gold digger This is so cool xD What is up you guys! So, back in second grade I had this homie Who was really good really good at baseball, right? And thanks to social media I reconnected with him And, turns out, he watches my videos! This guy plays for a professional independent league, travels a lot, plus he has a girlfriend. So, you know what I did? I asked him if it was cool if we could pull a gold digger prank on his girl And he’s coming her to meet me, and ye ye ye ye yeah, Wooh! *upbeat music* All right guys, the professional baseball player is here! Think fast! Ahhh! Imma through this to you, Imma through this, you ready? You ready? *Audible disappointment* *sergios weird laughter* What’s up man? How you doing, man? It’s been a long time, been a long time Meet the second grade homie, guys *sergios turn back time to when they met*


  1. for one, i love these series and two I've been pepper sprayed before and I felt like I couldn't breathe so my mom took me to the hospital and I learned ton ever rub it into your face. it makes it ten times worse. drink lots of water and ice your face, etc! just incase it ever happens again…

  2. you deserve that pepper spray, you are braking people apart for money you are not any better than any gold digger.

  3. Her, " I have a boyfriend, no thank you" hears drake and kanye name
    "Yeah sure we can go for drinks"
    Money and fame change damn Near anythang…

  4. I don't know where this is but where I'm at its a felony to use pepper spray when your not in danger.
    Call the cops on that crazy bitch

  5. no effence what u doing is not wrong but it is not right because even tho u blurr out the face and bringing
    thing to justice but not all justice has a happy ending because u can get hurt u can get
    sued or u can get killed sadly enough

  6. Sorry but Uddy walked up on after taking his hand out his pocket and she was moving backwards. Than after she sprayed him the other dude grabbed her as she was running away. She should've sprayed that dude too.

  7. Id beat her ass if I was Sergio 😤Ugly ass fuckin gold digger Like take the emoji off her face so I can roast that bitch

  8. You deserved the pepper spray. That is what happens when you trifle. She told you to leave her, stop recording, you insisted your job was not done, well guess what she just done your job for you. The only one that ended up the bitch mate was you. Lol

  9. It's no fun being pepper sprayed. I've had it done to me several times in training. It stings but doesn't really "hurt". The best thing to do is stay as calm as possible and rinse your eyes out. The effects can be felt for 8 to 24 hours, depending on how well you rinsed. If someone peeper sprays you when they had no clear reason to be in fear for their safety, then in most States (if not all States) it's legally considered an assault and they sprayer can be prosecuted. P.S. Don't ever touch your eyes until you have a source of water to rinse with as all you'd be doing is making it worse by rubbing it in deeper.

  10. That girl who pepper sprayed is going to regret ,and beg to God for Help,but she has to change her actions,cause she a h**

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