GOLD DIGGER EXPOSED AND SMASHES PHONE!!! Gold Digger Prank Part 30! | UDY Pranks

GOLD DIGGER EXPOSED AND SMASHES PHONE!!! Gold Digger Prank Part 30!  | UDY Pranks

I never liked the bitch you never have never will two birds one stone. There is drama within our own crew. Stop stop And probably the most craziest confrontation. Yeah let your hands out. My [name’s] [lee] This is your phone what you found your mother are you down? Are you bucking so go grab and takis make yourself some popcorn go use the restroom? Give this video a big old thumbs up because you guys already know This shit’s Gonna be good So here at chop up some song [sweet] [we’re] looking We will not stop searching [we] will not stop baiting. We will not stop exposing until we catch them all We’re done in this series I place an emoJI on all of our targets where they end up being a gold digger [or] not in order to Be respectful prevent any defamation and keep you all guessing. [oh] yeah, I also don’t want to get sued [what] is up you guys so I am chilling here with the homie Donna [Byrne]? As you guys might have guessed donovan wants to put someone who the gold digger test, not a man Who’s that someone it’s my cousin’s girlfriend Ciara? Who’s a complete, bitch? Oh? [shucks] fuck Yeah, she just really was. I know love is here meet the homie donovan donovan is trying to do right [by] his cousin Marcus by convincing him [that] his girlfriend Ciara is a No-good gold digger Unfortunately his cousin will not believe them because he hasn’t seen it for himself [that’s] why he’s contacted me and my crew to put Ciara to the gold digger test so he can finally have some proof and set his cousin free [okay] describes here in five words rude Selfish money hungry as five words, okay [alright] [does] [if] he goes home again and and as much as I am a good cousin? I want to help him. I never [liked] the bitch you never have never will two birds one stone Get rid of her get around marcus in five All right guys donovan just [sexted] me just parked so it shouldn’t be too long from now I have this really cool idea on how we can catch Ciara, and I think it can work I actually do think it can work the thing is though. It has to happen at a city hall. This is them here neal So donovan has prior knowledge of where exactly to sit Where the cameras are hiding and how we should exactly do it so his main job is to make sure Sierra’s Citizen wait for him where we want her to if I want Sierra and donovan to sit right there then I think the best way to do it is I’m a get a trash bag probably a black one on the day of the video And I’m gonna put the camera in here and put coal out of it right like this [and] then grab a black sweater or something and just hide it and I can do the exact same thing over here Put the sweater right over it. [just] like that and then now when you look from far away, and you’re sitting down somewhere Here you can’t really tell if that’s a camera All right, all right all right So our mission now is to get you to leslie undetected [by] [Sierra’s] so you’re gonna have to come flage my friends [you’re] you have [to] wear this Do what you got a finger? Yeah, we can’t get you cut man otherwise this will sabotage the entire mission Now I know what you’re thinking. How is here We’re not going to be able to see donovan when she’s going to be straight ahead And he’s going to be right here. Well first [of] all again [our] plan is to make donovan Unrecognizable and second of all as long as donovan is like right here you [can] barely barely barely even see anything here? Let’s show you guys from the other angle This is where [ciara] should be sitting on the day of the test when she looks up in that way She’ll probably just see a random person sitting there Which is our cameraman but donovan should be nowhere in sight? [I] mean as long as he doesn’t stick us full body I’ll make Leslie justed High feeling I’ll come over to confident confident on Pass or fail fail fail Okay Okay guys, so you’re pretty good actually at what we do. So hopefully we can live up to your expectation Why did you boyfriend leave y’all alone boy? I’m sorry. I saw your boyfriend Leave you all alone like I was kind of messed up like why would he do that in this bitch’s dreams? My name is Jerry Jetson nice to meet you guys It’s actually [nothing] boyfriend That’s not your boyfriend Perfect that’s perfect actually because I actually came [here] to see if you wanted to go to like the bars do something right [over] here Ten bucks she says yes, that’s my my boyfriend’s [cousin] don’t [Marquis] will be meeting my boyfriend right now So the guy who left you wasn’t your boyfriend? [what’d] you do have a boyfriend right? Yeah, okay? So did you want to go out? Thank you. It’s an honest question. I want to take you out. I wanted some fun Forget what I said about the [10] bucks You’re very beautiful. I love your hair, and [I] love your eyes, and I love your smile, and I love your what you’re wearing Right now hey, she did What’s up? Not my president yeah, I don’t believe is impressed. We just like to go the limo boys here. Are you are you protesting right? You’re processing right here President I just don’t like the fact that he three races and speak about women and speak about latinos and a bunch older people So I was just curious. Maybe just want to join me and make my voice here [I] just still don’t believe that result all right. I start. I just can’t see okay It’s it’s because a lot it’s a lot. It’s a [lot] of people a lot of people. Yeah Now was he always anyone you want I? just don’t believe he’s Hey, hey In case [you] don’t understand what’s going on. This is juan. He’s an anti-trump Protesters, and this is Danny He’s a trump supporter and this guy. He’s superman Bring it on [break] it up break it up stop Relax Relax [ahead], let’s stop stop stop this isn’t about you. This isn’t about you [trump]. No matter What is going to be your next president [and] we just got to deal [with] it. We got to drop our differences I hear they got a listen Guys, we got to drop our differences and work on our similarity is when we got in common. We’re human We are American first you’re American first I’ll change brothers and have a lot of changes we guys shut up. We got to focus in similarities like these I Am rich and I don’t know how fortunate you guys are or not, but I bet that doesn’t matter to [me] You got me [your] differences. Don’t matter to [me] because I focus on what we are on the inside. We’re American we are human Go share a nice meal [or] something together guys focus on the similarities. I do like Sorry about that. Are you okay? [oh], [oh] your heart? No What did you look at anubis – we live in a crazy time [-] you know people? Focus on the differences [in] other people when it should be focusing on What’s what’s what’s the same? You know like on the similarities instead of on the differences? You know if we focus more on the similarities and the differences like we can all get along you get me you’re human I’m human you’re American. I’m American at the end of the day We all bleed [red] whether we’re Mexican American Chinese Canadian, whatever. We are at the end of the day. We all bleed red we’re human we we got to put Morality above anything and everything morality comes first morality dictates laws not the other way around. [that’s] true. Yeah I’m a wealthy man You know I should be driving a mercedes down the [street] [be] driving a lamborghini or Ferrari but I don’t you know when I drive I drive a 2005 Nissan Altima because I Hey, that’s not that’s nothing to laugh about you know the second. We start putting ourselves above [oh] there is this one our society will just crumble, [you] know? if she says no I’m gonna feel like a fucking asshole if she says [duffel] Oh my God my God yeah So I’m so sorry if I sounded like I’m bragging yourself like that because I’m not trying to brag like yes I make a lot of money. Yes I’m able to just in a sense give out handouts in a sense, but you know it’s like in a day I’m just like you I like having fun Just like you I like going and that’s why I invited you to [go] out with me and she’s in love Okay, well I guess we can talk But just not like right now cuz I’m meeting my boyfriend okay, okay? No no the [fuck] Just give me a phone [number] And I’ll talk [to] you like lady tonight or something or after or the day after or the weekend? That’s the thing though. I I feel kind of weird give you my number Uh-Huh? Obviously, I’m I’m really attracted to you [as] am. I I feel I is you’re not. I’m really attracted to you She gonna give it to him. I’m not Gonna Give you my number, but I can give you like my snapchat or something cuz so at least with that You know it’s not it’s temporary Sobbing I See what you doing? I got that jerking [out]. Sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry, okay, unique snaps delete a text message to stay for a while, okay I got you here with hakeem at home on Dennis. I just spread your snapchat on there, and then I’ll add [you] Who what the fuck get up can I go cannot you go you go? Thank you guys so much for watching so far And I really really hope you guys are enjoying our [new] style of videos if you are Please do not forget to turn on your notifications because we do plan on uploading a hell a lot more. It’s really simple It’s just that bell icon and just click. Yes sends me all notifications Yeah Sierra Hey Say hi, [stay]. What’s up? Hey, gold digger hey [tramp] hey. Hey [serious]. Look I’ve actually been working the other who’s this wait? Who’s this? I just met him no, I just learned the restaurant for you. Gave me your snapchat. [oh] Yeah, we’re just talking they were literally you didn’t give him no like we’re in a second boat I think our conversation went something like she was attracted [to] me. Oh my god something that happened. I did not [die] Yes, we got your smile [no] markus’s you guys Don’t win Market City smile. Are you cheating on him? I don’t Need to show Marcus no no the point is the point he came over to me They started talking to me [then] he asked us yeah, and [I] told him no that’s not Yes, can you tell him what happened? Can you tell me what he heard everything there’s honestly There’s like no point in lying right now like you lose. This is funny. Do you really think? Please [ask] my fucking cousin He was I was sitting yelling. Oh, you know. I don’t know cuz I got I got it right here I got it on my phone. Yeah, they got it on there. You never let me [guess] the Bunkie oh dear. [uh] it’s kind of been donovan. [oh] dear. I don”t donovan assumes that you’re not lawyer tomorrow Yes, you’re fucking lying to my face when I just saw you I just saw you I just came over it doesn’t matter No matter and started talking to me [and] asking me what okay okay? And I have a boyfriend, okay? I have a boyfriend [said] that forget it was okay for me fucking speak I don’t give a shit you didn’t you weren’t just trading who gave him the fucking social media can hear this marcus I gave him a a petition but but the reason you gave [that] to me was because the social media can’t you gave me was just Temporary baby and Marcus could not see any of our messages This is your girl – the girl that I’ve been telling you. This is exactly who you are dude That’s not you, and I don’t really understand. This is some kind of setup [yeah], it is. Maybe whoever even say I’m gonna come out Oh, [no], worry But this is my [mo] give me my phone put your hands on my phone put your hands on my knees [lee] This is your phone You [want] your phone your [mother] are you doing? Are you walking dead ass are you done or the school taking off because they go? Higher they got the show nice to meet you. That’s a duck nice to meet you Why it’s not [you], nice – if y’all put this on it, or what it how it’s going on YouTube [oh], it’s going on here [soon]. I don’t know it’s going on you see the matter – I want to know goodbye. Haha Everybody knows joining us [carlos]. I’m ready to go [there] [I] mean, you got go go go. I don’t have tested by It [marcus] is Gonna hear about this dude I already told him I already told him have fun living a single cat life talking cat bitch. I can’t stand you You just came out of nowhere, man I was like expecting to go back to you and be like what I usually do you want me to call her in comfort like This guy just straight-up said I cannot wait, I gotta go I Think uh I don’t fit. You know honestly I think we can still salvage the sim card off this you still have your contacts Yeah, oh your video is still in the same car – oh? dumbest [oh] thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed please do not forget to subscribe don’t forget to check out our other videos and [please] don’t forget to [share] this one [with] your friends and family. [I] love you guys stay [ut]


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