the world’s largest producer
yet it retains all the gold it produces making it also the world’s largest gold consumer. They are also the largest gold importer by
many estimates. No matter their intentions, China owning a
massive gold holding hedges against a future where the Dollar loses its value. All three of these conspiracies can definitely
be tied together.


  1. its simple: the west is being dismantled because weve outlived our usefulness and are too much trouble, the NWO built modern "China" and has already made it their new main base, the CAPEX is mostly done so now they are handing off the football to the new main base where human life is not only cheap, its worthless. China will be the "new U.S." as we are ramped into a post-human one world government modality. The USD has been systematically blown out, 9/11 was staged not to finish mopping up the ME so much as to cement the meme globally that the U.S. is nazi germany 2.0 and needs to be torn down (tear down the Great Satan meme is already widely believed, even by Americans). I could go on but why bother eh?

  2. gj covering the waterfront in a shorthand fashion, good orientation video for people w/ no idea whats going on – also important to note the broader derivatives/forex/bind market manip and HFTization of securities space in this content imo, talk about how gold flows to China is really the elites moving their public above ground to the new main operation node etc.

  3. It's True about confetti casino stock market futures, non delivery items, leaps, etc. The issue is as long as the US Congress will not, or actively help the manipulation of the stock market, Fed Reserve to prop up US economy? What can anyone do? They just print to infinity.

  4. If this is true it would have implications for other commodities. I compared the graphs for the prices of crude oil, gold, and bitcoin over the past year. I found a correlation. A price decrease in crude oil resulted in a price decrease of gold. The slopes were quite different though. What was most surprising was that the price of gold and bitcoin increased and decreased with nearly identical slopes. I saw similar figures with other commodities. The common thread appears to be that the sudden crash in oil prices is causing a global recession. Now, if gold is being independently manipulated, why isn't the impact more pronounced? You'd think that other commodities wouldn't be dropping at the same relative decline.

  5. Today the paper market ratio is 250 to 1. The big banks are getting bolder in their efforts. It is similar to the fractional reserve of banks decreasing over time.

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